document translation for immigration

Requirements of document translation for immigration

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2021)

When it comes to submitting documents to the USCIS, document translation for immigration is needed. The problem when submitting documents to United States Customs and Immigration Office is that some clients are regularly getting RFEs. The RFE stands for Require Further Evaluation and means that the client will need to resubmit the translation because it wasn’t done according to the requirements.

Document translation for immigration

Certified translations are a pre-requisite for USCIS immigration submissions. Every applicant for immigration is a foreigner and is bound to have his or her documents not written in English. The USCIS has come up with clear and specific guidelines that are to be followed by the client when submitting translated personal papers to the immigration’s office.  We have developed this post to discuss the requirements regarding translations that client provides to the USCIS.

translation requirements
Certified translation

The translation of documents that client submits to the USCIS will have to follow a specific protocol that we are stating as follows:

  • Every translation of materials that the client sends to the USCIS has to be a certified translation, which is a translation accompanied by a certificate of authenticity provided by the translator or the translation agency, which needs to be submitted to the USCIS along with the translation.
  • The Certificate Of Authenticity: A certificate of authenticity states that the translator takes responsibility for the translation that they have provided. The translation is accurate and a true representation of the original, and in case of any questions, the home office should contact the translator. The translator or the agency signs the certificate and gives his credentials for further reference.


Every translator or the translation agency that provides translation for immigration has to be well-versed in both languages in order to provide the translation. While there are no regulations in regards to being certified members of the ATA – American Translators’ Association, the translation needs to follow the requirements.

Yes, a friend of yours could, in theory, help you with your translation, but if there are mistakes or any sign of doubt, you will get a dreaded RFE. You will surely get a RFE if you translate your own documents, which is not permitted by the USCIS.

translator qualifications

Notarization – An extra Assurance?

All individuals who are getting their documents translated for USCIS would need a translation that is certified. In some cases though, they are asked to get notarization for their translation. It is because with some documents they need to be sure the translation has been done by a professional translator.

What is a notarized translation? When a notary public has stamped the certificate of accuracy, it becomes a notarized translation. A notarized translation ensures the immigration’s office that the person issuing the certificate was verified. The notary public’s stamp is to validate the person signing the certificate and has nothing to do with the accuracy of the translation itself.

Ready for traveling?

The documentation can be a major drag if you don’t deal with it the way you should. Flying out of the country takes more than just money, a fact you realize as soon as you start planning your trip.

Entering a foreign land means you have to show them goodwill, proof of good character, and the assurance that you won’t become a liability for their country or its affairs. So wherever you plan to go, the requirements must be fulfilled before any further planning or progress. The most significant part of moving on with the immigration is by submitting the necessary papers or their translations to the relative office. In order to avoid any issue that might occur later, you should ask your travel agent or immigration lawyer to give you a complete detail of the papers that will be strictly required by the immigration.

Moreover, you must start earlier as most of these documents are to be certified along with their translations. We offer all kinds of document translations for your immigration needs, including:

  • Certificates
  • Affidavits
  • Medical Papers
  • Police Reports
  • Character Certificates
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Licenses
  • Bank Statements
  • Passports
  • Traveling Documents
  • Degree
  • Diplomas
  • Appointment Letters & More.
Document Translation Immigration

These are a few essential requirements of document translation for immigration of the USCIS office, and clients strictly follow them. Unless you get the translation that you are expected to provide, submitting an incomplete document will only waste your time. This could make you vulnerable to application rejection. That is why; we are here to provide you with accurate translation which is guaranteed to be accepted. Call now!

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