How much does it cost a certified diploma translation?

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

Diploma translation, how much does it cost to get it certified?

We tell you in this post. Studying abroad may sound fun, but there is also a lot of confusion around the decision. You can’t help but wonder if it will be worth it. The comments from your relatives and friends will also drive you crazy. Even when the comments come from the right place, they make you doubt. So you become conflicted. If you want to go to a foreign country for studies, you would want answers to all the questions that have bothered you about your decision. It is not a small matter; it will shape your life for good, so having questions is normal. Questions are good because finding their answers helps us make the right decision.

Benefits of Studying Abroad


Learning about the benefits of studying abroad might help you see whether the decision will be helpful for you or not. Once you know the benefits, you will be able to answer people’s questions about your decision logically and won’t get affected by their negative input:

  1. Gather Unique Experiences:

When you live in a foreign country for an extended period, interact with its people, and experience its culture, you will get new life experiences. You will grow, broaden your thinking process, and learn to appreciate and respect other cultures and nations. Misconceptions develop when people don’t know about each other. There is a lot of unrest in our world today, and one of the reasons behind that is we don’t try to understand each other. When we live among other people, we see them closely and realize they are just like us.

  1. Job Prospects

Studying abroad will look pretty good on your CV. But that’s not it. If you learned in a foreign country and passed with a good GPA, you might get a job offer in that country too. Studying abroad will increase your chances of getting an excellent job by manifolds. Attend different job fairs in that country and learn about the employment requirements of multinational companies. And you will get to meet important officials of other companies and enjoy the benefits that you would have missed in your country to get your certified diploma translation

  1. Learn the Art of Interaction:

You will meet different people during your stay in a foreign country. All of them may not be there for studies. Some you might meet at coffee shops, working to support themselves. Meeting these people will improve your people skills, and you will learn to recognize who is the ideal candidate for friendship and who fits in the category of foes. Studying abroad will provide you with the opportunity to make lifelong friends. Connections are critical in today’s world; you are fortunate to have friends who live in different parts of the world. Even if you never need their help, it is good to know that you have people in distant parts of the world who can help you with your certified diploma translation.

  1. Different Learning Methods:

Each country has a different teaching method. It may sound a little confusing to you initially, but once you get used to it, it will broaden your mind and help you effectively learn your subject.

  1. Becoming Independent:

The number one advantage of studying abroad and living independently is that you will become independent and stop relying on others to do your chores. Self-reliance is the best habit you can form, and studying abroad can help you form that habit.

Requirements for Studying in the US:

When you are applying to a university for admission, there are many requirements you will have to fulfill. These requirements will be mentioned on the prospectus and the university’s website. Apart from the obvious requirements like your documents and academic reports, one essential requirement is the translation of your documents. If you have a diploma that should be submitted with your admission application and it is not in English, then you will need a diploma translation. A diploma translation will help the people studying your application understand your qualifications and the hard work you put in to get it. A diploma-certified translation will ensure that your admission application gets accepted.

You can get your diploma translated anywhere, but educational institutions and immigration offices only accept certified translation diplomas. A certified diploma translation is the most accurate translation of the original document and will be accepted by the admissions office.


How much does a Certified Diploma Translation Cost?         

Many translation agencies today claim the best translators and the most affordable rates. Not every agency that makes such claims is speaking the truth. If you want a reliable certified diploma translation, give your money to CT. You can get your diploma translation for $49 and stop worrying about the quality of the translation. CT guarantees that your translation will get accepted.

You can also go for one of the shady translation agencies that offer a certified diploma translation at extremely cheap rates, but their translations are never high quality. Such translation service providers are only in the market to exploit people who don’t know any better. If you are confused about choosing a translation agency, turn towards your biggest friend: the internet. The reviews on the internet can help you decide which translation agency to go to for certified diploma translations.

We are a reputable language service provider preparing certified translations for USCIS. Certified Translations has experience with certified translations, so we can accurately translate your documents for the immigration bureau. We provide professional translation services for clients worldwide.

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diploma translation services - degree translation

Diploma Translation Services

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2023)

Diploma Translation Services

diploma translation services in 24 hours

If you are an exchange student or a migrant who aims to study and work in the United States, you will surely need to get translations for all your documents. If you wish to study abroad, you must provide certain essentials for proceeding with the admission procedure. The first and foremost of which are the documents. And among them, educational documents such as diplomas and transcripts are mandatory in most scenarios. To be accepted by a foreign university, they must be translated by professional translators.

Professional Translators are experts in communication and language who read, comprehend and convert written and spoken messages from one language to another. They provide translation services to tourists, businesses, and ex-pats.

