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If you’re looking for a New York translation company, Certified Translation is the one you can trust. Certified Translation is a New York translation agency that provides affordable, high-quality translation services and is ready to serve you 24/7.

Here at Certified Translation, our main goal is to ensure client satisfaction with our translation services. Our wide range of languages for our services will surely meet your translation needs. You can always trust us to translate all your official documents. We provide certified and notarized translations for over 100 languages.

Our Key Features

  • Translation from any foreign language to English:  We cater translations for over 100 languages into English.
  • 24 or less turnaround time: Our TATs include rush and/or regular orders, and we deliver fast as demanded.
  • 100% translation acceptance rate by the USCIS: All our certified translations are guaranteed to get the approval of the USCIS.
  • Certified translation for immigration documents: We certify and notarize translations for all documents required for immigration processes.
  • Affordable translation rates of $20 per page: We offer the lowest price for translation services in the United States.
  • Confidentiality and accuracy: We respect the standards and protocols of non-disclosure and confidentiality for all of our client’s files and credentials.
  • Online transactions for payments and free quotes: Our online certified translation tool will help you get your free quote and pay your invoice in just a few minutes.
we are available around the clock

We are available around the clock

contact us anytime

Contact us anytime

we sport the lowest rates

The lowest rates in New York

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What we can do for you

We handle and provide certified and notarized translations of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Documents
  • Adoption Papers
  • Diplomas
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Passports
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Medical Records
  • Police Records
  • Physiological Evaluations
  • Asylum Statements
  • Legal Documents and/or Statements
  • Depositions
  • Interviews
  • Death Certificates
  • Any other personal documents needed at USCIS

Although we are a New York translation company, our translations are accepted by any USCIS office in United States. Contact us by e-mail, phone, or live-chat to get your free quote!

Where to find us

We translate any language

Besides New York, we also cater our services in other parts of the United States. While our regular turnaround time is 24 hours on-wards, we also accept rush orders for 1-10 pages with turnaround times of 8 hours on-wards (depending on the resources available at the time). We also have specified special languages and provide translation for these languages at a different turnaround time of 1-7 days. Languages we classified and included in our special languages are:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Arabic
our New York Office
we serve the entire world

We serve the entire world

Even though Certified Translation is a New York translation company, we have many clients worldwide who are getting high-class translations for their needs. We are working as a conduit between the world and the United States for various translation needs. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring our services.

You have a translation requirement that will be submitted to a US office. To ensure that the receiving office does not question the translation, you will need to demonstrate the highest level of credibility. Most US institutions have strict and detailed rules about translation; they are highly concerned about the credentials of the translator and the translation agency.

We are the best solution for this need, as you will have access to a translation agency member of the American Translators Association. We are a professional and verified agency; our content is highly authentic and natural to check. We also come with the credibility of being a renowned agency in New York.

If you need translation for the United States, whether you are applying to a college in the United States or working towards successful immigration, you should have your documents translated from an agency based in the US. This way, the translation will be accurate and cater to the needs of the office. We can provide you with documents that will not be rejected, and our translations are guaranteed to pass examination from any office.

And we are not the only ones saying it; our 26,000 clients worldwide agree. We have clients from across the globe, receiving translations in various fields at low rates. You will not find a lower price for a legal translation at this level of quality. We are a New York translation company that provides high-quality services at affordable rates whenever you need them.

Certified translation services in New York are distinguished by their reliance on expert linguists and human translators with subject matter expertise to ensure accuracy in legal documents, surpassing the limitations of machine translations. The translation team excels in providing simultaneous interpretation, meeting the diverse needs of potential customers seeking reliable and certified translations in the vibrant multicultural landscape of New York City.

You must wonder why Certified Translation New York tries to pitch itself as ‘futuristic. Aren’t all translation agencies looking to the future? Sadly, the truth is that other agencies are taking their time coming into the future. The translation industry is an old building built at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The software technology, modern billing practices and futuristic maintenance of translators are all new to the general market. You will find numerous translation agencies that are overcharging their clients as if it’s their right.

