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Our lives, although not that long from the perspective of the universe, are still long enough for us to face all kinds of troubles. Every step in life is pretty scary to take. Things can go wrong at any point in time. That’s why we need to surround ourselves with familiar objects. The most important thing for people that keep them going despite everything is their sense of self. If people’s identity matches what they want themselves to be, they will be happy. Identity is so important to people that wars have started over it. When a group of people are not allowed to express their identity freely, they rebel against the system.

The identity of a person is equally important and so are the things that make it up. From your position in your family to your features, every defining thing about you is what makes you who you are. People dye their hair in a unique color when they want the world to perceive them in a different way because they don’t want to identify as their previous self anymore. One important aspect of personality is a person’s name. It is an inseparable part of your identity that people use not only to call you but also what they associate with you.

Name Change
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Name Change, Reasons and Consequences:

Name Change

It is a wonder that when someone says your name in your friends’ group when you are absent, everyone present will think of you instantly. Your face will appear on their mind’s eye and they will think of other things they associate with you like your voice. A name is so important that sometimes people change it just because it stops making sense to them. When someone stops feeling like the person people associate with their identity, they go for a name change. Some people change it because it is not unique enough while some do because it is. But there are other reasons of name change too. For instance, people change their name when they get married. It also happens when someone gets divorced. When a child gets adopted, they get their adoptive parents’ surname.

No matter what the reason is, the decision to change your name is an important one and it should be respected by everyone. However, it also involves a lot of paperwork and even a court hearing in some countries. The only time the paperwork is not a problem when a baby gets a new name. Babies don’t have personal documents except a birth certificate so, only that will have to be modified. But when adults decide to go by something different, they will have to get all their documents altered. It is not an easy task to get your degrees and diplomas updated with your new identity. However, it is an essential step and cannot be ignored. If a person already has their driver’s license and a passport, they will have to be updated too. Everyone remembers the horror of getting their license for the first time. Just the thought of going to the DMV again will give some people nightmares.

In order to get your new identity on all of your documents, you will need a certified copy of the name change document. Once you get the certificate of name change from the court, you can proceed with the task. You will have to present your name change certificate’s copy to the DMV and Social Security office. These are the places you need to visit first after changing your name. You don’t want to go around with your driver’s license that doesn’t have your new name. With the help of the court issued document, you can get all of your papers updated.

Name Change

Name Change Certificate Translation:

Name Change

Sometimes, people change their name but don’t do the same with their documents. It takes them a while to get to the papers that need to be updated. In order to change the personal documents, a person will need a certificate from the court. The certificate can be issued by the court of the country where the person who changed their name was residing at the time of the change. The court’s clerk can be contacted to request the issuance of the certificate.

If a person moved to a different country and they need to present their name change certificate to a government body, they will need the translation of the document. When the certificate is not in English, you can’t present it to the USCIS or the DMV and expect them to accept it. You will need its accurate translation carried out by a professional.

When it comes to official documents, the translation not only has to be free of errors but also follow the set format. Only those with prior experience in the field can handle such a sensitive paper. The name change certificate will be needed for everything from immigration application to changing the marriage certificate. If it is not in English, you should better get it translated soon. You can keep on postponing the task of getting your documents changed according to your new name but you will only be delaying the process.

Name Change

A lot of translation agencies offer high-quality services to people who are in need of a translation of their name change certificate. Pick the one that charges the most affordable rates and provides the best quality work. If you are in a hurry then you can also find someone to do an urgent translation for you.

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