An Average website translation services cost per hour: According to the popular marketplace, A professional website translator charges an average of 20$ to $150 per hour. But these charges can vary more or less according to factors like language, Expertise, and time.

Professional Translators Usually Need a Degree or Postgraduate Degree

It would help if you had your school records like diplomas, transcripts, university degree credentials, and any other academic documents to be translated into English. For purposes of university admission, employment, and immigration, the party requesting your documents will typically require you to submit copies along with the certified and notarized translations.

Companies, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational or academic institutions mostly request diploma and foreign degree translation. These are for credential evaluation and school admission purposes. Others are for employment and legal usage.

For these reasons, we are here to offer and provide you with the most cost-effective diploma translation services you might need. Our in-house expert translators will do diploma translations from various languages into English. We translate diplomas to English and provide you with certified or notarized translations, depending on what your requesting party requires.

Our translation company has all the necessary tools, facilities, and workforce to cater to all these needs. Aside from diploma translation, we are capable of translating bachelor’s degrees, and we can also translate master’s degrees. We always ensure that all our projects are closely monitored. Our customer service platform uses live chat for faster responses and communication with all our clients.

The Things We Can Do For You

diploma translation

Diploma translation

CertifiedTranslation is here to provide certified diploma translation services from more than 120 languages into English. We have quality standards to which we strictly adhere. You can rely on our most accurate translations, which are guaranteed to be accepted by any university in the US.

degree translation

Degree Translation

Needs to have a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s  or a Ph.D. Did the degree translate and be certified for admission to a US university? We translate any degree, from any language into English, in 24 hours. Notarized Translation for such documents is also available if needed.

transcript translation

Transcript translation

Academic transcripts may be hard to translate, yet we charge you the same: $20 if the page is under 200 words or $0.10 per word if it’s more than 200. Our certified translations have always been accepted by any US school, college, or university, as we translate according to their requirements.

Calculate your certified Translation cost now!

What is an accurate translation?

Accurate Translation involves the conveyance of the true meaning of the original text. If you keep the target audience in mind, you will be able to translate in the style that a specific audience prefers

The difference between a Certified and a Notarized Translation

For a certified translation to be done, the translator must sign a certifying statement at the end of the translated copy of the document. This would attest to the accuracy and completeness of the Translation, as well as the competence of the translator. A translated document that is being certified may or may not be notarized.

For a notarized translation, however, the document must first be certified before it can be notarized. A diploma is always needed to be certified for academic translations but may not necessarily be notarized. Notarizing a certified diploma translation will depend on the requesting party or who’s asking for it.

Benefits of using our degree translation services

Diploma and degree translations are essential for faster processing and approval of any admission application and immigration-related petition done in the US. This is why we have employed the best translators to do the job.

We take your Translation needs as our own, so we work on every diploma or degree translation with the affordability, highest quality, and certified accuracy that no other translation company or agency can offer.

We translate diplomas to English and deliver them at the fastest turnaround time you specified, or even sooner. We always see that all your demands are met to ensure complete customer/client satisfaction. We can guarantee that our services are on top of the line, yet still at the most affordable rates you can ever have.

Avail now of our certified diploma translation services or any other translation for immigration that you need. We translate any document from any language into English.

degree translation
certified diploma translation

Digitization has taken a more significant toll on our lives but little did it have any impact on the translation industry. There are machine translations, and then there are human translations, but none can surpass the results humans can produce. Our complete reliance on the academic Translation of transcripts and diplomas by human translators separates us from other translation service providers.

Our collaborations with students as clients over the past years have made us experts in the field. Our translators dedicatedly work towards yielding the best results. The team at Certified Translation comprises professional translators, proofreaders, editors, and technical staff. To fulfill all requirements and meet all set standards, they give personalized attention to each diploma translation we provide. In its final form, your Translation will consist of the following:

  • The translation will look precisely like the original, only translated.
  • The certificate of accuracy makes it certified, signed, and stamped by us.

Why choose us?

We have the industry’s best translators with us, and to top it off, we are available 24/7. The linguists who carry out your translations have years of experience translating academic certificates and diplomas. They beat deadlines while remaining accurate, applying their potential to full use.

If you want us to translate your academic documents from Ukrainian, Arabic, or any other language into English, feel free to contact us now through landline, email, or live chat. We would be more than happy to serve you. We offer certified diploma translation services of the highest quality, ready in 24 hours.

By certified, we mean that your documents will be thoroughly translated, after that, proofread, signed, and stamped by the translators or the agency head. We leave no loopholes; every step is carried out perfectly. We assure you that the diploma translation services we provide will be accepted by any university you are applying to because we follow the rules and regulations each institution imposes.

