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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2021)

Are you planning to move abroad with your husband? If so, which country are you moving to? Is it Belgium? Because if it is, then this article is for you! But do you know that you need to have all your documents in certified translation if you are moving to a country that does not have your native tongue?  Now, most people have not even heard about certified translation. And there’s not even a rocket science concept in it.

Certified Translations is the process in which the receiver requires certification to verify that all your official documents have complete and accurate translations. These certificates are necessary by the USCIS, law firm, schools and university applications, government agencies, passport office usage, public authorities, and many other official institutions. And people should ensure that their documents are certified by a professional and qualified translator and an official body who is fluent in language combination as well. It will remove the language barrier of your documents.

Now, when you have the idea of certified translation, let’s figure out the certified translation in Belgium! Let’s begin!

What is Sworn Translation?

For every language, we can rely on the sworn translation team to offer the best quality and the highest experience. A sworn translation is the one done by the translator who is registered with a country court. Mostly, a sworn translator mentions his name and signature on the translation. It indicates that the translation of the text is original and official. Apart from this, sometimes an extra step is necessary like the sworn translation needs to be legalized. Though it is not a necessary step and you can get all the information necessary before generating any additional costs.

Now, a person may ask about the sworn translator in Belgium. Well, he is the interpreter who takes an oath in front of the regional court and presents evidence that he will try his best to translate the text as correctly as possible for him. But one thing is for sure that the interpreter can only translate the language pairs which he has registered in the court. And he should have excellent skills in those language pairs to translate all types of documents. Furthermore, if someone asks you to legalize your documents as well, don’t worry we can explain that as well.  There are several other types of translators like a public translator, native translator, and human translator.

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Translation process

The whole translation process is given in the following points:

  • Hire the linguistic expert by testing its language proficiency first. The proof of his excellent services can be seen through his professional training. Identify the standards of translation of the expert translators.
  • If you want to translate the document in an official language of a state, fill the universal form of certification and contact a suitable sworn translator who specializes in the language combination and your given lingo.
  • Email your document to the translator. You don’t need to send him the original documents rather a high-quality scan would be sufficient.
  • Wait for the response from your translator for at least 3 hours. Decide on a non-committal price quotation and concrete delivery date with him which is suitable for you.
  • The sworn translator will complete the true translation and send it to you through an email address.
  • A second sworn translator reviews the exact translation before approving the certification. And he provides the certificate file along with the original translation to the client. The certificate statement with the translation packet is also important.
  • Pay your fees or any additional charge and give feedback if you like the services of the translation company.

What is a legal translation in Belgium?

The legalization certifies the origin of the document. It is generally the authentication by an official authority on the genuineness of the signature, the capacity of the signatory and if applicable, the identity of the stamp or seal on the document. Also, it is important to note that the legislation does not interlink with the certification of copies. It is because it is a mere administrative formality that given no authentication on the contents of a deed. In Belgium, various official bodies are competent regarding the legislation of signatures. According to the document bearing the signature to be legalized, you have to address the proper bodies including the country administration, court, ministry or embassy, etc.

Which documents need certification?

Well, you can have all your important documents in certified translation. These can be the documents you need for immigration purposes, international bids, and many others. All of these have to go through a legal procedure. This procedure can vary from country to country and a sworn translator performs it. Government appoints him. If a company is planning to expand in foreign countries, they will need to certify the legal documents required for setting up business location abroad, commercial contracts, clearance documents for customs, visa documents for ex-pats, official contracts, immigration documents, and the exhibits submitted to courts in the international proceedings.

But if an individual is moving abroad, he can certify the documents like marriage, residence or birth certificates, university degrees, personal papers, legal documents needed for official purposes, court ruling or notarial deeds, medical records, police clearance, and tax documentation. The certification of these documents is mostly mandatory. The people which need them for immigration purposes also need to submit immigration applications. Check out our blog on U.S. Visa Application Belgium.

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How to find a sworn translator in Belgium?

Sworn translators are legally valid throughout Belgium. And since you are going to be a new citizen of this country, you will need guidance about finding a sworn translator in Belgium. There are several companies for this purpose. They offer a wide range of languages from which you can select the language which you will adopt in the new foreign country. But make sure to choose the right one. The certification can be available in any language including Albanian, German, Bosnian, Belgium, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Hindi, English language, and many more. Firstly, register yourself to websites that handle translators, interpreters, and sworn translators. This way, you will receive notifications from all the websites providing professional translators.

When you decide on your translator, you can directly contact him on the website and then wait for him to respond. The price for both legalization and certification will be decided by the translator at first but the price rates can differ. Especially in Belgium, there are no set rates. If you need urgent translation of your original documents then the charges may double. Moreover, you can also contact a translation agency for the translation of your document.

Companies offering translation services in Belgium

Several companies are providing all types of translations. You can select your specific type of translation which is necessary by the receiver. For more help, a list of companies who provide official translation services through official translators is given:

  • A. Lingua is a translation agency in Belgium which delivers quality and correct translation of documents in all European and non-European languages. You can select your target language from their list.
  • BREPOLS Translation Company is an expert in providing sworn and certified translations. They can translate your documents, marriage certificates in Belgium, or any abroad lingo.
  • One-liner translation is another translation company in Belgium that guarantees to provide high-quality translations and attention to your needs under all circumstances. They have a notary public who can translate a birth certificate.
  • BTS World Translations is a team of professional copywriters, editors, and notary public who are fluent in foreign languages, conference interpreters, scientific and certified translators, and business document translators. They provide top-level service.
  • Alphatred is another official agency that has several branches in Belgium but the head branch is in Europe. They have over 40 years experience of in providing official certificates in all European and non-European countries, caters to 35,000 customers worldwide. Their contact details are available on their website.
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