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Why would you need a divorce certificate translation?

If you want to remarry, you need a divorce certificate, which is a proof that you have legally ended the relationship you previously had. This certificate needs a translation if you want to use it in the United States and your divorce took place in another country where the official language is not English. If you are applying for immigration in the US, you might need the divorce certificate along with a certified translation for it, done according to the requirements of the USCIS.

There might be a job opportunity for you where your marital status might be important, where you’ll need to have a certified divorce certificate translation. There are many cases which might require a translated divorce certificate, but most importantly immigration and visa processing require your marital status for legal reasons. For immigration purposes it is important for the authorities to know that if you hold a family back there in the country where you are living currently or not. If you are divorced, a certified divorce certificate translation will be needed.

If you want to use your divorce certificate in the United States and the certificate was originally written in another language, you need to translate it into English first. Divorce translation may not be easy to get from any company as the translation needs to be certified.

The advantages in working with us

You can trust us at Certified Translation to translate any of your legal documents, including your divorce certificate in an accurate manner. We always get the job done within deadline since we always place great importance on customer satisfaction. Your translation will be sent to you in 24 hours or less.

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The best divorce decree translation services

If you’re wondering where you can find divorce decree translation services, you just found the right place. We take pride in our exceptional services delivered with guaranteed proficiency and precision. We do our best to satisfy your translation requirements. All our translators are highly experienced in the legal field, and we follow the strict guidelines imposed by USCIS with every translation. We proceed with one objective, timely and cost effective services delivered to our clients within the given deadlines.

We offer our services at the most inexpensive rates in the industry, as low as 20$ per page if the page has less than 200 words. If there are more words on the page, we charge $0.12 per word. We don’t compromise on quality and all our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS.

When your task is completed, it is thoroughly checked and rechecked by our proofreaders and editors. After that, the translation is sent to you for approval, then we proceed with the certification and send you the translation through email. If a hard copy is needed, we can send you one through mail too. Therefore, we assure you that if you or any of your friends require a divorce decree translation, we offer the best services at the best rates in the industry.

divorce decree translation
translate divorce certificate

Our divorce certificate translation services include:

  • Expert linguists: Our linguists translate from their mother tongue. They can easily translate to the English language from any target language.
  • Experience: Our translators have been in the industry for long and have built experience in handling all forms of document translation.
  • Fast turnover: Our translators get the job done within stipulated period since they work around the clock to deliver.
  • Accuracy: Before we pass the document over to you, we first take it through series of checks to insure accuracy.
  • We don’t do just divorce certificate translation, but also provide certified translation services for any and all your personal documents.

USCIS acceptance guaranteed

Certified Translation is one of the leading and officially accredited translation agencies in New York, specializing in providing divorce decree translations. As an official US translation agency, we offer translations of divorce certificates which are legally recognized by the government bodies in the United States, as well as the majority of authorities overseas. We can provide you with a legally recognized certificate of accuracy, issued and signed, along with a copy of the official certificate and the translation. Our divorce decree translations are fully accepted by official authorities and follow the formal requirements of the Home office & Courts of Law.

Our divorce decree translation states:

  • that it’s a ‘true and an accurate translation of the original document.’
  • the day and date of the translation
  • the full name and contact details of the translator and our translation agency

Certified Translation translates divorce decrees into over 150 languages, and from any language into English. Together with the translated divorce decree, we will provide you with a signed Statement of Accuracy certificate. Once appended to the translated divorce decree, the translation will be deemed as an officially translated document. We can also sign and stamp each page of the translation if required.

divorce decree translation
Divorce Certificate Translation

Divorce. A word that means an end to a relationship which was once filled with love. According to sociologists, divorce is as significant a phenomenon as marriage. Because one brings you into social contact and the other breaks you out of it. Apart from the theoretical perspective, separation from a toxic person is sometimes the only and the best option. Either way, once your marriage is over, you have to get a divorce certificate for it. It becomes even more important when you are migrating or immigrating.


While you don’t always enter with the thought of finding a new partner, it remains a possibility nonetheless. Also, the authorities want to know your marital status before allowing you to enter their country. And moving to an English Speaking country means you have to get your divorce certificate translated. At Certified Translation, we can do that for you. We keep the documents private and confidential and never let anyone else know anything about your legal or official documents. So if you have been asked by your travel agent to provide a divorce certificate translation to move further with your immigration, don’t get stressed out. We are ready for every linguistic assistance that you might need.

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