Certified Russian Translation Services

Certified Russian Translation Services

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)
Certified Russian Translation Services

Over the past few years, the translation trade has grown from a small niche industry into a serious business. The internet has helped this growth as companies worldwide are now starting to find partners and affiliates from the other side of the world. This interconnection of business has some serious hurdles, though, especially on the language side. While enterprises and trade are relatively easy to understand, language barriers would sometimes get in the middle. This is why companies large and small always resort to a trusted legal translation agency for them to be able to understand the context of every correspondence with their partners properly. The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters, Bulgarian and Serbian 30, Ukrainian 33.

Russia and the Russian Language

Russia is the largest country in Europe, both geographically and in population. It is no wonder that the Russian language is mainly used in the region. More than 144 million people speak Russian.

The Russian language traces its roots in the family of Indo-European languages, much like English, German, French, and Dutch. However, during the early years of conquest and civilization, pre-Russian speakers started to migrate eastwards. Throughout the centuries, they have developed their language, which mutated from the family of Indo-European languages. This would eventually be known as the modern Russian.

Certified Russian Translation Services

Aside from pronunciation, sentence structure, and grammar, one of the most glaring differences between Russian from the rest of the European languages is its alphabet and written form. While most of Europe uses the Latin script writing system, Russia has adopted the Cyrillic writing system. The Cyrillic script is widely used in Eastern Europe, along with several regions in Central and North Asia. It traces its roots to the early Greek form of writing. This means an English to Russian translator would be a native Russian speaker.

Russian Translations

Because Russia has a different alphabet and writing system from the rest of Europe, one will find it quite bothersome to translate its writings documents and legal contracts. This is a widely held belief in the translation industry that Russia is among the most complex languages to translate.

Despite these misconceptions, our company stands as one of the best in the industry. We have provided thousands of translations to companies and individual clients around the globe. With Russia recently opening up its businesses to the rest of the world, it is no surprise that there is a rise in demand for Russian translations.

Certified Russian Translation Services

While most people understand the basic concept of a translation service, few have the idea of what an accredited output is. Certification is a stamp that is added to the final output, which is an indication that a certified translator or translation agency did the outcome. A translator must pass a three-hour proctored test to receive ATA accreditation. The test measures a professional translator’s language abilities, including an understanding of the source-language content, translation processes, and target-language writing. A certified Russian to English translation is a translation of a document from Russian to English.

Our skilled editors review the original document and any special customer instructions to ensure accuracy for each Russian-certified translation. Achieving a certified status is not an easy task. Individuals must be professionals, and they must undergo several levels of training to be allowed to print a certification on their outputs. For agencies, they must submit to strict certifications, usually done by a third-party affiliate or a government institution. If you request a certified Russian to English language translation of a birth certificate, death certificate, and marriage certificate, you will receive two certificates of accuracy, one per document.

We provide professional translation services, technical translation services, and document translation services performed by native Russian translators who are not only fluent in Russian but also knowledgeable in a variety of translation projects. From personal correspondence to written communication, our certified document translation from Russian to English or any other language covers everything from driver’s licenses to legal certificates, birth, marriage, and death certificates, adoption papers, academic credentials, and other medical records.

Russian Translation Services

We provide Russian translation services for the following documents: birth, marriage, and death certificates, divorce records, driver’s licenses, medical records, and other personal and official documents from English into Russian and from Russian into English in an official language. Our linguists are based in the United States and the United Kingdom, and they have the considerable subject knowledge to deliver technical, financial, legal, medical translation, and business documents. Legal translation services in all major language pairs and with guaranteed quality.

We are the preferred Russian translation company, receiving referrals from Russian embassies in Europe. Our network of certified professional English translator and an English speaker will have your translation needs covered. Certified legal documents also cost a little bit more compared to ordinary outputs. As mentioned, these documents undergo different scrutiny and quality checks to obtain a certification mark. Nevertheless, you can always be assured that certified documents are accurate and high-quality.

Certified Russian Translation Services

High Quality and Accurate Russian Translations

While many will consider Russian a tough language to translate, such is not the case for our company. Our company supports more than 120 languages, and we can translate any Russian documents to any language and vice versa. Our official Russian translation agency offers a regular and sworn quality of translation from all languages to Russian. Our legal translators specialize in translating law matters with the utmost accuracy.

The secret to our success is quite simple, and many agencies have replicated this. We only hire native language speakers. While there are professionals that are adept at mastering several languages, nothing can replace the accuracy of native language speakers. We believe that native language speakers are always proficient in their native language since they have been using it since childhood. As such, they are experts in context, grammar, sentence structure, and slang.

Aside from using native language translators, we also have a quality division whose sole job is to ensure that every output that comes out of our doors meets the rigorous quality benchmark established. Every personal document and production goes through several quality checks before being sent back to our clients. This allows us to filter through every nook and cranny of the document to make that it passed our quality benchmarks.

This will enable them to acquire the needed terminology to produce accurate and faithful technical translations. Government organizations such as post-graduation, employers, business magnets, banking employees, advocates, and insurance providers are all covered by our Russian certified and notarized translation. Most of us use MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for everyday needs. However, there are many other file format used in various industries.

24/7 Translation. Fast Turnaround Time.


Another critical factor in choosing a translation agency is turnaround time. Essentially, turnaround time is the time it takes for an agency to translate a project and return it to the client. While the average turnaround time for a 3-page document is 24-hours, we always make sure that we beat this deadline by at least a couple of ours. We believe that time is an essential resource for our clients, which is why we treat it with extreme value.

Our company provides translation services to companies and clients around the world. This means that we have to maintain a 24/7 operation. While it is not an easy task, what our clients get in return is efficiency. By maintaining an around-the-clock operation, our clients can quickly contact us at any time of the day. If you are interested in hiring our services, feel free to upload your documents into our website, and you will get a free quote immediately.

How do you become a certified Russian translator?

A translation degree from a reputed college is required to become a certified, experienced translator. After that, you’ll need to pass a translation association’s certification test, such as the America Translation Association or ATA.

How much does a Russian translator cost?

The average cost per word Translated is $0.10. A standard page costs around $25 to translate, based on an average of 250 words per page or 1,500 characters, including spaces.

Are Russian translators in demand?

In finance and trade, bilinguists are in great demand for Russian translation services. Many financial and governmental documents are translated from Russian to English regularly.

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