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When it comes to asylum documents, certified translations are mostly required before submission and this includes personal statements as well.  At Certified Translation, our expertise in translating documents for people who are seeking Asylum is beyond any question.

Our translators have delivered thousands of asylum documents, regardless of the language you require, we have always focused on the provision of accuracy and high quality translation services.

Our Key Points

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Any Document

We are working with over 3,000 translators and we are able to translate from any language into English. We know the requirements and all our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by any US institution.

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Low Rates

We know money are always a problem and our translations are not only affordable, but we have the lowest rates in the US: at $20 per page, you can have your documents translated in a professional manner.

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We are available around the clock, even during the weekends, and we deliver your translation in 24 hours or less. Order anytime, there won’t be any weekend or rush extra rates.

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certified translation of asylum documents
Certified Translations

Certified translations are required in many instances, particularly by USCIS, the US immigration, the educational institute’s application and enrollment, and several other governmental and local agencies. We provide certified translations along with a certificate of accuracy and signature of the general manager. Apart from certified translations, we also provide general translations for Asylum documents and statements, depending upon the requirements.
When you order a certified translation from us, you get:

  • your document translated according to USCIS rules, looking exactly like your original document
  • a certificate of accuracy which states that the translation is a true reflection of the original and that we are fluent in both languages and therefore we are entitled to translate. The document is signed and stamped by us as a company.

We work according to rules and regulations imposed by the USCIS or any other agency requiring the translation, and we have a 100% acceptance rate. Even more, all our certified translations come with guaranteed acceptance, including translations of your asylum documents, so you don’t have to worry about getting your case delayed due to bad translations.

How To Get Prepared For Your Asylum Interview


On your interview day, you must take along all your asylum documents:

  1. An identification form including:
    1. All passports that you possess,
    2. Any other travel document that you have
    3. Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record, if you have been provided one by the time you reached the US.
  2. The original birth certificates, marriage certificates, or any other document that was submitted with the form I-589,
  3. The copy of your Form I-589 and other documents that were submitted earlier so that if the asylum office doesn’t have any specific information, it could be provided.
  4. Any additional items that your document has claim to and which weren’t been provided to the Asylum office.
  5. In interpreter if unable to understand and speak English.
  6. Your spouse and/or children under 21 if they were being included in the application form as the derivatives;
    1. They must have an identity, any travel or supporting document.
    2. Even though you are obligated to provide full details about your family, you are asked to bring those kids only who have been shown as derivatives in the Asylum Office.
  7. A certified translation of any document that is not in English;
asylum interview
translation of asylum documents

Asylum Documents


If someone is at risk of losing their live in their native country, they may go abroad and ask for asylum in another nation. Granting asylum means giving someone authority to remain in another nation because of that danger he has to face in the country of origin.

In legal terms, a person who has asked for asylum in the UK or the US and is waiting for a conclusion on that case is called an asylum seeker. Someone who has received a favorable decision on his or her asylum case is called a refugee. If you are a refugee or seeking asylum in a foreign nation, your host nation is going to need several documents before they can give asylum. And if the documents are not in the same language as that expressed by government officials in the host nation, it’s going to need a translation of all the asylum documents.

Following are the types of asylum documents that may require a certified translation.

  • Passports and travel documents
  • Police registration certificates
  • Identification documents, for example, identity cards, birth and marriage certificates or school records
  • Anything you think will help your application

In addition to these documents related directly to the asylum process, you may also need to provide translations for additional documents. These may include:

  • Translated USCIS documents
  • Translated medical reports
  • Immunization card translations and more

Avoid delays of your asylum interview

If a document is not in English, you must have a certified translation of the document, the original document and a copy of your original document. The translator should certify that he is being certified to translate from your original language into English.

At Certified Translation, we deliver high quality translation services for any documents, including Asylum documents.

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