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Whether you have a high paying job at the moment or you are still struggling to adjust in your career, you worked hard to get there and you will continue to do so because that is what life is. Whoever gives up trying ends up stuck in a place where there is no progress. Everyone remembers their struggles whether they started early in life or caught up with them in adulthood. All of us get our fair share of problems and we work through them because there is no other option. We are the captains of our lives and if we do not try our best, no one will come and fix our situation for us.

academic transcripts

If you really think about it, we start working hard from an early age. Once we join school, there are no more carefree days. There is always the pressure to succeed. Even if you loved to study, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t time consuming. For most of us, our academic life was spent mostly studying and as a result, we do not remember much of what was happening around us during that time. Everyone who put effort into something, holds that thing close to their heart. If someone struggled hard to get a job, that job will be very important for them.

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Academic Achievements and Proof:

academic transcripts

But for many people, their first achievement, if you exclude making a Lego set from the list of achievements, was academic in nature. They gave their time and effort to school and then to college and ended up with a shiny degree as proof of their struggles. No matter how much you want to deny it, getting that degree felt really good and all of us hold that feeling close to our hearts when we walked up to the stage and received our degrees. There are, however, instances when you may be unable to present a proof of your efforts. If you want someone to know how much effort you put into academics but they do not speak the same language as you, you won’t be able to do that. Sure, they can take your word for it and they will if they are your friend or a family member. But what if it is a company? Or a foreign university?

You will have to prove to them that you studied what you are claiming to have studied. You can’t announce that you spent a lot of credit hours in that class or you loved learning about a particular theory and expect people to believe you. Companies or universities have no reason to believe you. But if you can present written proof of your efforts and the knowledge you have gained, they will have no option but to believe you. Getting a job in the company of your choice or joining a famous foreign university is not that easy. But you definitely won’t be able to do either if you can’t present proof of your studies. If you can show something to prove your claims, then you can have a shot at getting the job or the admission.

academic transcripts

Academic Transcripts:

There are different academic documents that list your achievements but nothing is as detailed as academic transcripts. They contain information about all the subjects you have studied and the grades you have received. It is a complete account of your academic life. It is often prepared by institutions and students can easily access it if they want. But if an institute doesn’t make academic transcripts, students can make them themselves and get them attested by an authorized person. Since they list all the details about a students’ studies, they are the best proof of one’s academic journey.

But they are made in the language of the country where you have studied. If you want to move to another country, you can’t present the transcripts as it is. You will have to get them translated.

Certified Translations of Academic Transcripts:

academic transcripts

There are different types of translations but when it comes to documents that you have to present to an institute or to an official body, or documents that are issued by an institute, only certified translation is acceptable. Certified translations are not only high-quality but also come with a signed statement of the translator attesting to the accuracy of the interpretation.

If you want to apply for a job in a foreign country or get admission in a foreign university for further studies, you will have to get certified translations of academic transcripts. You may think that it is an easy to do task and you can handle it yourself but translation of academic documents can only be carried out by an experienced and qualified translator. They not only have the necessary experience but also know enough about academics to carry out the translation without any trouble.


With the help of certified translations of your academic transcripts, you can send admission applications to any university in the world. You can also apply for that dream job and present the translation of your transcripts to prove you have enough knowledge in the field and can prove to be a good employee due to your qualification.

academic transcripts

If you are in need of certified translations of your academic transcripts, do not attempt to do it yourself or with the help of an online tool. Get in touch with a reliable language service provider and let them handle it for you.

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