To ensure the level of certification of academic certificate translation, you should check with the relevant university. This will save you a lot of struggle and trouble later on.

Certification – We ensure legalization through certification. We sign and stamp the certifying letter attached to the translated diploma and transcript, confirming that the Translation is done accurately by the translator.

Notarization – In the case of notarization, the document is signed and stamped by a Notary, hence authenticating the Translation.

why choose us
problems of academic translation

The problems encountered in academic Translation.

Regarding degree translation, all universities have strict criteria for accepting it. That is because the translated text holds the student’s entire performance in hand. Following are the usual issues that our translators have to evaluate;

The Grading System

When an academic transcript or degree is not written in English, there is a real chance that the transcript is also not being graded in the American style. The translator must understand their grading system and provide comparable grades to the United States education system to form a harmonious analogy for the reviewers.


The subjects taught in a foreign university can be much different from the issues thrown in American universities. The translator has to review every subject title and come up with the closest title description to the one common in Education systems in the United States.

The main aim of these translations is to ensure that the document is accepted at the university. That can be a challenge because when you look up the rules and regulations of universities in the United States, you realize that the rules are extensive for international students. International students require accurate translations to ensure that the institution accepts the documents they have submitted.

Highly Accurate Diploma Translation Services

When looking for degree translation services which is a diploma-certified translation, it is critical to use professional human Translation. The highest translation standards must be implemented to ensure you get all the advantages of your academic credentials wherever you go. Certified Translation has years of experience, and a team of professional translators provides exceptional skills in more than 120 languages.

Whether you are planning for high school, university, or higher study abroad, you’ll need to translate your bachelor’s degree and your master’s degree if they are in another language. Diploma translation forms the foundation of your application or other methods that determine your academic standing. A translation that is understandable to the target culture will make it easier for you to accomplish your goals.

Diploma translation services can also be essential when you are finishing your studies. You might get that you need to submit your diploma to apply for a job. While this is usually only necessary during the initial period of employment, you might find that you need the translated documents numerous times for various employment opportunities. We go beyond necessary degree translation to adapting your paper. No hints of meaning are lost when someone from the target culture reads your documents.

translate bachelor degree
Diploma Translation Services

Almost all of us had dreams when we were younger, we still do. But the plans we had as a kid were very different from the ones we have now. Like when we used to watch a TV star and wished we’d become one when we grew older. Or when we saw a soccer player in a magazine and wondered how it would feel to be like them.

All those fantasies didn’t come to life because now we know we must have professional education for every professional career. And that each one is different from the others. This is why you chose a diploma in your favorite skill. Living the idea that you can acquire a professional career after earning a diploma was pleasing. Now that you are going to do that in another country, you’ll need a diploma translation. On the other hand, investing in a certified academic translation service to translate textbooks and other study materials signifies an ardent commitment to your kids’ intellectual well-being. Aside from a student applying to an educational institution, general academic documents need a translation.

We’ll provide high-quality translation services. No matter which university or institute certified your diploma, we can translate it in a way that will be accepted abroad. So get ready for your trip to the US and leave all your translation requirements to us. We are always here. We can assist you with presenting your documents in their native language and formats in over 100 languages through our accurate and original diploma in foreign language translation services. A certified translation is accompanied by separate legal documents affirming the Translation is complete and accurate and that a qualified translator performed the English Translation.

If you submit an original document to the university after Translation and verification and it is rejected, your money will be wasted. That is why it is in your best interest to submit a degree translation that is done according to the office’s specifications and not against them. That is why you should only use professional translation services instead of freelancers. Our team will provide certified translations of your high school diploma to get acceptance everywhere, including the immigration department.

Academic Translation

Universal Translation Services is the industry’s top academic translator. Academic translators and native speakers must verify for references, format, and citations, add the correct names, and guarantee that they only translate what is needed, which means they will not change places or dates. Our native translators will produce certified translations of your high school diploma for it to be accepted anywhere, including by the immigration department.

Whether your requirement figures in this list or otherwise, if you need professional academic document translation services, we can help you. Get your high school transcript translated into 50+ languages by certified human translators. Get your high school transcript translated into 50+ languages by a certified human translator.


What is a diploma translation?

Diploma translation provides a complete and accurate rendering of your document in another language.

How much does it cost to translate a diploma?

$20 if the page is under 200 words, or $0.10 per word if it’s more than 200 words

How can I translate my high school diploma?

Professional translators will take your high school diploma and give you an accurate and certified copy in the language of your choice.

Where can I translate my degree?

You can easily translate your degree with Universal Translation Services.

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