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USCIS Enforcement And Certified Translations May 2020

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Running a country may not sound very complicated to common people, but those that have to work in the government know exactly how hard it can be. There are a lot of issues that have to be handled every day. It is the duty of the government to provide basic necessities to its citizens. It is also the duty of the government to protect its citizens, its borders, and the interests of the state on foreign platforms. Since there is so much that a government has to do, it sets up different departments. Each department has its own head. The department head oversees the work of various employees and makes sure everything runs smoothly.


A very important branch of the government everywhere is the one that handles visa and immigration matters. It is the duty of this department to make sure that no criminal enters the country, and only the deserving get to become foreign immigrants. To ensure this, they make various policies. The rules and regulations of immigration departments are changed frequently. It is the change that makes it possible for the state to protect itself against foreign threats. But if applicants don’t stay up to date, they won’t be aware of the changes and fail to follow the rules. This is why sometimes, people’s immigration applications get rejected.

Rules & Regulations of USCIS:

Anyone who is applying for US immigration will have to follow the rules and regulations of USCIS. The US updates its immigration policy frequently. Over the years, it has gotten harder for applicants to become an immigrant in America. However, that isn’t to say that the new policies have made it impossible for foreigners to go to the US as an immigrant. It just means that they have to put in more effort now. They have to do their proper research beforehand to make sure no new changes have been made into the policy. They must familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of USCIS, so they don’t make any mistake during their application process.

uscis certified translation enforcement

USCIS Enforcement and Certified Translation, May 2020:


Since the global pandemic began, the international flights and immigration processes have been suspended. Although there are a few exceptions to the later, most people had to wait for USCIS to make a new announcement before they can start preparing their applications again. Since it is something that has affected the whole world, no one has to worry that the US is thinking of introducing more sanctions or stricter rules.

uscis and certified translations

The situation regarding coronavirus has not improved, which is why the Department of Homeland Security and USCIS has announced some policy changes for those waiting for their visa renewal or decision on their immigration status. One decision that many people welcomed is that the offices of USCIS will reopen on or after June 4, after a reevaluation of the situation. The in-person operations will resume again, which means people can start working on their applications.

The appointments that were canceled due to the office closure will be rescheduled. The applicants will receive appointment information in letters. Others will have to get in touch with USCIS to reschedule their appointment. The office of USCIS will also implement safety measures to keep people and their staff safe. But what does the USCIS enforcement of certified translation mean? Since many people get the linguistic service they need through the internet, they won’t know how to provide their documents in-person. However, there is no need to panic.

All good agencies offer special postal services to their clients. People can pay for the postal charges and get the certified translation delivered straight to their homes. USCIS requires the signature of the translator on the document, but from now on, it also demands that the linguistic expert state that they are competent enough to translate a language. If they do not state this, the document will not be accepted. This new rule is not a big issue for a qualified expert. Agencies that have native translators on their team will be able to provide this statement to their clients easily. But those that aren’t native experts or fully qualified in a language will not be able to perform this task.

Where to Get Certified Translations?

The new requirement of USCIS means that people cannot just turn to anybody they want to get the linguistic assistance they require. They will have to find the most qualified and competent translators for the job. The best way to go about it is finding an agency that only has native translators on their team and then asking them to handle your documents for you. You should also ask them if they can provide translations for USCIS. An agency that offers a 100% guarantee of USCIS acceptance is definitely a better choice than a freelancer that doesn’t know much about their language.

So, whether you are planning on applying for immigration next month or next year, it is better to stay up to date about the rules and regulations of USCIS. You can easily avoid any mistakes if you know all the regulations. You will also be able to get to the right expert once you know what type of service you require. There are many professionals who have been providing immigrants with their services for years. Make sure you find one such expert and let them help you. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting your application accepted.

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