Police Clearance Certificate Translation

Foreigners looking to immigrate to the US have to deal with USCIS and certified translation for their personal documents, which sometimes include police records or police clearance certificates. Although usually overlooked, a background check is needed at USCIS and if the documents are not in English you’ll need to submit a certified translation for each. If you need police records translation or police clearance certificate translation, we can help you. Get in touch and have your translation done in 24 hours or less, at the lowest rates in the US.

police clearance certificate translation

Certified translations of police clearance certificates or police report

If you are moving to another country, applying for a bank loan, applying for sensitive jobs such as government or places like airports then police clearance certificates, clearance letters, or police records are essential. Since those documents prove that the applicant has no prior criminal record and is a morally sound person. This will be a character certificate proving you did not have any criminal history. Now if the document is in any other language than that of the target country then you will have to get a certified translation for it.

For the United States, you’ll need certified police clearance certificate translation or police records translation, which means that you will have to find someone who can do it for you in one to two business days max and at a good price. And this is where we can help you: we provide immigration translation services in 24 hours. With the lowest rates in the market, we also offer the most secure payment options. The best part, all of our translations are guaranteed to be accepted at any USCIS office.

Why work with us?

USCIS accepted translation

USCIS accepted

We are aware of the requirements USCIS imposed in regards to certified translation and we follow these rules exactly. All our translations have been accepted by the USCIS, and we guarantee your translation will be accepted as well. Have your translation done with us and worry no more about delays in your immigration case due to bad translations.

ready in a day

Ready in 24 hours

When you need a translation in a rush you might have to pay extra as some companies charge extra rush rates. We don’t. We charge a flat fee of $20 per page if the page is under 200 words, or $0.12 per word if there is more text on the page. It doesn’t matter if you need your translation yesterday, the price remains the same. We deliver in 24 hours, but if you need it faster we’ll strive to deliver in time.

any language into English

From any language

We are working with over 3,000 translators from all over the world and we have the resources needed to translate from any language into English. While some other companies only promise translation from Amharic for instance and then it takes days to deliver, we don’t. With us, you will have your translation in 24 hours, no matter what language.

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police reports translation

We ensure quality police reports translations

Accuracy is a major concern, and we make sure all our translations are highly accurate. You will not find a slight error in our translations because we have native translators in our team who are well aware of the original and target language. They are the masters, to say the least so. You can trust us with your documents, with us they are secured and in professional hands.

While some other providers might offer certified translation services, most of them do not or in worst cases, their certification cannot be verified and authenticated. We, on the other hand, specialize in providing certified translation services along with notarization. You can come and leave stress-free with certified translations. It’s what we specialize in; it’s what our forte is.

We are quick and efficient in delivering our translation services. We are in fact at the forefront of providing certified translation services at extremely affordable rates. As far as the delivery is concerned you can rest assured that we carry out and deliver certified police clearance certificate translation within 24 hours.

Guaranteed USCIS acceptance

It is the strong point of Certified Translation that we are translating from more than 120 languages from all over the world into English. We follow the strict regulations imposed by the USCIS and any translation that we do comes with guaranteed acceptance at any immigration office in the US. You should hire us to provide you with your police clearance certificate translation if you belong to a remote region.

If you were looking for a translation provider and couldn’t find one for your language, search no more. We can help you if you live in an area where local and regional languages such as Punjabi, Malayalam, and other similar dialects are spoken. If your entire police report is in a language that is not commonly spoken in the US, then you need someone who can translate your documents to the satisfaction of the USCIS.

We also provide translation for other documents associated with the criminal records section such as an authorization letter, a cover letter, an application for exemption, background investigation forms, custodial records, criminal history records, prison records, certified records, and just about any other document related to such matters.

We have over three thousand translators who are translating, editing, and proofreading personal documents like police reports translation and ensuring that they will be cleared by the United States Customs and Immigration Services without a hitch.

Guaranteed USCIS acceptance
translation of police reports

Fast Translation of Police Reports

A police report, also known as a police clearance or a police check, is a document assigned by the government or police in a country that describes whether a person has a criminal record or not. They may be named police clearance documents, good conduct certificates, judicial record extract, police report, or any other name depending on the nation in question.

If you are applying to move to the US as a tourist, student, or temporary worker, you may be asked to get police reports translation done by professional translators, but if you are applying for permanent residence, you have to get one.

The purpose of the police reports translation is to make sure that those entering the US do not pose safety risks to the country or don’t have any criminal history. If the police report is not in English, then it needs to be translated from the original language to English. This is the situation where we can help you.

Do you need a translation of police reports? We’re the experts in providing accurate, certified translations from over 120 different languages and dialects. If you need more information about our services or would like to request a quote, you can contact us any time.

How to Get a Police Accident Report?

You can get a Police Accident report in two ways. If you want to obtain a paid copy, you’ll have to request the report from the traffic division of the law enforcement agency that created your report. In most cases, investing officers usually hand you a receipt that has the identification number of the police report. Once you make the request, you’ll have to pay the administrative fee which is usually $15 and you’ll receive your copy.

The other way is to let your insurance adjuster request the report for the claim. They’ll get the report from the concerned department.

What Does a Certified Police Report Look like?

There are many types of police reports. However, almost all of the certified accident report copies contain the case number, reporting police officer’s name, date, event details, action is taken, and also the name of the person who prepared the report. They all come with the official logo and seal of the Department Motor Vehicle’s office. This is what a certified police report usually looks like.

What if my records are not written in English?

If your records are not in English, you can get them translated the same way you can do with your birth certificate. You can choose an online translation agency that offers certified copies of their translations, send your report to their given email address, get a quote, pay for the translation and they will send back the certified translation of your records via the same email.

Where to Get Your Records?

The best way to get your records is by requesting them from the FBI, your local police department, or the law enforcement officers who take care of such requests. Keep in mind that it’s your right to get your records for legal proceedings and investigative reports.

What is a police report?

A police report is a report written by the first responding officer. Such a report covers all the details of the events, people involved and serves as a point of reference for the investigating officer. A police report also helps people with insurance claims. It plays a crucial role in court proceedings when there’s a criminal charge against someone.

Where to get court and police records for your green card application?

It is not mandatory to submit your police record with the application for permanent residence or Green card. This is why it’s best to discuss the issue with your immigration attorney. If a record is needed, they’ll also guide you on how you can obtain them.

Certified translation for all your documents

If this is what you have been asked for then you are at the right spot. Certified Translation provides police report translation services with professional accuracy. For your police report translation, you will have to send us the document to send you a quote. We cover almost all the languages of the world including Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Croatian, Polish, and the list goes on and on. If you accept our quote and pay the invoice we start translating and 24 hours later you will have your translation in your inbox, guaranteed!

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