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With us, you don’t need to spend your time chatting unless you have to. If you need translation for immigration, our certified translation tool can give you a quote in just a few minutes, automatically. The quote comes with a link for payment so you can order the translation directly by paying the invoice.

As soon as we see the payment, we will set up your project and assign a translator to it. Once the translation is ready, it will be sent to you for approval, in plain text format. You need to check the names and dates and send us your comments, or if everything is fine, send us your approval. We will make corrections if needed and re-send it to you. As soon as the translation is fine, we will make it look like the original document when possible, sign the certificate of accuracy and send it to you by email.

The cost of certified translation is $20 per page if there are up to 200 words on the page. If there are more, we charge $0.12 per word. The tool gives you the option to select any  of the above, and if you’re not sure about the word count, click that option and one of our project managers will analyse your document and will send you an accurate quote.

You of course have the option to order notarized translation as well. A translation that is notarized is a certified translation which has been taken in front of a notary public to get their seal. As such, the cost of your notary translation will be the cost of certified translation plus another $20 per document for notarization.

We normally send digital translation by email, in pdf format. If you require hard copies we can mail them to you for $10 extra (or you can visit our translation office in New York to pick up the translation).

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How To Use Our Certified Free Translation Tool

Getting your quote and documents done with our certified translation tool is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Just follow these steps and you’re good to go.

how to use our translation tool, step 1

Fill in the details

Add the number of pages in your document and select the type of translation (certified or notarized) and delivery choice (email or email + hard copies by mail). Select the source language (the language of your document) and target language.

step 2

Upload your files and get the quote

Select the file or files you want to have translated and upload them into our tool. Add your contact details and hit the next button. If there are special names or dates you’d like to mention, add them in the appropriate field.

step 3

Pay the invoice and you’re all set

The tool will give you the total price and a link for payment. After paying your invoice you can expect to get your certified translation within 24 hours or less, depending on the source language and the length of your document.

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Get the job done in three easy steps!
next step Information about translation

Please tell us the amount of pages in your document One page, one sided max 200 words

Total pages count

Receiving the translation

Total number of notarized documents needed?


Files Upload


Price translation

Please note that the price of 20 USD per page is for a max of 200 words. If more words are counted on the page a price of 0.10 USD per word will be charged.

Notarization cost

Total price for your order

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Understanding Notarized and Certified Translations

We offer services for certified and notarized translations of documents from various languages into English. It is best to know if your documents should have certified and notarized translations all at once.

Documents such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, driver’s licences, and the likes are some of the official and legal documents that are subjected to certified and notarized translations. These are usually required for immigration purposes, by the USCIS for example, and by other pertinent institutions like schools and universities.

What’s the difference?

All official or legal documents are required to be translated into the reviewer’s language for faster processing. Certifying the translation is a proof that it is accurately and completely translated from the original document. Thus, certified translation is needed and is generally accepted as lawful.

However, some documents need further security attestation as per the request of the requiring institution. This is where notarized translation comes in. If your requesting party did not require for a notarized copy of your certified translations, it is best to ask if it is needed. This way, you’ll save time in having your documents done for certified and notarized translations all at the same time.

Our certified translation tool works for either certified or notarized translation needs that you may have. However, a certified translation may not always need to be notarized. But a notarized translation has to be certified first before notarization is done.

Why Did We Create The Free Online Document Translation Tool

We have created this tool so that the clients who trust our cheap certified translation and want to get going will not have to waste time chatting. Let’s suppose you are a travel agent who has worked with us on multiple occasions and now you want to get another translation. You need only to fill out the form and get the process started without having to worry about anything at all.

How To Contact Our Online Translation Agency?

If you want to know more about the translator, translation certificate or any other parts of the procedure you have the option to get in touch by live-chat. We are available to discuss all of that with you in great detail, and we will provide you with a quote straight from the chat window. You do not need to sign up until you have entirely eased up your mind and are thoroughly satisfied with the services we provide.

When Should I Use Professional Translation Services Online Tool?

You should use the tool when you have ordered cheap certified translation from us before or when you really know what you need. You can confidently use our tool without having to worry about getting scammed: once we receive your payment (usually in minutes), we will send you a confirmation email, and a few other emails after that (notifications when the translator has been assigned, a draft translation for you to review, and finally, the certified or notarized translation).

why use our tool
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Free Online Official Translation Services Quote

Whatever your certified translation need is we can help. We provide certified translations of medical, technical and legal documents as well as certifications that are fully authorized for filing in courts and government offices worldwide. We also prepare certified, legalized translations for use in connection with international service of process, the enforcement of US judgments abroad and the incorporation of foreign businesses.

In this highly competitive global environment, we understand your need to have projects stay within budget. Thus, we have performed a quote process that is intended to provide you with the highest amount of accuracy regarding pricing before starting any translation project. One way we achieve this precision is to quote using a price-per-word methodology. This, in our opinion, is the best pricing method and provides our clients with lower costs and more clarity.

We will provide you with a free certified translation quote at the budgeting stage to give you precise numbers before initiating and help you assess whether a particular translation project is best for you at this time.

To receive a free translation quote for your project, send us a request. A translation project manager will accept the request and respond with a detailed estimate.

Tools, tools, everywhere! This is the mantra of today’s life and today’s world. We all rely on internet so much that a question comes to our mind and we just open our mobile devices to enter a search into a searching engine. We are surrounded by AI and software. It is only natural that we require more machine help than human.
Our tool has also been developed to meet your immediate requirements. For the times when you have no time to spare, this help of ours will allow you to focus on things that matter more while we take care of your translation and queries related.

Our creative team, tech experts and social media managers constantly work to deliver the freshest features of the web to update the services we deliver. And if it’s the “QUICK” that’s in, we have it here for you. At Certified Translation, we are your top source for certified translations. Hence, we can provide you with everything that falls under the category. So don’t worry if you are running late, you still have time for your project with us. If there’s a friend or relative worried and looking for help, send us our way and we’ll treat them like family.

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