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If you are a foreigner looking to immigrate to the US and your personal documents are not in English, you will need to submit certified translations of all your documents. A less-known document is the criminal record, which also needs to be translated, and this is where we come in. We provide certified criminal record translation with guaranteed USCIS acceptance for only $20.

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certified translation of criminal records

Certified translation of criminal records

If you need a certified criminal record translation for USCIS, we can do it for you. We are working with over 3,000 translators and we are able to translate any personal document, from any language into English.

done in 24 hours

Done in 24 hours

Documents of 1-3 pages are translated in 24 hours, sometimes less. While we do not have an expedite service, if you need your translation faster than that, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you. No, we do not have any extra rush rates.

USCIS acceptance guaranteed

USCIS acceptance guaranteed

So you’ve heard this too many times already and think it’s just words? Think again! Any certified translation that we do, including certified criminal record translation, is guaranteed to be accepted at the USCIS!

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Where are criminal records needed?

Criminal records (oftentimes called police records) are documents that outline the history of a person’s crimes. While the information contained is such records varied between countries, in most cases it contains  actual convictions of criminal offences.

Criminal records are usually needed in cases where a person’s trustworthiness needs to be assessed. Such cases include (but are not limited to) immigration in the US, employment, adoption and sometimes international travel.

While criminal records are usually simple documents, the accuracy of the translation is of utmost importance as it contains critical information that could lead to rejection of an immigration case.

Certified Translation is a leading translation agency in New York and is here to give you the perfect certified criminal record translation, ready to clear immigration. We are working with professional translators that are well-aware of the requirements of certified translation, and we are able to provide you with a translation that will be accepted by any US institution or employer.

Translation Of Criminal Records

The translation of your criminal records is a complex and yet simple task. You will need to translate all of your proceedings, police reports, court orders, final verdict and other documents for the USCIS. There are a few factors to keep in mind while proceeding further;

Attorney Advice: you have to keep your attorney very closely in the loop. The attorney will advise you on how to proceed further and also on how to make sure that the strong points of your case come to light more clearly.

Translation Format: Translation format is basically simple. Every page of every document that is translated has to have the exact same outlook, print, color, article details and all other factors as the original document. You will print the English translation on identical looking papers.

Certified Translations: The translator will provide you with a certificate of authenticity stating that they take responsibility for all the translations that have been conducted. The translator should be contacted if any further discussion on the translation is to be made.

Certified Translators: We strongly recommend that you only use translators who are certified by the American Translators’ Association for your translation. Any doubts about your certified criminal record translation will be highly problematic.

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Criminal records and US immigration – What you need to know

You are considering moving to the United States, but you were once convicted of a felony?! Certified Translation understands your predicament and we are here to help. Let us answer a few questions that we know you have regarding a criminal record and the odds of a successful immigration.

criminal records and US immigration

How does it look if I have a criminal record?


We are going to be honest here. It does not look good if you have a criminal record. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) states that Criminal records, even if obtained as a resident in the United States, are taken as a substantial reason to deport the person. If you are applying as a foreigner, then the case is so much more complicated. But that is not a reason to lose hope. While we can only help you with USCIS certified translation, a lawyer could give you legal advice. Get in touch with an immigration lawyer and he will further advice you.


Should I not apply at all?

We did not say that. Criminal records are viewed and evaluated on a case by case basis. Your record will be evaluated based on your own case and circumstances, and it will be left to the evaluator to clear you or not.


What if I was accused of a crime but never convicted of the accusation?

Well, that is great news. Conviction counts much more than the accusation and in the process of evaluation; Certified Translations can tell you that if you were accused of a minor crime and never convicted, then it is so much better.


What is the minimum age limit for crime conviction?

There is no minimum age limit for the criminal conviction. If you are convicted of a crime at age eleven, even then you have to show on your record. But the fact that you were probably convicted as a minor will help improve your case greatly.


What are the exemption details for a criminal record?

The 212(h) waiver is the one that can provide a deportation defense. A 212(h) waiver can be granted if an immigrant establishes that:

  • The criminal activity occurred more than 15 years before the individual applied for the visa, entry, or adjustment of status;
  • The admission of the individual to the U.S. would not be contrary to the national welfare, safety, or security of the country; and
  • The individual has been rehabilitated.

Is there a strong culture of not clearing convicted felons for immigration?


Not really. Immigration issues and problems are a massive debate in the United States media. This will give you the impression that no one is ever getting there. It is completely a false assumption. Many people are immigrating to the United States every year and not all of them could have crystalline stories. There are many special cases and circumstances that are cleared for immigration.


What are the rules that define the verdict?

INA shortlists two kinds of felonies as follows;

  • Aggravated assaults: These are high-risk felonies like murder, fraud and other offenses. No clearance or waivers are applicable here.
  • Moral turpitude: Cases when a person may have lost control and have been harmful to friends, family or society in general. They are prone to receiving a waiver if the below-mentioned conditions are fulfilled.


What is the best way for me to make sure that I am cleared for immigration?

In order for you to ensure that you are cleared for immigration, you have to make sure that you build the strongest case possible. You have to present your whole story and be vigilant about discussing your case in the right light.


What do I need to make sure that I adhere to the specifications?

Well, first of all, immigration applications are not strictly dealt with by attorneys, but we will strongly suggest that you get one for yourself. The attorney has to be an immigration lawyer and make sure that they believe in your case.

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Certified Criminal Record Translation


A police clearance document is a certificate issued by the police authority in your nation saying that you have no wrongful or criminal record or you are not facing punishments for crimes charged in the local region over which they have control or authority. This document is typically assigned after a verification check is handled by the police jurisdiction where the records of the police are seen to check for any events with the name of the individual asking for the criminal record certificate.

The most common use of a certified criminal record translation is for submission to the employer, immigration department, to get a visa, etc. Aside from these, a certified translation of criminal record certificates is also commonly required for employment in the airport or for jobs in aviation organizations.

A police clearance document or a criminal record certificate is evidence of one’s good moral behavior, and thus various employers need this record from prospective employees. For instance, if you are asking for a job requiring contact with children you are expected to have a certified translation of your criminal record so that they can determine the validity and contents of your clearance certificate.

If you are looking for certified criminal record translation with guaranteed USCIS acceptance, get in touch! We will translate any of your personal documents in 24 hours or less and it will cost you only $20 per page.

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