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Fast Certified Translation: How Urgent Can I Have It?

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)

Fast certified translation is what everyone is asking these days. While it is quite normal to ask for a fast service in other fields, a fast certified translation for your birth or marriage certificate may not be something you could get easily and it entirely depends on the translation company you are addressing to.

Essentials in Getting Fast Certified Translation

what to keep in mind

What to keep in mind

When there is a need for you to translate your birth certificate for government or other state related institutions, you must make sure that you have it certified by a reputable agency. Do not put your money to waste in getting a normal translation as it won’t be accepted.

Aside from this, below is a list of things that you should know when you need to have a marriage or birth certificate translation.


The price for a fast certified translation varies according to quite a few factors: the state, the city, and the language. It also greatly depends on the translation agency you acquire. Some companies will ask for a rush fee if you need it done fast. Others may charge an extra price if you need it done over the weekend. So before you agree to their terms make sure you ask for such extra fees.


The process for obtaining a birth certificate translation is reasonably simple. You should not give the original copy of your birth certificate to the translator. A photocopy of your birth certificate will suffice. You can do it electronically by sending it through email or to the agency’s site.

Turnaround Time

The standard time frame for a birth certificate translation is within 5 to 7 business days. Some agencies provide expedite service, though this would cost you an additional price. So, when you need to translate your birth certificate, do it in an earlier time. In this way, you will not be charged for an additional cost. Or better yet, search for a company which won’t charge extra fees.

Therefore, when you need to have fast certified translation, it is advisable to do it it ahead of time. Don’t do it when it is already needed as it may cost more. Don’t jump into the first company you find. Make a list of a couple companies, ask for quotes then choose the best price while you make sure you will receive what you asked for.

cost of translation

Why are we the best choice?

A birth certificate translation is not something anyone could do, especially when it is used in immigration processing or in other government related activities. For instance, some companies won’t be able to offer certified translation for United States, others would ask for a premium price to do it for you. Especially when you want to have it done fast.

Luckily for you, Certified Translation can provide it for you fast and for a fair price.

With fast certified translations, people often rush with their choices to reach out to a professional translation agency which causes them further problems in the submission. Taking advantage of the need for urgent documents, companies tend to overcharge clients or charge additional rates for profit.

We on the other hand do not charge any extra rush rates when an urgent translation is needed. We do not compromise on the quality of the document even in fast certified translations because for us, our clients come first and the need to have them happy with our work is our primary focus.

We assign one translator and one proofreader to a single project, both natives of the target language, where one translates and the other checks the translation for quality and also makes sure there are no omissions and the translation has been done according to client’s requirements.

If you need to have your marriage or birth certificate translated fast and at a fair price, get in touch with us. We are working around the clock, we provide translations done according to USCIS regulations, you get your translation in 24 hours or less and our rates are the lowest in United States.

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