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If you are an exchange student or a migrant who aims to study and/or work in the United States, you will surely need to get translations for all your personal documents. You need to have your school records like diplomas, transcripts, university degree credentials, and any other academic documents to be translated into English. For purposes of university admission, employment, and immigration, the party requesting for your documents will normally require you to submit copies along with the certified and/or notarized translations.

For these reasons, we are here to offer and provide you with the most cost-effective diploma translation services that you might need. Our in-house expert translators will do diploma translation from various languages into English. We translate diploma to English and provide you with the certified translation, or even a notarized translation, depending on what your requesting party requires.

Diploma and/or a foreign degree translation is mostly requested by companies, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational or academic institutions. These are for credential evaluation and school admission purposes. Others are for employment and legal usage.

Our company has all the necessary tools, facilities, and the workforce to cater to all these needs. Aside from diploma translation, we are capable to translate bachelor degrees, and we can also translate masters’ degrees. We always ensure that all our projects are closely monitored. Our customer service platform uses live chat for faster responses and communication with all our clients.

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The difference between a Certified and a Notarized Translation

For a certified translation to be done, the translator will have to sign a certifying statement at the end of the translated copy of the document. This would attest to the accuracy and completeness of the translation, as well as the competence of the translator. A translated document that is being certified may be or may not be notarized.

For a notarized translation however, the document must first be certified before it can be notarized. For academic translations, a diploma is always needed to be certified but may not necessarily be notarized. Notarizing a certified diploma translation will depend on the requesting party or who’s asking for it.

Benefits of using our degree translation services


Diploma and/or degree translations are essential for faster processing and approval of any admission application and/or immigration-related petition done in the US. This is why we have employed the best translators to do the job.

We take your translation needs as our own, so we work on every diploma translation or degree translation with the affordability, highest quality, and certified accuracy that no other translation company or agency can offer.

We translate diploma to English and deliver it at the fastest turnaround time that you have specified, or even sooner. We always see to it that all your demands are met to ensure full customer/client satisfaction. We can guarantee that our services are on top of the line, yet still at the most affordable rates you can ever have.

Avail now of our certified diploma translation services or any other translation services that you need. We translate any document from any language into English.

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