What is a certified translation?

What is a certified translation and where do I get one?

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2023)

What is a certified translation?

Quite a few clients coming to us for their translation for immigration needs have no idea what is a certified translation. They ask for one, not knowing what it actually means, just because USCIS asks for one. That is fine, as we already know what they need, but just for the sake of it, what is a certified translation? Where do I get one?

A certified translation is a translation which is accompanied by a signed and stamped statement which attests that the translation is complete and accurate, and that the translator doing it is knowledgeable and competent to translate. A translated document can be certified by any translation company, or by any professional translator.

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When Do You Need a Certified Translation?

Getting certified translation services come for various reasons and purposes. There are some documents that critically require certified translation services such as birth certificates, contracts, and marriage certificates. Other pertinent documents also require certified translations, especially for immigration processes and university admission.

However, not all documents require certified translations. Hence, it is relevant to make sure which documents you need to have translated, which require to be certified and eventually notarized. If you need more answers, please see our certified translation questions page.

Why do I need certified translation?

  • For Legal Purposes

Documents that required certified translation services include legal papers in a different language needed in hearings or trials. These documents need to be translated into the country’s official language before it can be accepted for their intended purpose.

  • For Academic Purposes

Academic documents may require being translated, especially if you are applying for a foreign school that has a different language. You may be asked to have your academic documents such as your transcript of records and diploma undergoes a certified translation service.

  • For Immigration Purposes

 Acquiring for corresponding visas when you go to another country that has a different language may require you to have your documents translated by a professional expert. In order for them to assess your application correctly, they need to thoroughly understand the pertinent documents required to obtain a visa from their country.

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Who can provide certified translation?

Now that you know what is certified translation you also need to know who can provide such a translation. If you’re immigrating in the United States or want to continue your studies in the US, your translations would need to follow the guidelines imposed by the institutions asking for such documents.

In the US, anyone can sign the certificate of accuracy: it could be a translator, a translation company, or one of your friends. No, you can’t do the translation on your own. Still, while anyone could do it for you, it is best to have it done by a certified translation company which guarantees that the translation will be accepted. For only $20 per page, it is well worth it to come to us for your translation needs as you can rest assured there will be no delays in your immigration case due to translation mistakes!

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