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Your medical history is needed in today’s world if you want to immigrate to the US. If your documents are in any other language than English, you’ll need to use medical records translation services to translate and certify your document. Medical records are also needed when you plan to study in the US or want to get a job in the US. In both cases, you’ll need translation of medical records if you’re from a country where English is not the official language. Because of this rapid digitization, the healthcare industry needs novel translation solutions to provide fast and accurate medical translation services on any device.

Certified translation of medical records

fast, quality medical translation

Fast yet quality translation

We have vast experience translating medical records in various forms. We translate basic patient medical history, medical documents, and clinical data in almost any field from any language into English. We also give you the fastest turnaround time in New York: in 24 hours or less, you will have the translation in your email.

expert medical translators

Expert medical translators

We have a wide range of expert medical translators with exhaustive experience producing medical translations. We have a clear and distinguished process for translation and the most advanced innovative techniques. We are one of the most reputable brands in the certified translation of medical records.

lowest rates in New York

Low rates

With us, you don’t have to empty your pocket for a translation. We know prices are important to you, and we give you one of the lowest rates in New York. Combined with our 24-hour delivery, our quality and the fact that we are available around the clock, it will be hard to find a better offer. Get in touch now for any of your certificate translations. Medical text translation necessitates the experience and understanding of a professional translator who can do the job without seeking terminology.

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certified translation of medical records

Why would you need a certified translation of medical records?

The pharmaceutical and therapeutic industry desperately needs to translate product documentation into various languages. From labels to drug descriptions, they require fast and effective translation of their documents into the target language in limited periods as medical advances become more and more frequent. Due to this reason, there is and will always be a continuous need for high-quality translation services.

Similarly, you will also need a certified translation for medical records if they aren’t in English. The immigration office or your future employer needs to know about your medical condition; they cannot understand it if it is in Chinese, for instance.

Certified Translation respects the significance and receptive requirement of one’s medical translation. We give you a certification that will authenticate that a medical translator did the translation and that it is a true representation of the original.

Certified Translation is available 24/7 for all your medical translation service needs.

Why medical records translation services are important?

We are a certified translation company in New York that provides medical records translation services from over 80 languages into English. We always have at least 2 linguists with a medical background in any language. Along with your translation, we maintain a continuously updated glossary to ensure that medical terminology remains covered. We certify all translations so that you can use them. Notarized translation is also available if needed.

Personal Medical Records are tricky regarding translation, as the slightest mistake can have serious consequences. An accurate translation is essential in this field as, depending on that, appropriate medical care may be provided to the client. Certified Translation actively uses verification mechanisms for all the translations that it has produced, like having a second translator verify the translation before we certify it. We guarantee our translations’ accuracy and your documents’ full confidentiality.

why medical records are important
language diversity

Language diversity

Language diversity is a significant factor when looking for a translation of medical records. The medical records can be presented from anywhere worldwide, and you will need a native speaker of that language to translate for you. The translation must be professional, and you will require a translator with strong medical know-how.

The problem is that finding a translation agency that can provide medically informed translators for diverse and far-off languages worldwide is an arduous task. How you will find a translator who can provide credible and verifiable translation is an essential factor.

Credibility is not just advised but is considered a pre-requisite when it comes to the translation of medical records. Doctors understand fully well the need for serious scrutiny of the translator who has translated. The translator needs to have a medical background so that he or she knows what they are translating.

The translation has to be reviewed by another medical linguist who can verify that the output is accurate. We all know that a single error in the report can put the patient in danger.

This is why we have high-quality and extremely credible translators who will translate with the most responsible approach. We are highly qualified and reliable translators who conduct our business with utmost responsibility and seriousness. Certified Translation has been translating for years, and we are well-known in the industry for translating medical records or other documents.

Certified Translation of Medical Records

Certified translation of medical records requires experienced translators who are also subject matter experts in medical terms. This ensures accurate communication and compliance with regulatory requirements. These expert linguists not only possess subject matter expertise but also understand the various types of documents and types of translation needed for medical records, from diagnostic reports to consent forms. Their high level of quality ensures that vital medical information is accurately conveyed, meeting the stringent standards necessary for language translation in the medical field.

