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Can I Translate My Own Marriage Certificate?

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2020)

Events and Duties:


Some moments in life are so precious that you never want them to end. But unfortunately, time does not adhere to our wishes and keep on passing at all times. However, just because you can’t freeze time does not mean you can’t make the most of a good moment. If you enjoy a good moment and let yourself get lost in the celebrations, you will have a lot of memories to think of once it is over. You can also take pictures to store the memories in an album forever. The day of people’s wedding is one such occasion that brings them so much happiness that they never want it to end. They wish to do everything on their own, so the whole ceremony is full of love. But there is only so much that they can do on their own, which is why they have to turn to others for help.

Marriage Ceremony, Why Is It Better to Assign Tasks to Friends?


There is a reason that brides have bridesmaids, and the groom can select the best man; they can’t do everything on their own. They must also keep their head clear so they can enjoy their special day. If they were busy with handling tasks, they wouldn’t be able to focus on their happy moments and miss out on making special memories. This is why it is better to divide all the important tasks between friends and family members.

There are things that you can do on your own, like select your own dress and write your vows. Doing that will add that special touch to your ceremony. You can also be as involved with the planning as you want. But you should also not interfere in the work of the experts. The caterers will know how to arrange food better than you.

translate marriage certificate

When Do I Need the Translation of My Marriage Certificate?


Although not as important as pictures, a marriage certificate is still quite valuable to a couple. It is official proof of their relationship. It allows them to share their responsibilities. It also makes it easier for them to get a house or loan from the bank. This record is issued by the government to the married couple once the state has entered their information in its database. This way, both the state and the couple have a record of their relationship.

If someone decides to move abroad with their spouse, they will have to submit the certificate as proof of their relationship. It will help the authorities in verifying the claim the applicants have made on their form. However, every official document is issued in the administrative language of a country. If someone is applying for US immigration from Bahrain, they cannot submit their records as it is, they must be translated first. USCIS will only accept documents if they are accompanied by their English translation.

marriage certificate translation

Can I Translate My Own Marriage Certificate?

Since it is such a precious document for people, they wonder if they can translate it themselves. They either don’t want to hand it over to a stranger or wish to save money by accomplishing the task themselves. However, when it comes to immigration issues, things are not that simple. Even a translation is not just the changing of words from one language to the other. If it was that simple, people could have gotten help from Google Translate every time they applied for immigration.

Not only does it have to be completed by an expert, but it must also come with a signed statement of a translator. If you are an experienced translator, then you can definitely translate your own marriage certificate, but if you aren’t, then you should get in touch with the experts. Someone qualified and experienced who would be willing to provide you with their signed statement is the only one who you should go to for the solution of your linguistic problem.

Where to Get Accurate Translation?

Regardless of where you are in the world, there are plenty of options available for you. Since most of the good companies offer online services these days, you don’t have to visit an office to get the service you require. You can search for language companies on the internet and compare their reviews to figure out which is the best one. You should also learn about their rates beforehand, so you don’t end up getting tricked into paying a huge sum of money for a simple task.

Once you have found the right agency, you can upload your document and tell them your requirements. They will deliver within twenty-four hours. But if you have a deadline to meet, you can request an urgent service, and you will receive it without any extra charges. You will also receive the signed statement with the project so you can submit the document to USCIS without any hesitation.

If you are used to doing everything on your own, that’s a good thing because you won’t have to rely on other’s help often. But there are some things that you should let the experts handle. Linguistic services are more complicated than they seem, so make sure you don’t try to handle them on your own. There are plenty of qualified and experienced translators who would be willing to help you at any time of the day or night. So, reach out to an agency and get the right help from them.

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