Certified Translation Tool

We took advantage of technology to serve you better with our certified translation tool. If you need certified translation services at the lowest prices, we are here. We can deliver your certified translations within 24 hours or even sooner, depending on the language of the original document.

Now, we have even made it easier and faster for our clients to directly get a quick calculation on certified and notarized translations, thru our online certified translation tool.

You can place an order online to get your quote and then proceed with your needed certified translations.

You also have the option to have your certified translation documents get notarized for extra security.

certified translation tool

How to use our certified translation tool

Getting your quote and documents done with our certified translation tool is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Just follow these steps and you’re good to go.

how to use our translation tool, step 1

Fill in the required details

Here you will need to input the number of pages for your documents that need translation. You will then choose how to receive your translation; whether by email, or notarized and sent thru email and by mail.

step 2

Upload your files and get the calculated price

Basic rate for every document is US$20 per page. You get the additional charge if you opted for notarization of your documents on top of the certified translation.

step 3

Pay your quoted price and you’re all set

After paying your calculated charges you can expect to get your certified translations within 24 hours or less, depending on the document’s source language.

Do you need a notarized or certified translation?

notarized translation tool
how to get notary translation
how to get a certified or notarized translation quote

Get the job done in three easy steps!

next step Information about translation

Please tell us the amount of pages in your document One page, one sided max 250 words

Total pages count

Receiving the translation

Receive the certified or notarized translation by regular mail, extra cost 10 USD

Total number of notarized documents needed?



Price translation

Please note that the price of 20 USD per page is for a max of 200 words. If more words are counted on the page a price of 0.12 USD per word will be charged.

Notarization cost

Total price for your order

difference between certified and notarized translation

Understanding Notarized and Certified Translations

We offer services for certified and notarized translations of documents from various languages into English only. It is best to know if your documents should have certified and notarized translations all at once.

Documents such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, driver’s licences, and the likes are some of the official and legal documents that are subjected to certified and notarized translations. These are usually required for immigration purposes, by the USCIS for example, and by other pertinent institutions.

What’s the difference?

All official or legal documents are required to be translated into the reviewer’s language for faster processing. Certifying the translation is a proof that it is accurately and completely translated from the original document. Thus, certified translation is needed and is generally accepted as lawful.

However, some documents need further security attestation as per the request of the requiring institution. This is where notarized translation comes in. If your requesting party did not require for a notarized copy of your certified translations, it is best to ask if it is needed. This way, you’ll save time in having your documents done for certified and notarized translations all at the same time.

Our certified translation tool works for either certified or notarized translation needs that you may have. However, a certified translation may not always need to be notarized. But a notarized translation has to be certified first before notarization is done.

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