Certified Translation of Medical Records When you move or travel overseas, you’ll need some or all of your medical records translated for your new doctor. Correctly translating your medical records is critical and must be committed to a reputable source. Our experience with medical translations will be valuable to you during this process.

Our certified translators have successfully translated thousands of medical records. No matter which language you need your medical records translated to or from, Certified Translation is the best place for an accurate translation delivered fast and affordable.

Medical Translation Projects play a crucial role in the healthcare industry, facilitating effective communication among healthcare providers, medical professionals, and medical device manufacturers. Certified Translation of Medical Records addresses language barriers, ensuring accurate and clear communication in a wide range of medical fields. This service becomes indispensable for healthcare professionals dealing with clinical protocols and original documents related to medical devices, contributing to the seamless exchange of critical information within the medical industry.

To provide you with the highest quality medical translations, we only hire skillful translators who are either doctors or people who have a deep attachment to this niche, have experience in various medical documents, and possess language degrees. Our medical translators are highly scrutinized and quality-controlled.

translation of medical documents
Medical Records

No matter what type of medical records you have and what languages you want them translated into, we can help. If you need a certified translation of medical records for official purposes, we can provide a certified translation. Contact our team, and we’ll offer you the medical report translations on time, even if it means working around the clock.

Medical records are very precise. They are created by expert surgeons, doctors and analysts. Doctors understand their patients’ history like none other, not just because it’s their job but also because they keep track of everything. Every development is duly noted and assembled as special papers for further analysis. It helps them in prescribing medicines and suggesting prevention. Moreover, these records serve as a basis for a referral to another doctor in a different country.

These medical records are so important that if you are asking for a visa for health treatment, you need them translated. And they also must be Certified. You must contact a medical translator to keep the terminology and jargon there. A regular translator with no idea of pathological terms can easily ruin your document and visa application.

But your health is not something you should mess with. For all your documents, whether medical records or reports, we can provide Certified Translations. Our devotion and dedication towards our customers allows us to deliver the best quality content every time, all the time. So come to us and get your quote today.

Medical records translation services are available 24/7

Medical records translation services are a very specific trade with very peculiar requirements regarding translation capabilities. The translator is required to have astute knowledge in the field of medicine. The translators we employ have a very strong background in medical translation and are well-trained to provide accurate translations. Marketing translation, financial document translation, legal translation, and medical document translation are just a few of the industries in which we provide document translation services.

Medical records translation services are available 24/7 through a dedicated medical translation agency, ensuring timely and accurate translation of patient records, healthcare settings, lab reports, pharmaceutical documents, and healthcare documents. The translation team, equipped with both medical knowledge and technical expertise, utilizes translation memory to maintain consistency and precision in translating complex medical texts. This commitment to patient care aligns with healthcare regulations, providing a reliable solution for medical professionals seeking seamless communication and accessibility to critical information across language barriers.

Our medical document translation services are provided to healthcare practitioners, patients, pharmaceutical companies/medical translation companies, insurers, and others with various translation requirements. They are also native speakers of the target language, near-natives of your source language, and have a compatible educational background. We have medical translators with at least a decade of experience. Get in touch at any time to ask for your free quote!

Do health insurance companies have access to people's medical records?

Health insurance companies, in general, do not have the right to examine your medical records for any reason other than establishing your eligibility for health care coverage.

How long is a notarized document valid?

The duration of a notary commission varies by state, however, it is usually around five years. How long does a notary stamp last? Even if the notary’s commission expires before the document is presented, the notary stamp will remain valid.

How do you get a document translated and certified?

A translation certificate, which might be an affidavit signed by the translator; a notarized affidavit signed by the translator; a letter from the translation company with its seal/stamp; or a letter from an attorney in the local country, is often supplied with a certified translation.

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