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What Is a Certified Translation Statement And How Does It Look Like

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2020)

A certified translation looks just the same as any other legal documents translated into another language for its usage or purpose. It is a translation in agreement to accepted legal terms in the language of the country’s customary practice as well as locality’s constraints. A certified translation for a personal document like a birth or marriage certificate would look similar to the original, only translated. The translation needs to be accompanied by a certified translation statement or the so called certificate of accuracy is order to be accepted by USCIS for instance.

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certificate of accuracy
What is a certified translation?

In other words, a certified translation is simply a translation document which has a similar legal validity as the original form and must conform to the required format accepted in the country concerned.

Certified translations in actuality are beneficial in different firms and practices as the world market becomes smaller and interconnected. The certified translation documents can include but not limited to certificates, court decisions, diplomas, letters of mandates or attorneys, permits or licenses, registration certificates of companies and businesses, and statements.

Why do you need a certified translation statement?

A certified translation is an authentication letter marking the verification of the accuracy and precision that is encompassed within the converted document. They are sealed with a stamp by the help of a special translator who is accredited with the Association of Translation Companies.

But why does one require a certified translation statement? When you propose to immigrate to a foreign country, the officials there are required to scrutinize your official documents. In such conditions, the original language may differ from their native language creating a dilemma as to whether the individual from a foreign land be granted access into the country without the verification of his documents. In such cases, this statement is required by the officers.

These statements are also needed to be presented at hospitals, educational institutions, courts and at times, offices. If you are in need of such statement, you can contact us because we area recognized company in the field and you will have to suffer none of the potential hassles working with us.

how it looks

Here is an example of how our translation statement looks like

certified translation sample

In Conclusion to Certified Translations

A certified translation statement is a formal communication or report that a translator presents to affirm accurate translation services. It is simply a formal certified translation statement that has been translated accurately into a foreign-language other than the source language.

Moreover, certified translations are translations that come with a signed statement substantiating that the translation document is correct and complete, according to the translator’s best knowledge and ability.

Over time, there is a progressive growth in the translation service industry. The demand in the industry is high as more and more people are looking to immigrate in the United States. Same industry but different settings, when it comes to a sworn translator, required in any case when statements made in a foreign language by a participant of a meeting hold legal repercussions, the requests are on the rise as well.

The majority of the countries’ governments all over the world appoint and authorize a professional to be a sworn translator to translate from one or more foreign language into other languages. However, in several countries, sworn translators can be certified translators authorized to translate court documents.

Sometimes a simple term can look complicated if you had never heard of it before and sometimes, a complicated name can make a simple thing look confusing. A lot of people often end up facing problems simply because they didn’t understand a requirement listed on an office’s website. Since items mentioned in requirements do not come with little explanations, many turn to others to learn more about them. It is during this time that anyone can take advantage of your lack of understanding of a term. For instance, if you don’t know what study visa requires and how much it normally costs, anyone can trick you into paying more than necessary for it.

Certified translation is one such term that often confuses people. When they turn to translation agencies about it and express their lack of knowledge about this form of interpretation, agencies ask charges of their choice and people feel compelled to pay them because they don’t know any better. In reality, a certified translation statement looks just like any other statement. It works as a proof that an interpretation is accurate and that signed statement makes the document suitable for submission to any government body. We provide these translations at affordable prices and are also happy to guide you about all forms of interpretations.

Certified Translation Statement

While rules may exist for sworn interpretation, there is no rule in regards to who can do certified translation, however the one doing it must obey the rules and regulations of the office which requested for such documents. Providing a translation may be easy, but having any translation accepted by the USCIS could prove hard, therefore it is best to have your translation done by a professional company which can vouch for its translations.

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