Certified Translation New York offers accurate translation services across a variety of industries, providing affordable rates and a team of expert translators proficient in different language combinations. Our preferred language pairs ensure effective communication, breaking down language barriers for our clients. With a rigorous translation process led by qualified translators and native speakers, we guarantee accurate translations of business documents and transcription services. Our language professionals also provide interpretation services, ensuring clear and precise communication in any setting. Trust us for your certified translation needs in New York, where accuracy and quality are our top priorities.

Certified Translation New York is different because we do not believe in that culture. We think that the translation industry should be regulated and should hold itself accountable. That is why we strive to ensure our certified and fully accredited translation agency is affordable for our middle-class clients worldwide.

We are extremely sensitive to the money we charge our clients. We want to make sure that we are affordable for our clients and grooming for our translators. We are a conduit of growth to both sides, and we take our role seriously. Come to Certified Translation New York and meet the future!

certified translation New York
certified translation in NYC

Turn to us for certified translation in NYC

When getting certified translation in New York City, the biggest problem is the rates. The translators here are working in the biggest city in the world. They encounter corporates and conglomerates, so they are used to high prices. Translation has always been an expensive commodity; add to it the fact that New York is an expensive city, and you will have insane price tags!

Turn to us for certified translation in NYC and experience peace of mind knowing that your translation projects are handled by a team of skilled translators and professional linguists who are qualified and experienced in various subject matters. Our language experts ensure human translations of corporate documents, financial reports, and other types of documents with accuracy and precision. Whether you need language translation for legal, medical, or technical content, our qualified interpreters and subject matter experts guarantee customer satisfaction and the best translation cost with their expertise and attention to detail. Trust our translation platform for all your translation requests, and rely on us for high-quality certified translation services in New York City.

Not with us!

We do not believe that having an office in the Big Apple gives us the right to overtax our clients. We work with hard-earned middle-class clients who must live on a short budget. We do not like to see people worry about money if we can help it. We have taken extra precautions to make sure that we curb the budget and trim the hours or rates per word as much as we can. We have the lowest rates for getting certified translation in NYC.

How do we do it?

We have written extensive articles about this on our blog, but the simple idea is to keep an eye on the process. Overbilling comes from the process alone, so we ensure billing is reduced by controlling the process.

Call us to get a quote whenever you need a certified translation in NYC or anywhere else in the US.

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Certified Translation is a New York translation company serving New York City companies and individuals in their translation needs. We have the experience, technology, and resources to translate any material for global and domestic markets.

We offer multilingual translation in more than 120 languages. Whether you need translation services in English, Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic or any other language, only professional native translators will assist with your project.

However, today’s digital requirements have changed customer expectations about translation service quality and speed. Express delivery is no longer measured in weeks or days; it’s now a matter of hours. Although traditional translation patterns can also produce linguistic quality, they lack the quickness and just-in-time technology to deliver speed and cost efficiency. This is why you need Certified Translation, a modern and professional language service for your translation requirements in New York.

Do you need immigration documents translated into New York? How about a professional translator to guarantee that your translation goes smoothly and is highly accurate? Our professional translation company and translator service are available 24/7. Your document translation is in reliable hands with Certified Translation.

certified translation in New York

Our New York translation company always adheres to the standards and regulations set by the U.S. Federal Government for certified translation services. Certified translation agency has employed the best translators and proofreaders to handle all your translation needs, be it certified, notarized, or even normal translations. We always see that quality is on top of our services rendered. We understand that your needs for translation services are crucial to every legal purpose you may be having, that’s why we always ensure the completeness and accuracy of all our translation jobs.

So, whenever you need to employ a certified translation service in New York and elsewhere in the United States, go for Certified Translation. We render high-quality and affordable translation services 24/7 because we care about our clients.

