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Fast Certified Translation: How Urgent Can I Have It?

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Fast certified translation is what everyone is asking these days. While it is quite normal to ask for a fast service in other fields, a fast certified translation for your birth or marriage certificate may not be something you could get easily and it entirely depends on the translation company you are addressing to.

Essentials in Getting Fast Certified Translation

what to keep in mind

What to keep in mind

When you need to translate your birth certificate for government or other state-related institutions, you must ensure it is certified by a reputable agency. Do not put your money to waste in getting a normal translation, as it won’t be accepted.

In addition, below is a list of things you should know when you need a marriage or birth certificate translation.


For personal documents requiring certification statements, such as employee handbooks, experienced translators offer quality translation services at affordable prices, providing instant quotes for urgent basis requirements in common languages, ensuring accuracy and reliability surpassing machine translation risks, particularly crucial for technical translation where precision is paramount.

The price for a fast certified translation varies according to several factors: the state, the city, and the language. It also greatly depends on the translation agency you choose. Some companies will charge a rush fee if you need it done quickly, and others may charge an extra price if you need it done over the weekend. So, before you agree to their terms, ask for such extra fees.


The process for obtaining a birth certificate translation is reasonably simple. You should not give the translator the original copy of your birth certificate; a photocopy will suffice. You can do it electronically by email or to the agency’s site.

Turnaround Time

The standard time frame for a birth certificate translation is 5 to 7 business days. Some agencies provide expedited service, though this would cost you an additional price. So, do it earlier when you need to translate your birth certificate. In this way, you will not be charged an additional cost. Better yet, search for a company that won’t charge extra fees.

Therefore, when you need fast certified translation, it is advisable to do it beforehand. Don’t do it when needed, as it may cost more. Don’t jump into the first company you find. Make a list of a couple of companies, ask for quotes, and then choose the best price while ensuring you receive what you requested.

cost of translation

Why are we the best choice?

Anyone cannot translate a birth certificate, especially when used in immigration processing or other government-related activities. For instance, some companies won’t be able to offer certified translation for the United States, and others would ask for a premium price to do it for you, especially when you want it done fast.

Luckily, Certified Translation can provide it fast and for a fair price.

For critical documents such as legal and immigration papers, certified translations by professional translators ensure high-quality, accurate rendition, meeting stringent official requirements and language differences, thereby guaranteeing outstanding service and peace of mind throughout the immigration process, all at competitive prices in various file formats, courtesy of a trusted translation team specializing in a wide range of official and technical documents for academic institutions and beyond.

With fast certified translations, people often rush with their choices to reach out to a professional translation agency, which causes them further problems in the submission. Companies tend to overcharge clients or charge additional rates for profit because of the need for urgent documents.

On the other hand, we do not charge extra rush rates when an urgent translation is needed. We do not compromise on the document’s quality, even in fast certified translations, because our clients come first, and our primary focus is to have them happy with our work.

We assign one translator and one proofreader to a single project, both natives of the target language. One translates, and the other checks the translation for quality and ensures no omissions. The translation has been done according to the client’s requirements.

Contact us if you need your marriage or birth certificate translated fast and at a fair price. We work around the clock, provide translations according to USCIS regulations, and deliver your translation in 24 hours or less. Our rates are the lowest in the United States.

Quality Assurance in Immigration Document Translation

Ensuring high-quality standards in translating immigration documents is essential to meet stringent legal requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. These documents, crucial for determining immigration status, must accurately convey information without errors or ambiguities. Human translation, guided by industry best practices and expertise, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and authenticity of these documents. By using raw materials such as original documents and employing skilled translators, translation agencies uphold rigorous quality controls to deliver precise and culturally sensitive translations. This meticulous approach not only meets regulatory demands but also enhances trust and reliability, ensuring that clients’ immigration documents are accurately translated and legally sound.

Producing high-quality products involves meticulous attention to detail throughout the production process, particularly in managing the quality of products across various language pairs. From initial design to final assembly, ensuring consistency and precision in language-specific details is paramount. Each step of the production process, from sourcing raw materials to packaging, must adhere to strict quality standards to maintain product integrity. For products requiring multilingual packaging or instructions, accurate translation and localization are critical to ensure clarity and compliance with local regulations. By integrating quality control measures at every stage and employing expert translators fluent in the target languages, manufacturers uphold standards of excellence and meet the diverse linguistic needs of global markets effectively.

Ensuring that finished products meet stringent quality requirements is crucial, particularly when dealing with legal documents that require high-quality translations. Whether it’s contracts, agreements, or official correspondence, accurate translation is essential to preserve the integrity and legal validity of the content. High-quality translations not only convey the original meaning faithfully but also adhere to industry-specific terminology and legal nuances. This precision is vital in legal contexts where even minor errors can have significant implications. By employing professional translators with expertise in legal terminology and a meticulous approach to language accuracy, organizations can confidently produce finished products that meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific requirements for documents that need fast certified translation?

The requirements for fast certified translations vary depending on the country and/or organization you submit them. Generally speaking, you must submit copies of both the original document and the translation. The translation should be accurate and contain an affidavit or sworn statement signed and notarized by a qualified translator. It is also a good idea to check with the specific organization or institution to find out if there are any specific requirements for the document that they need before you begin the translation process.

Can I request a rush service for a fast certified translation in case of urgent deadlines?

Absolutely. Depending on the language combination and size of the document, some certified translation services can offer rush services for urgent deadlines. It is best to contact a certified translation service in advance to inquire about their

turnaround time and if rush services are available. Depending on their policy, there may be an additional fee to expedite your translation, so checking on this before ordering the translation is best.

What steps are involved in the quality control process for fast certified translations?

Quality control is essential to any fast certified translation process and ensures the highest levels of accuracy, quality and completeness in any document translation. Quality control typically involves multiple steps, such as: 1. Conducting a linguistic analysis to evaluate the accuracy and appropriateness of the text; 2. Using quality assurance techniques, such as in-depth proofreading, to ensure all linguistic rules and syntax have been properly followed; 3. Testing the translated document to ensure it has the same message as the source text; 4. Utilizing feedback from translation professionals to identify any areas for improvement; 5. Final review and approval of the translated document; and 6. Monitoring and measuring the quality of the translation results. Ultimately, the quality control process should help guarantee that any certified translation is accurate and conveys the same message as the source document. When performed properly, this can ensure the fast translation process produces translations of the highest quality.

What information do you need from me to provide an accurate quote for fast-certified translation project?

Thanks for your interest in our services! We will need a few key pieces of information from you to provide an accurate quote for your fast-certified translation project. Firstly, we need to know the size of the document (in terms of the total number of words) to ensure we quote you correctly for the time it will take to translate the document. We will also need to know what type of document to allocate to the right translator for the job. It would also be helpful if you could provide a sample of the document and let us know what languages it needs to be translated into. Finally, let us know if you have any other requirements for the document. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information; we look forward to working with you on your project!

How do you handle sensitive or confidential information during the fast certified translation process?

The fast certified translation process is an important service that requires special care when handling sensitive or confidential information. To protect sensitive information, the most important thing to do is to ensure that the translators you hire are professional and experienced in this type of translation work. The necessary language certification boards will have vetted, certified translators and will understand the importance of keeping confidential information secure. Additionally, all translators should sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep the information they translate confidential. The translation software should also have the latest security updates and data protection settings to ensure that any data transmitted is secure. Finally, you should keep all documents in secure digital and physical storage spaces to ensure your confidential information is not compromised.

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