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U.S. Visa Application Belgium

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2021)

Belgium is a fantastic place. But living in an awesome country shouldn’t stop you from traveling or working on your dream job. Especially, if the place you want to visit or settle in the United States. If you’re a Belgian looking for some detailed information on US immigration, here’s our bit for you. Following is a complete guide for the U.S. visa application Belgium process. Let’s go through the AtoZ of the Belgium visa appointment to the visa interview.

What is a Visa and why you need it?

Before moving on to the more elaborate details, let’s start with the basic one, what is a visa?

A visa is a permission from a country. It is legal permission issued by a government agency to reside in a country for a definite and indefinite time. Depending on the purpose, the visas could be different.

Having a legally issued visa saves you from trouble. You can benefit from different facilities, live freely, and enjoy civil rights under the law, but only as long as you have a legally issued and approved visa. It is essential for employees, students, business owners, travelers, and just about any immigrant who enters another country. A visa is like a security pass for an immigrant. 

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Types of Visa

There are different types of visas. And every type of visa has different application protocols. But let’s discuss few basic types of Visas you might need for the US.

Non-Immigrants Visa

If you are a Belgium national, you are going to need a non-immigrant visa to go to the USA for any kind of temporary affair. It might be for traveling, for work, for education, etc. There are further many subcategories for non-immigrant visas.

Applying for a US visa in Belgium 

There are different types of packages like E-1 visa for Treaty traders, E-1 visa for the renewal process, E-2 visa for treaty investors, E-2 visa for the renewal process, E-1 Visa for additional employees for qualified companies, E-2 Visa for additional employees for qualified companies, E visa holders applying for their family members. You need to choose a visa type according to your requirements.

Work Permit Visa

Do you have a dream of working in the US? But you can’t get into any company in the USA without having a work permit in the state. Work visa also has further sub-categories like permanent work visa, temporary one, summer work visa they are termed as L-1, M-1, O-1, O-2, etc.

Work visas and visas, in general, take a long time because it’s governmental work on national and international levels. It usually takes a period of 5 to 7 months to complete the whole process. A general question, most people are concerned about is Can they travel with only a work permit? As mentioned before there are different types of work permits. Few allow to travel and few don’t. While applying for a work visa keep in mind which package suits you best so that you can travel and make your travel plans accordingly.

Education-based Visa

Want to get into your dream university? This is your sign to get a student visa and enroll yourself in the course you love the most. The process is simple and almost the same as other non-immigrant visas.

To apply for your study visa, you need to have your valid passport. Normally, passports have a period limit for which they are usable. And you have to enroll yourself in university first. You need an acceptance letter from that university for the process.

It is obligatory to pay the fee for Visa. You will also need your fresh photograph. The fee is non-refundable and you can pay online. Don’t apply from any other internet site except the official U.S. Embassy website. Processing of visa application forms takes time so make sure to apply before your course starts.

In this case, you’ll have a visa interview and a university interview. Visa applicants should be applied through proper legal resources. You might be asked to submit your academic transcripts, your degree translation, your course certificates, etc. To be sure about the requirements, it is advised to read proper instructions on the official website of the united states embassy.

Immigrants Visa

There are many visa classifications. But one of the complex and time taking is an immigrant visa application. Immigrant visa applicants are usually from those who want to settle in the US permanently. Nationals of foreign countries require an immigrant visa for permanent residence. It is not like a non-immigrant visa. Immigrant visa applicants need to have sponsorship by any citizen relative, employers, permanent resident relative, or must have a permit for immigration. Visa denial leads to the stoppage of the process of immigration. Issuance of visas can speed up or end the immigration process.

There is a petition you need to get filled through the sponsors. There are also different categories and visa plans for immigrant visa applicants. For example, family-based immigration, Employment-based immigration, fiancé visa, returning resident visa, diversity visa, etc. For applying, download the petition, fill it, send it to the USCIS to get it approved. Pay the fee for it, and you will get contacted for further procedure. Visit the website of Visa services and download the application according to your need. Be very careful while paying visa fees because it is refundable.

For the application process to become a foreign citizen, you need a valid passport, a current visa, an identity card of the country of nationality, and other documentation.

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How to Apply for U.S. Visa Belgium

The process for a US visa application is super simple. The government has made the process convenient for you. Here is a guide on how you can apply for a US visa from Belgium.

  1. To apply for a visa, simply go to the website of the US embassy in Belgium.
  2. Choose the visas category.
  3. Select from the immigrant and non-immigrant visas. (if you are unclear which visa to pick, there is a directory of visas on this website for understanding the visa types better)
  4. Once you’ll be directed to the US state travel website, you can learn about the steps you’ll have to follow for your desired visa.
  5. Depending on the type of visa, you’ll be asked to submit documents, fees, affidavits, petitions, etc. You can learn more about the steps here, and here.

What If My Documents Are Not In English?

It is important to keep in mind that all your documents must be translated into English for submission at the USCIS. And that translation must be certified.

We can provide you with all kinds of certified translations for immigration. With our expert native translators at your disposal, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Our rates are super affordable and we offer rush translations as well. What’s even better is that getting in touch with us is simple. You can use our live chat option. Or send us an email with your query in detail. We also have a form that you can fill and ask a question. You can also utilize our instant quote option. Our representatives are always on standby to attend to your queries and concerns.  


To learn more interesting facts about visas, stay tuned for more blogs.

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