Expertise in Document Translation

Professional translation services offer expertise in translating various types of documents, including personal documents like birth certificates. When it comes to vital records like birth certificates, accuracy is paramount. Document translation services ensure that the information contained in the original document is faithfully and accurately translated into the target language. Whether for legal, immigration, or personal purposes, these services guarantee that the translated birth certificate maintains the integrity and validity of the original document, allowing individuals to navigate official processes with confidence.

Legal contracts often require meticulous translation to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal standards, especially when they involve foreign documents. Translation services ensure that these contracts are accurately rendered into the native language, maintaining the integrity of the original text. Additionally, services may offer the option of notarizing the translated documents by a notary public to further authenticate their validity. This level of assurance is crucial when submitting contracts to government agencies or engaging in legal proceedings. Furthermore, quality customer service ensures that clients receive prompt assistance and support throughout the translation process, guaranteeing smooth communication and satisfaction with the final product.

In the realm of translation services, experienced translators proficiently navigate various types of translation, including the translation of marriage certificates. These professionals adeptly convert vital documents from the source language into the required target language, ensuring accuracy and adherence to legal standards. Beyond official documentation, experienced translators play a pivotal role in facilitating effective communication in diverse settings, such as business meetings. Their expertise in conveying nuanced meanings and cultural nuances enables seamless exchanges, fostering productive discussions and collaborations across linguistic barriers.

Expert Arabic Translations & More

With extensive experience in the field of Arabic translation, our firm specializes in providing top-tier legal translation services and financial translation solutions. Recognizing the significance of precision and accuracy, we ensure that every legal document and financial statement is meticulously translated to uphold the integrity of the original content. Our language solutions cater to a diverse range of needs, with Arabic being our primary language of expertise. Whether it’s contracts, court documents, or financial reports, clients can trust in our proficiency to deliver reliable translations that meet their specific requirements and regulatory standards.

Our translation agency understands the urgency of your translation needs, which is why we offer swift turnaround times, often completing projects within just a few business days. Our services include consecutive interpreting for seamless verbal communication during meetings and presentations. Despite our commitment to quality, we maintain a competitive price point, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional value for their investment. Whether you require translations for educational credentials, expert opinion letters, or divorce certificates, our team of experienced translators guarantees accurate and reliable results tailored to your specific requirements.

Our professional document translation services extend far and wide, covering diverse linguistic needs from French Creole to the complexities of documents originating from Hong Kong. Situated in Staten Island, our team comprises industry experts well-versed in linguistic nuances and cultural subtleties. With meticulous attention to detail, our translators ensure accurate and reliable translations that uphold the integrity of your documents. Whether it’s legal contracts, business reports, or personal correspondence, trust our team to deliver high-quality translations tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Frequently asked questions

  • What types of documents can New York translation services typically handle?

    New York translation services typically handle a wide range of documents, including legal contracts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, immigration documents, business documents, and medical records.

  • How do New York translation services ensure accuracy and quality in their translations?

    New York translation services employ experienced translators who are proficient in both the source and target languages. Additionally, they often have stringent quality control processes in place, such as proofreading and editing by multiple linguists, to ensure accuracy and quality in their translations.

  • Are New York translation services able to provide certified translations?

    Yes, many New York translation services offer certified translations for documents that require official validation, such as legal contracts, birth certificates, and immigration documents. These translations come with a certification statement attesting to their accuracy and completeness.

  • How quickly can New York translation services complete a translation project?

    The turnaround time for translation projects can vary depending on the length and complexity of the documents, as well as the availability of translators. However, many New York translation services offer expedited services for urgent projects and can provide estimated turnaround times upon request.

  • Do New York translation services offer additional services, such as notarization or localization?

    Yes, some New York translation services may offer additional services such as notarization of translated documents for legal purposes. Additionally, they may provide localization services for businesses looking to adapt their content for specific target markets or cultural contexts.

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