What is a certified translation?

What is a certified translation and where do I get one?

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What is a certified translation?

Quite a few clients coming to us for their translation for immigration needs have no idea what is a certified translation. They ask for one, not knowing what it actually means, just because USCIS asks for one. That is fine, as we already know what they need, but just for the sake of it, what is a certified translation? Where do I get one?

A certified translation is a translation which is accompanied by a signed and stamped statement which attests that the translation is complete and accurate, and that the translator doing it is knowledgeable and competent to translate. A translated document can be certified by any translation company, or by any professional translator.

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When Do You Need a Certified Translation?

Getting certified translation services come for various reasons and purposes. There are some documents that critically require certified translation services such as birth certificates, contracts, and marriage certificates. Other pertinent documents also require certified translations, especially for immigration processes and university admission.

However, not all documents require certified translations. Hence, it is relevant to make sure which documents you need to have translated, which require to be certified and eventually notarized. If you need more answers, please see our certified translation questions page.

Why do I need certified translation?

  • For Legal Purposes

Documents that required certified translation services include legal papers in a different language needed in hearings or trials. These documents need to be translated into the country’s official language before it can be accepted for their intended purpose.

  • For Academic Purposes

Academic documents may require being translated, especially if you are applying for a foreign school that has a different language. You may be asked to have your academic documents such as your transcript of records and diploma undergoes a certified translation service.

  • For Immigration Purposes

 Acquiring for corresponding visas when you go to another country that has a different language may require you to have your documents translated by a professional expert. In order for them to assess your application correctly, they need to thoroughly understand the pertinent documents required to obtain a visa from their country.

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Who can provide certified translation?

Now that you know what is certified translation you also need to know who can provide such a translation. If you’re immigrating in the United States or want to continue your studies in the US, your translations would need to follow the guidelines imposed by the institutions asking for such documents.

In the US, anyone can sign the certificate of accuracy: it could be a translator, a translation company, or one of your friends. No, you can’t do the translation on your own. Still, while anyone could do it for you, it is best to have it done by a certified translation company which guarantees that the translation will be accepted. For only $20 per page, it is well worth it to come to us for your translation needs as you can rest assured there will be no delays in your immigration case due to translation mistakes!

Questions about certified translation services

  • Can certified translation services translate documents in multiple languages?

    Yes, certified translation services can absolutely translate documents in multiple languages. Certified translation services specialize in translations that require an accurate and official representation of a document’s contents. A certified translation will include an official translation certification or affidavit attesting to the translation’s accuracy and the translator’s qualifications. With a team of experienced translators who are knowledgeable in a variety of languages, certified translation services can handle translations for any document that needs an official translation in multiple languages.

  • How much does it cost to use certified translation services for a document?

    It is hard to estimate the cost of using certified translation services for a document without knowing the specifics of the document and language combination. Generally, professional certified translation services provide a price estimate depending on the number of words or pages, type of document, source language and target language. Prices typically range from $0.05 – $0.20 per word and may increase depending on the language pair. The overall cost of the project also depends on the complexity of the document, deadline requirements, number of hours needed to complete the project, and other factors. For the most accurate pricing estimate, we suggest reaching out to a certified translation services provider for a detailed quote.

  • Can certified translation services provide notarization or certification of authenticity?

    Yes, certified translation services can provide notarization and certification of authenticity. Notarization is the process of having a document notarized by a notary public to prove that it is an original document and can be legally binding. Certified translation services are certified by the state or national government, meaning they can notarize documents for official legal purposes. They can also certify documents as being authentic translations of original documents. When looking for certified translation services, it’s important to check that the services are state or nationally certified and that the provider is licensed and experienced.

  • Are there specific industries where accuracy and precision in certified translations are especially crucial?

    Absolutely. Certified translations for specific industries like medical, law, and government organizations often require a great deal of accuracy and precision to be sure that vital information is accurately transferred between languages. When translating sensitive materials such as patient information, legal documents, or governmental forms, it is vital that there are no misunderstandings due to mistranslation. As a result, certified translations for these specific industries are very precise, and every word or phrase is carefully translated with great accuracy. This ensures that any important and necessary information is properly communicated between languages.

  • What steps are involved in the process of using certified translation services for personal or professional documents?

    The process of using certified translation services for personal or professional documents typically involves the following steps: 1. Choosing a translation agency: When looking for certified translation services, it is important to choose an experienced and reliable agency with expertise in your specific needs. Research potential agencies and their rates to determine the best fit for your requirements. 2. Document preparation: Once you’ve chosen an agency, you will need to prepare the documents you need translated. Be sure to review and check them for accuracy before submitting. 3. Submit documents for translation: Provide the documents and the target language to the translation agency for translation. 4. Review of translated documents: After the documents have been translated, they should be reviewed to ensure accuracy and accuracy in the final version. 5. Receive the translated documents: Upon completion, you will receive the translated documents and may choose to have them certified. Certified translations may require additional paperwork, so make sure to inquire about any necessary paperwork or certifications with your translation agency. We hope these steps help you in finding the best translation service for your needs.

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