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Steps How to Get Your Portuguese Birth Certificate Online?

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2023)

Portugese Birth Certifcate

A birth certificate can be requested by any citizen who was born in Portugal.

The certificate is a document that proves the existence of recorded entries in any public office’s registries or archives. A certificate usually accompanies a birth, marriage, or death certificate.

The initial act of civil registration of one’s existence as a citizen is the birth certificate, also known as a Seado do Nascimento (Birth Seat). This is given out at birth or when a person gains citizenship. Usually, a birth certificate is needed for a minor child. You can find the original birth certificate only from where you were born. It is one of the vital records of the country’s system, used to keep birth records of the nation.

Your name, affiliation, date, place of birth, and basic citizenship information are all listed on your birth certificate. However, some occurrences are unavoidable, such as marriage and death. Almost any citizen can obtain it. There are three types of certificates available: narrative, integral copy, and international model:

Narrative certificates synthetically state the certificate’s content. The entire language of the certificates they relate to and their endorsements are transcribed in full copy certificates. International model certificates are multilingual and intended for usage in other countries in which you have a current residence or had a previous residence.

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How to Get Online Birth Certificates?

The online birth certificate is obtained through the Internet by filing a formal application. You don’t need any legal resources; you only need filing fees. And get an idea of how to fill out the application form through internet sites. A list of fees can also be accessed through official sites. An access code can consult this certificate anytime for 6 months.

The certificate code is delivered in the same way that a birth certificate is delivered on paper. Go to the Civil Online platform’s certificate request website to seek a birth certificate online. You will time the mailing address and processing time there.

The process of making original documents for vital records takes time. A person himself or their legal guardian can request and get a form birth certificate online. Or you can get it from the Center for vital records in Portugal near you. There is the original birth record of all nationals of countries and other records like an official record of marriages.

You can make the payment in cash or give a check for fees. Delivery time is like average processing time like 24 hours. For your natural children, you can get an official birth certificate online and other acceptable documents like marriage records, immunization records, and death records required documents.

Steps to Get a Birth Certificate Online in Portugal

To get your original birth certificate, go to the site and log in with your Portuguese Citizen’s Card or professional card or choose to make the request. Without authentication, filling out the form with your information may include attaching a valid picture and personal check information. Then select the type of certificate you want (birth), and pay by ATM or credit card. And check if there are any medical requirements to fulfill.

The certificate is provided to the cell phone contact and email address within 24 hours of payment, and an access code is sent to the cell phone contact. The code provided is regarded as a valid certificate without additional formality or acknowledgment for all legal purposes. The price of a birth certificate varies depending on its purpose and format. There are different methods of payment. You can choose which online payment method is feasible for the application fee.

This is how you can get any official online certificate, like an original marriage certificate, naturalization certificate, original police certificate, immigrant visa, complete vaccination records, criminal records, original divorce records papers, custody documents, etc., in Portugal.

Only a biological parent can request a birth certificate. Applicable Adoption papers are different. You can find additional instructions on different types of certification, including custodial papers on the same website. There is a complete list.

In addition to the cost per certified copy ordered, there are additional processing fees and expenses for expedited service. If you require additional information, please get in touch with staff. This is important for social security and accurate birth records.

The Online System is Convenient for Overseas Portuguese

The online birth registration system is now available for Portuguese nationals residing abroad seeking Portuguese citizenship assigned to their children less than a year ago.

The Justice Portal provides access to online birth registration, allowing Portuguese parents to obtain free birth registration for their children from the comfort of their homes rather than traveling to the Consular Post in their region of authority.

Only children of a Portuguese mother or father can apply for birth and nationality registration online, with authentication using a Digital Mobile Key or “Carto de Cidado. ” In this case, a card reader and the address and authentication PINs are used.

This first enlargement to the United Kingdom and France, countries with over 1 million and 200 thousand national citizens registered on their “Carta do Cidado. ” It will directly impact the consular activity of seven Portuguese Consulates-General in those countries: London, Manchester, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, and Paris.

portuguese birth certificate
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Translation Services of Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a typical form of identification. A birth certificate is frequently necessary for the creation of an identity card. Admissions to schools, colleges, and universities can be difficult at times. When transferring from one school to another, this can happen.

For visa approval, you need to certify documents with immigrant visa fees. The process of an immigrant visa is more complicated than a Portugal transit visa or Portuguese short-stay visa. That is why immigrant visa interviews are difficult. Departments prefer employment-based visa applications. You must include a notarized translated birth certificate with the admission applications and letter. Many translation businesses offer notarization services.

Many legal and governmental documents, such as marriage certificates, require notarization and translation of birth certificates. It’s a form of accuracy certificate in the target language. For the record, native translators are the most accurate choice for official translation. They provide same-day service and sometimes require additional time.

To fulfill official procedures and legal processes related to Translation Services of Birth Certificates, it is imperative to obtain a certified translation of the paper birth certificate, meeting the standards required for administrative processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance for official purposes, especially when dealing with common documents such as social security records, where precision in contact info and the use of the English language are essential elements, demanding the expertise of a perfect translator in navigating the administrative intricacies of such crucial documentation.


In the case of international translation, you need to contact the Foreign office of the state in which you intend to use that certified document. Then, they would assign a notary, or you need to find one in your state. Notarized translation costs more than certified translation because these are not a translation of personal documents that do not require legal formalities. Do you need a birth certificate translation in english? Check this link.

But companies have reasonable prices for a translation project, they provide their best services at affordable rates. For example, if you need your immigration documents to get notarized. You need to get a copy of the official translation of the immigration document, a certificate of translation, and the notary’s signature for your immigration application.


I need to change/correct/amend a birth certificate. How can I do this?

For amends, you need to file an amendment application. This can be done online through the vital records website mentioned above.

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