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Why there is such a difference in the certified translation price between companies

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2019)

As an individual needing to deal with immigration offices in US where you need to have your documents translated you are surely interested in the certified translation price as you don’t want to pay more than you need to.

If you have a company looking to expand into the international market, you will be required to translate documents. There are many documents involved in this kind of transaction, and these documents enclosed different language writing. Hence, certified translation services are important in this kind of business dealings or processes.

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Different Forms or Types of Translation Services

There are different types or forms of translation services involved in this kind of business transaction. Common forms or documents needed in expanding a business to another country, state or city includes the following listed below.

  • Business Permits/Licenses

When you bring your business to the international shore, you must have a business permit or license to build your brand in the country concerned, and the contents of these permits and licenses are in different language. With this, to have a substantial and a solid agreement and understanding, these permits or licenses must be translated accordingly.

  • Pertinent Contracts

You could have business affiliates in the country that help you to take your business in the country, and with this kind of transaction, pertinent contracts are valuable and viable. These contracts are in different language. Therefore, a certified translation is a must.

  • Personal Documents

Dealing with USCIS you need to have your personal documents translated and certified in order to submit them to the immigration office. You are surely interested in getting the best certified translation price you can get.

Why such a difference in the certified translation price?

Simply put, each company charges whatever they want for their services. That doesn’t mean you need to get the highest rates. What you need to do is search around and ask for quotes from different companies and make sure you get the lowest certified translation price you can get.

You can also get in touch with us as we have the lowest rates on the market: only $20 per page (for pages under 200 words), and we guarantee that our translation will be accepted by the USCIS office you are dealing with!

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