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You will need your birth certificate translation for varieties of purposes, like employment, legal processes, university applications, visa application, and immigration documents and so on. The document contains vital information and can be used as means of identity for an individual in some countries. In order to be valid, this document requires a certified translation if it’s written in any other language than English.

If you’re immigrating in the US and your birth certificate is not in English, you need to use birth certificate translation services in order to have it translated and certified. This is something we can help you with, at the lowest rates you can find: only $20 per page!

What we can do for you

translate a birth certificate
Need to translate a birth certificate?

We can do it for you in under 24 hours at a special price: only $20 per page, from any language into English!

same format
Keep the original format

We translate your birth certificate then we add the translation into the same format, so your translation looks like the original.

translation ready for uscis
Strict USCIS regulations

We follow the strict regulations of USCIS so your birth certificate will be accepted by the US Immigration Office or any other state institution in US.

only 24 hours turnaround
You have it done in 24 hours

Your translation will be done in 24 hours and sent to you by e-mail or post if you want to, or you can visit our office in New York City to get it.

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What Certified Translation Means?

Certified translation is made up of a document signed by an official or representative of a translation agency or a translator, which is a document ensuring that the organization provides proof assuring accuracy, truthful and complete translation. It also assures that the translator that handled the task is fluent in the target and source languages and also competent. Such a document is referred to as “Certificate of Translation.”

When you want to translate any document, including your birth certificate, to another language, it is better to work with a professional that has been in the industry for a long time; such a translator will have the adequate experience to get the task done perfectly. Check below for some tips when translating such documents.

birth certificate translation services nyc
certified translation requirements

Some tips when when you need to translate birth certificate to English

  • The translation must use seals, stamps, signatures and dashes. It must also be complete and direct. The translator should indicate ‘not legible’ if he or she encounters any item in the document that is not clear.
  • There should be a similarity in the visual appearance of the translation and the original document. Every item on the original must appear at the same place as the translated document.
  • Properly assess if the birth certificate translation services provided are accurate. Mistakes may arise in situations where the government officials or the do not understand the source language.
  • After the submission of the translation tasks, make sure the final work is both accurate and efficient. You can forward the translated document to a translation agency if the final work contains errors possibly due to misspellings or sentences not making sense.

Points To Consider When Employing The Services Of A Certified Translator

When employing the services of a certified translator, make sure you provide all the required details. For example, provide the version of your birth certificate that contains all the required information.
Make sure the birth certificate contains the following information and make sure your name is spelled out completely.

  • Your place of birth
  • Your date of birth written out as month/day/year..
  • The full name of your parents and it should be spelled out accurately
  • Your parents’ birth dates
  • Your parents’ birth places
  • The seal of issuing authority
Certified Translator

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