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(Last Updated On: June 20, 2020)

The importance of time can never be questioned. Many who failed to understand the importance of time suffered great losses. And those who valued time, enjoyed the success of the best kind. As we progress, time becomes more important to us. There is always a struggle to be the first one at a meeting, to be the first to launch a product, to introduce a unique service. Two people can make the same inventions but the one to go forward with his first and get a patent will be known as the inventor. Time matters, from small routine matters to life-altering issues, everything is regulated by time.

If you miss your morning bus by 2 minutes, you will not be only 2 minutes late from school or work. You will have to wait for the next bus, wasting your time at the bus stand. You will reach your destination late and miss important happenings in the meantime. Everybody is waiting for someone to make a mistake. Being late could be yours and while it may not cause you to lose your job, you won’t be getting on the boss’s favorite employees list either. Since time is so valuable, the services industry has also placed a high cost on urgent tasks. If you need a new passport urgently, you will have to pay extra and the same rule applies everywhere. But it shouldn’t be this way. In fact, when people need something urgently, they should have to pay the same for it so as not to increase their stress level.



There are 195 countries in the world and each of them has its own culture, traditions, and languages. But just because we are divided into countries doesn’t mean we have to live in isolation. It is imperative for world peace that we stay connected to each other. When we connect with people from different countries, we realize that they are not that different from us which allows us to get over the negative stereotypes we had heard about them. Without going through this process, peace and harmony could never have flourished between countries.

But connecting with people and nations require multiple things like the means of communication and tools for understanding each other. There is no universal language of our planet that is spoken and understood by every one of us, as a result, we cannot understand each other without translation. Translation connect humans like nothing else. It also opens many doors for people. It allows people to immigrate to other countries for better prospects, it also helps them land a good job at a foreign company. There are different types of translation but the most important one is the certified translation.

Certified Rush Translation:


It is the most common type of interpretation. The thing that makes it important and useful is that it is signed by the interpreter to prove that it is accurate and complete. All government bodies, university administration, and HR department in companies require certified translations. When you are applying for something like a job or a degree in a country where the official language is not the same as your native tongue then you will need a certified translation of all your documents like birth certificates and academic records.


When you submit a certified translation, it will be pretty easy for people to verify your credentials. It will also make your life easier if you want to move to another country or apply somewhere the official language is different from that of your country’s.

Rush Translation:


What if you only learned about needing a certified translation at the last minute? If you miss the deadline of submitting the immigration application, your preparation of many months will be of no use. You will have to start the whole process all over again. Not only will it cause emotional discomfort but the wait of another year could also mean losing a good opportunity to work or giving up on that house you wanted to move into once your immigration application got accepted.

Or maybe you were going to apply to the university of your dream and you only found out a couple of hours before the deadline that you need a certified translation. You will have to sacrifice a whole academic year if you don’t get the interpretation in time. And if you take too long to get the interpretation to apply for a job, the vacancy may not remain open by then.

But when you go to a language service provider and ask them to rush translate your documents, they will most probably ask you for a hefty sum. Those translation agencies who have no regard for the comfort of their clients jump on every opportunity to exploit them. So, when someone goes to them with an urgent requirement, they ask for the rate they want because they know the person is in need and will be willing to pay the extra charges.

What if you could get certified rush translation at no extra cost? Yes, it is possible in today’s opportunistic world. Good service providers like the Certified Translation know how to care for their clients. They understand that anyone can face the situation where they might need service urgently and those people should not be exploited in their weak moments. So, they offer urgent translations at regular prices and charge no extra fee for their quick services.

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