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15 Translation Schools in Europe and the US

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2023)

Everyone has the right to study whatever they want. But a lot of people don’t get the chance to exercise this right when their parents stop them from studying a subject saying it won’t help them earn. Many children have had to bid farewell to their dreams because of this. However, things are changing slowly. Nowadays, you can benefit greatly from almost any field. Students have started telling their parents that they wish to pursue their dreams. They also know that they have the option to get scholarship or take loan for their studies. This is particularly helpful for those who wish to study certified translation as not many people will approve of this choice.

15 Translation Schools in Europe:

There are various countries in Europe that are known for their affordable education. Plenty of European institutes offer a wide variety of courses. Their rules for foreign students are also quite lenient which means many foreigners get admission in European institutes every year. Here are 15 of the best translation schools in Europe:

  1. ITIRI:

Located in the Strasbourg University in France, this is one of the best institutes for those who wish to study translation and interpretation at the master’s level.

  1. DCU:

The School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies of the Dublin City University offers bachelors, graduate, and doctorate programs for those who wish to become excellent translators.

  1. Metafrasi:

Located in Greece, the Metafrasi School of Translation Studies has a variety of programs for language lovers that people can choose from.

  1. UNINT:

The University of International Studies of Rome is dedicated to promoting the love of languages among its students and making them professional linguistic experts.

  1. Leipzig University:

The Institute for Applied Linguistics and Translatology at the Leipzig University also offers multiple programs for the enthusiasts who wish to learn languages.

  1. Stockholm University:

The Interpreter and Translator Institute of the university offers dozens of unique programs for students to choose from.

  1. Pablo de Olavide University:

This Spanish institute offers translation courses for those who wish to study French, German, and English.

  1. Adam Mickiewicz University:

This Polish institute has an Applied Linguistics department that offers translation courses.

  1. Utrecht University:

This Dutch institute not only teaches languages to its students but also the culture associated with it so they can become efficient translators.

  1. The University of Warwick:

This British institute offers multiple courses for different languages and introduces students with unique cultural aspects.

  1. London Metropolitan University:

This is another institute where you can enroll in any degree for translation.

  1. The University of Manchester:

If you want to get high level education in translation then apply to this university. The degree will also introduce students to intercultural aspects.

  1. University of Surrey:

You will have a hard time selecting a course because this institute is offering dozens of them for those who wish to become professional translator.

  1. The University of Edinburgh:

If you wish to have hundred options to choose from then go through the courses list of this institute and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. UOB:

You can learn from the best linguistic experts at this British institute by enrolling in the course of your choice.

translation schools

15 Translation Schools in the US:

America is known for its popular colleges and universities, but everyone has heard of the student loan, which means that education isn’t cheap in the country. However, that doesn’t mean that the quality of education is not good. Not only can you get the best quality education in the US but also study any subject you want. Here are 15 translation schools in the US:

schools for translators
  1. Middlebury Institute of International Studies:

Learn the art of translating and interpreting here from qualified experts.

  1. CITS:

This is an institute of the University of Hawaii dedicated to the studies of languages and translation.

  1. Center for Translation Studies:

Become a linguistic expert by studying at this center in Dallas.

  1. University of Pittsburg:

There are various schools and colleges of this university that offer linguistic programs in different languages.

  1. Institute for Applied Linguistics:

Not only will you be able to study vernaculars like Japanese and Russian, you will also have a chance to take part in linguistic research.

  1. Washington Academy of Languages:

You can study ten different vernaculars at this academy and become familiar with translation methods.

  1. Department of Comparative Literature:

For those that wish to join the field of literature translation, this department offers the best courses.

  1. SUNY Birmingham:

You can join the research and instruction program to learn everything there is to know about the world of languages.

  1. NYU:

Enroll in the master’s program to establish yourself as a linguistic expert.

  1. Translation & Interpretation Program:

You can not only enroll in courses but also study for special certificates.

  1. Rutgers University:

You can enroll in a two years program to become an efficient translator.

  1. University of Illinois:

Not only can you enroll for a regular program but also study online to become a linguistic expert.

  1. UoMA:

Not only will you learn about the basics of your profession at this school but also become familiar with cultural aspects.

  1. WFU:

If you are looking for programs where the focus is on Chinese-English or Spanish-English then this school is where you should apply.

  1. Hispanic Institute, School of Arts and Sciences:

Join an undergraduate program at this school today to polish your linguistic skills.

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