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Immunization Record Translation

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2019)

If someone says that computer is the best invention, everyone would agree because this machine has revolutionized our industries and lifestyle. But the biggest advantage of living in the 21st century isn’t having a computer in your home or a smartphone in your pocket, but access to an advanced healthcare system. None of us would want to be in the time when plagues were common and no one knew how to properly diagnose and treat diseases. Mental health was considered a curse from god and people with psychological disorders were punished to rid them of heir illness. Dying from the common cold wasn’t uncommon and once someone caught a disease that was a little more serious than flu, their case became hopeless.

It wasn’t until vaccines were created that situation got better for those who caught viral and bacterial infections and diseases. Once medical science started progressing, medicines started getting better. Cures for simple and complicated diseases were discovered and fever stopped being a scary thing. With every passing day, new discoveries are made in the world of medical science. Things are slowly getting better for people suffering from chronic diseases. It is true that even today a big part of the world does not have access to basic health facilities but one can expect things to get better with time for everyone.

However, as our efforts to treat diseases are increasing in intensity, the viruses and bacteria are also getting stronger. Ebola virus disease is one example of horrors that the modern viruses can cause. Not only do we not have a cure for a few of these deadly viruses, they are also pretty difficult to control once an outbreak happens. This is why, despite the many advantages of modern medicine, the healthcare researches have to work tirelessly 24/7 to come up with solutions that can save humanity from going instinct.

immunization record
immunization record

There are multiple ways to stop an outbreak from spreading. Governments and healthcare facilities regularly release documents and videos to inform the public about the dangers of viruses and bacteria that have taken the lives of many human beings in recent years. One way to keep the outbreak limited is by isolating the ones affected and keeping them away from healthy people. It is also worth noting that a lot of these viruses spread through animals and by improving the health of animals, we can also keep ourselves safe. And if an animal does get infected, they should also be isolated from their group to keep other animals and their caregivers safe.

Another way to keep people safe is by only issuing visas to people who have a clear medical record. Different countries require visa applicants to present their immunization record. The requirements help countries make sure the applicants have received all the essential vaccinations and won’t prove a threat to other citizens.

What Is Immunization Record?


An immunization record contains all the information about the vaccines a person has received throughout their life. There are different kinds of records for kids and adults. But the ones for adults include all the vaccines information from childhood till date. Countries aren’t the only ones that ask for immunization record, some companies also ask their potential employees to submit them before finalizing their position. Schools and universities can also ask for medical records. The purpose of everyone asking for the records is to make sure they are not letting a virus inside their country or institute because it is the duty of every state, company, and school to keep its people safe. A country can’t put military on its borders to keep out diseases, this is why it is essential to perform this check via the immigration office.

Immunization Record Translation:


When you are applying for US immigration or visa from a non-English speaking country, you will have to make sure your birth certificate is translated in English or your application will not be accepted. But when you are asked for an immunization record and it is not in English, you will also need its translation. However, you can’t ask the translator of your birth certificate to translate your immunization record too. The latter has a lot of medical terms that only a professional from the healthcare field will know about. So, in order to get accurate translation, you will need to get in touch with a translator who has prior experience in the medical and translation field. Otherwise, your document will be full of errors and it will fail to eliminate the doubt of the immigration officers about your medical status.

Sometimes, in order to complete their immunization record, people get some extra shots. This is another benefit of preparing the records for submission to a government body or company. Getting it translated once will help you get into various places. No one wants to spread diseases intentionally but you also can’t blame states for being extra careful. With the amount of lives the modern viruses have taken, even civilians need to pay attention to healthcare matters and keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

Find a trustworthy freelancer today who has the required qualification for handling medical documents if you plan on traveling to a foreign country anytime soon. You can also get in touch with a trustworthy translation agency and they will connect you with a professional who will be the right choice to handle your immunization record.

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