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Moving to a foreign country calls for a number of formalities. It starts with the stress of getting a visa, which upon approval gives way to the submission of personal documents. Shifting to the USA or the UK requires a specific protocol that must be met if you want your documents to be approved without any issues. This sometimes includes getting certified passport translation services when required. Having your personal documents translated sure is a tough nut to crack when you don’t know where to do it, but getting certified translation services will help you in achieving your target effectively.

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We only provide high quality, certified passport translation services, and we guarantee acceptance at any USCIS office in the US. Even more, we provide immigration translation services for any personal document you need to have translated.

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You can have your translation in 24 hours or less and it won’t cost you extra. Need translation in a rush? Get in touch and see what we can do for you! We are working 24/7 so you can have your translation done over the weekend too.

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You are welcome to come to our office anytime during business hours but if you can’t, you can order your translation online too. Get in touch by live-chat for your free quote, or order directly by using our certified tool.

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Organize your documents before translation


While making a big move of shifting from one country to another due to work, or family or even academic reasons, requires a number of steps for verification. The first step involves compiling of all the personal documents. These include birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic records etc. But it also calls for the documents to be original. So if you do have misplaced any certificate then contact the concerned authorities for its re-issuance. Once all the original documents are in hand, pass it on to a professional & certified translation service provider if your documents are in any other language than English. They will make sure to get them translated into the most appropriate and accurate way for use on official levels.


Put the original documents in an organized manner in a folder before going to the translation company you opted for. It has also been noticed that most people fail to proceed with their immigration process due to missing documents which happens due to messy paperwork. So always be organized. Also be aware that sometimes you will not need certified passport translation services, as some of the institutions won’t require that. So before putting all your documents together, make sure you get in touch with USCIS or the university of choice and ask them a list of documents that you need to have translated.

Where to get passport translation services?


If you have been asked to translate your passport, make sure you use certified passport translation services. Reasons are many, but the most important are:

  • You get a certified translation of your passport which is exactly what you need;
  • You don’t have to worry about having your passport copied and used by others. Don’t laugh! It happened before, and it could happen to you too if you go with just anyone to translate your personal documents.


Large, seasoned companies would know how to translate your documents according to the regulations imposed by the institution requiring the translation. Always check that any corresponding dashes, commas, full stops, and signatures are translated accordingly. Each certified translation needs to have a certificate of accuracy signed by the translator or the company, and that needs to follow certain rules too. This certificate declares that the translation is accurate and that the person doing the translation is entitled to translate. The translation will not be accepted without the certificate by the U.S. immigration authorities.

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confidentiality and privacy

Be aware of who you’re sending your documents to


For you, your passport is a private document. For scammers; it is a nice little trinket to manipulate. May individuals who want to get passport translation services do not mind sharing it when they are looking for a quotation. Certified Translation advises against that culture and here is why;

In this day and age, scammers could be anywhere. Many websites look legitimate, but they are scamming individuals. They will take your order and your money, and then they will vanish. Now, if they throw away the passport that you provided for passport translation, then it is all well and good. But if they see your visa as an exploitable commodity; which is not that uncommon, they can use your name for some things.

While you are only sharing a copy, that copy could be used for so many things. It is best to avoid sharing your passport details until you have made sure that the person you are sharing with is trustable.

We value your privacy and your documents are fully confidential with us. We will never share your details with anyone and you can rest assured that the translation you will receive from us will be done according to the requirements of the institution requiring it so you won’t have to deal with rejection.

Certified Translation of Passport


You’ll require having your passport translated if you’re petitioning for abroad citizenship, or if you need it for use as an ID record or as part of your visa application. Government departments and all other authorities accept our certified passport translations. Certified Translation provides completely reliable passport translation services. We have highly experienced professional translators who can get your passport translated from almost any language to any other language. We draw our translation talent from all over the world and hence can provide services for a vast variety of language pairs. We have been providing certified passport translation services since its inception, and we are proud of the positive feedback we have got from our clients.

Since a passport is such an important document, it is essential for its translation to be accurate and of high quality. To ensure this we also provide an advanced quality assurance option where a second translator proofreads your translated passport.

Along with all the above benefits we assure you of the most competitive translation rates in the industry. Whatever the language may be, your passport translation process is made simple and convenient with Certified Translation.

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Passport Translation

When you travel outside of the country, the most important thing that you need is a passport. Funny thing is that most people don’t even understand why this small booklet is so important. A passport is an authentication approved by the government to that the bearer of this book is a genuine citizen and possess a valid ID. Moreover, he or she is eligible to travel abroad. It contains pages for visa stamps, dates, entry and exit details etc. Without this crucial tool, no one is allowed to pass through the immigration.

But sometimes, when your passport is in a language which can’t be read or understood worldwide or in the country you are travelling, you’ll need it translated. Our passport translation services are available for our customers. Our immigration translators can take care of all immigration requirements including certificates, license, decree, deed, statement, affidavit, legal documents and several other documents.

With our professional services, you can count on our experience and qualification. We are not like those regular interpreters who use software and tools for your projects. We work with integrity and commitment. Our services are diverse and no matter how challenging our work is, we strive to deliver the best.

Translation by a friend?

It might be that you have a close friend or a relative who is proficient enough in both languages to carry out the translation, although professional translations are highly recommended. You might just want your friend to carry out the same for you. All you have to do is to make sure they are trust worthy and competent enough to do you the favor, because a slight mistake could land you in troublesome situations. Also, they will have to do proper certification by providing their name, contact number and email address along with the signature. There are fair chances that they will be contacted to confirm about your legal papers. So warn them beforehand so that they are prepared to talk to government officials.

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