Text Translator And Certified Translation

All of us have saved electricians and plumbers’ contact numbers in our phones to avoid being helpless during an emergency situation. There is nothing worse than a pipe breaking down on a day when you are expecting guests, and if you can’t get in touch with a professional in time, that problem can turn into a nightmare. However, by saving the contact details of those professionals we make that we are never alone in our time of need. We don’t have to get embarrassed in front of our guests because a plumber will fix the pipe before they can arrive.

Over the years, our smartphones have taken over the roles of a lot of people in our lives. There are a lot of professionals whose expertise aren’t needed anymore because they have been replaced by modern machinery. Even if we can’t find a banker online, we can get banking help through apps. There are forums on the internet where people can get advice about different fields. But unless technology can provide us with cheap robots who can make sane decisions and then follow through with them, we won’t be getting rid of plumbers. We will always need the help of some professionals to get the work done even in this modern age.


However, in some fields, there is both online help and real-life professionals to choose from. In such cases, one can make the decision based on the type of work required. When it comes to creative fields, the human touch is what gives them true meaning. But that can mean spending money and sometimes, we don’t want to spend on things that won’t be benefitting us greatly. This is why people sometimes opt for the choices available on the internet instead of seeking out professionals. There are plenty of fields where this example can be applied but nowhere more so than the world of translation.

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Online Tools and The Text Translator:

text translation

There are online tools for every field out there. Whether you are a digital artist or a painter, you can find free to use software online for your work. Writers can get help with software’s free versions to check for spelling and grammar errors. There are also a few available for interpretation and language learning. But the thing about these tools is that one can always tell the difference between the work of a software and that of a human. This pretty much proves that machines will never be able to replicate the fine way humans work, even if it is only true for a few fields.


When it comes to translation, there are more online tools available than one can possibly need. However, that hasn’t stopped new apps to come alive and make claims of offering the best services. Although most of these tools are pretty inaccurate, some are not so bad, especially when it comes to most spoken languages. Google, Microsoft, and Bing’s translators are doing a good job of interpreting words and phrases from different languages. It is also worth mentioning that these tools are using a modern technique of machine translation which makes them more accurate than a simple translator.

However, all of us have seen these tools make mistakes more times than we can remember. Those with a less commonly known language might have seen nothing but inaccurate translations on such software. Because of this, people can only rely on text translators for informal conversations. When they need to see the meaning of a tweet or a Facebook post, they can click the translate button and try their luck. But these tools cannot be of any use in formal situations.

text translation

Certified Text Translation:

text translation

Just like our clothes, services required also have a casual and formal setting. Sometimes we need help with something casual. For that, we don’t have to spend too much money and we will be happy with whatever we get. But in a formal setting, we cannot make any compromise. You won’t buy food from a road side vendor when you are entertaining your boss at home. So, in the world of translation, you can rely on text translators only when you don’t need the interpretation of an official document.

When it comes to official purposes, you will need to get certified translation of your documents and that is something Google Translate cannot help you with. A certified translation is something that only a qualified professional can handle. They will also provide you with their signed statement as a proof of the accuracy and completeness of the translation. This signed statement is the defining feature of a certified translation and isn’t something that Microsoft or Bing can offer you. This is why you can’t always rely on online tools, there is only so much they can do.

text translation

In times of need, it is always better to get in touch with professionals and let them handle the task. We at Certified Translation are always ready to help our clients with their documents. Whether you need the interpretation for job application or US immigration, our team of experts will take care of the project for you and provide you with quality translations that will get accepted by the authority you plan on presenting them to. Our acceptance rate is a hundred percent which means you don’t have to worry about getting a translation back. Our experienced staff will show you with their work the difference between an online and real-life translation.

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