Background Check

How do you figure out if someone is exactly who they claim to be? And what if they have done all the things listed in their resume but still aren’t a right fit for your company because of a criminal background? It is so hard to guess what kind of a person someone is and if you assume something then you would be acting unfairly. You can’t dismiss people’s character based on your assumptions. Being fully sure is the only way to form a clear-cut opinion about someone. The world is full of questions and confusions and if we can get the answer to a few of them, our lives would be easier.

We live in scary times and when we don’t know about someone, we can’t interact them without fear. A huge responsibility lies on companies during the hiring process. If they select someone with a criminal past, not only will they be casting doubt on their credibility but also putting all their staff at risk. If as a company you fail to consider the possibility of harm coming to your employees then you are not a good company at all and you will be leaving a bad impression on everyone.


Businesses are difficult to run and it is so easy to lose your credibility and all the things you worked hard for. This is why it is important to take each step with the utmost care. There is nothing wrong with being a hundred percent sure before hiring someone or making any important decision really. But it is not the responsibility of businesses to run a background check on potential employees. The duty falls on the applicants to provide companies with their complete background history.

background Check

What is a Background Check?

Background Check

Everyone’s life is full of different experiences. The things you do define the kind of person you are. But how can you tell someone what kind of person you are? By telling them about your life? That would be like making up stories because you can say anything that comes to your mind. Even if you are telling the truth, how can the other person be sure of that or a company or the government of a country? They have no reason to believe you. And that’s why when you are telling your life story or claiming to have lived a certain way, you will need proof to back up your claim.

If you tell someone that you have never been to jail, they may or may not believe you but if you show them a proof of your clean criminal record, they will have no choice but to believe you. A background check is a lot more than a criminal record. It includes everything from employment history to financial records. Sometimes background checks are also conducted of organizations to remove doubt of corruption or wrongdoing. But mostly they are used to verify the past history of a potential employee. Sometimes they are carried out by the company before hiring someone and other times they are provided by a person as proof of their history to the company they want to get a job in.

Background Check
Background Check

The details in the background check and the methods of obtaining those details vary from country to country. In some places, only personal references are enough to back the claims made by a person but in other states, a more detailed approach is used to verify everything someone has said in an interview or listed in their resume. Since threats have increased in our world today, the things that are checked in a background investigation have also increased. People’s names are checked against terrorist watchlist and sex offender registry to ensure the safety of the staff and to protect the name of the company.

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Translation of Background Check:

The importance of the background check in the hiring process cannot be undermined. But when the person applying for a job is from a different country and their language is not the same as the country where they want to work, the language difference can be a problem on the background check. If your potential employers can’t understand the details listed in your background check, it won’t end their doubts and won’t be helpful in the hiring process. This is why translation of the background check is carried out to make sure the language barrier doesn’t become a hurdle in your way of achieving your goals.

If you have wanted a job for a long time, you must not let the language difference get in the way. Getting the background check translated is not a complex process if you find the right agency. All you need is someone with the expertise to handle your background check and provide you with the most accurate translation so you can show it to your potential employers without any hesitation.

Background Check

Our company has been doing certified translations of sensitive documents for years and that’s why we understand what is at stake when you show your life’s history to someone. We protect the privacy of our clients and provide them with translations that are one hundred percent accurate. Our qualified translators are familiar with the terminologies used in documents like background checks and will be able to translate them without any trouble. So, if you need a translation of your background check, get in touch with us today and enjoy affordable rates and quality work.

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