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In the United States, a translation company has the duty of providing notarized and certified translation services. A certified translation entails translating a document from one language to another language. It should only be handled by a professional, who can provide the certification and has a perfect knowledge and understanding of both languages; that is, the source language and the target language.  He also must give assurance of an accurate and complete translation that will be completely similar to the original document. If you need certified translation services in NYC or anywhere else in the US we can help you with that at any time!

What certified translation means?
What certified translation means?

The process of translation which is certified leads to creation of a legally binding record that is recognized and accepted by government officials in the US. A properly translated document can make immigration process very easy for an immigrant. If the translation is carried out by certified translation services providers, it will be acceptable to the various institutions in the United States, from academic institutions to courts and other U.S officials. The immigrant can freely present the accurately and completely translated documents to State Licensing Departments, Customs, and Immigration Officials (USCIS), lawyers, and the likes. It is important for the certified translator to create accurately translated documents to satisfy the expectations of these officials, who will not accept poorly translated documents.

The inability of the translator to create a perfect translation of the legal documents may culminate to the suspension of immigration approval for another two years.  With a certified translator, the translation will be accurate, and the immigrant will not have to suffer this horror of long duration.

We take good care while carrying out translations services to follow the guidelines of 8 CFR 103.2(b)(3), which is the regulation laid down by the United States government for translation of government-related documents. Such translation involves statements of accuracy, word for word translation and translation of words printed on letterhead papers. We notarize our translation work if needed, thereby surpassing these requirements.   We provide various benefits to our clients, like top quality professional translations, lowest cost of service delivery and very fast turnaround time.

benefits of using our services

Some benefits of employing us are

  • You can pay online
  • We can handle more than 100 languages
  • We ensure same day delivery
  • We give our clients free quotes
  • Price is $20 per page for translation + certification
  • Specifications are Rates & TAT
  • We charge different rates for rare languages
fast turnaround time

Our turnaround time

  • is 24 hours onward
  • Rush turnaround time, on the other hand, is 4 hours onwards

It applies to the following number of pages:

  • 1 to 2 pages
  • 3 to 5 pages
  • 6 to 10 pages
special languages

Special languages

We have a different turnaround time for languages like Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, German, French and Arabic; which are below:

  • 24 to 48 hours
  • Three business days
  • 6 to 7 business days
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Confidentiality is one of the many great features of our services. We always make it a point to adhere to data protocols. We always safeguard all credentials and files handed over to us for translation. Before we start the translation, we always sign a non-disclosure agreement with our client. This way, we can guarantee complete confidentiality at every time.

We also have our unique encryption program that we installed on our servers. Consequently, no one can ever have access to the documents you have submitted to us. And even if they ever have access, the content will be unreadable to them, thereby ensuring complete peace of mind for our clients.

Payments are also secure, as we do not store any such details on our servers. We are using state of the art payment processors and all connections to their services are highly encrypted to ensure full security.

full confidentiality
high quality translations

Why do you need to get a professional translation services?

If you go to an agency which translates the documents but doesn’t have certified translators, there are more chances for errors. Who would like to risk delays in their immigration case? So for all the good reasons you should always choose a certified translation company. Such companies guarantee the quality of their work and are responsible for all the results. They always look after the mistakes, if they ever occur.

We offer you high quality with the best rates, rates that you will love. We do our best to provide convenient services for our clients. We abide by the US laws and guidelines and we provide certified translation services which are guaranteed to be accepted by any USCIS office. We take pride in being the true followers of rules and regulations.

Translation is a task which is a responsibility taken over by our translators. Our certified translators translate your document to the best of their knowledge, and that is why they are known for. The demand for translation is growing these days, as these are the times of globalization. More and more people need translations for their documents whether for immigration,  business and what not. Translation, if done correctly, shows the competency and dedication of work. And we are honored when our clients come back for more every time.

Сertified translation agency in USA

Choosing professional and certified translation services in NYC is not a simple task. In today’s market, there are thousands of companies who offer translation or localization services. But, how can you be sure about any language service provider? Maybe the company just a startup; maybe the translations provided are not certified, or the translators are not qualified and so on. Such things will always surround you if you have no idea about outsourcing or choosing a certified translation company.

If you are searching for quality outcomes, it is essential to check whether the company is certified or not. Companies which are certified by various organizations, like ISO are generally the most esteemed companies for translation. So, while requesting the company, you can ask for the quality certifications. If the company would be a professional translation services provider, then they will never hesitate to show you the same.

Certified Translation undertakes translation work for a wide variety of documents related to export import documentation, marketing, advertising, law, social projects, telecommunication, environment, medicine, machinery, politics, policies, economy, culture, etc. We handle all documents with total discretion. We admire the confidence and trust you put in us with your personal documents and we assure you that if you’re searching for accurate translation services in NYC at low rates, we are the best choice.

certified translation services NYC

There are a number of benefits when it comes to choosing a certified translation company. This can save a lot of time and energy from going to waste. Documents translated by a certified translation service give you peace of mind in your immigration quest.

high quality translations

High quality

A bad translation can have severe consequences for you. It can cause problems in your immigration case, leading to delays. It can damage your business if your message doesn’t resonate like it should. Your documents are not accepted if the translation is not up to the mark. So it’s always better to choose an experienced company which will guarantee high quality services.

USCIS acceptance guaranteed

USCIS acceptance guaranteed

Always make sure that you you spend your money wisely. It may prove more expensive to fix a bad translation than getting a good one right from the start. With us you don’t have to worry about it: all our translations come with guaranteed USCIS acceptance. We follow and obey the strict regulations imposed by the immigration office and we have yet to see our work rejected.

know what you pay for

Know what you pay for

With us, you can get a free quote for your translation in under a minute by using our certified translation tool. Our tool on the website enables you to use it freely, at any time. You also have the option to live chat with us if you have any questions, or to give us a call. Our prices are as low as 20$ for a page if there are less than 200 words (most of your personal documents are).

The cities we provide accredited translation services For

Our translation services cover many cities across the United States, and few of them are highlighted below:

  • Boston
  • Washington
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore
  • Detroit
  • Milwaukee
  • Chicago
  • Cincinnati
  • New Orleans
  • Providence
  • Brooklyn
  • Northern Liberties
  • Southwark
  • Buffalo
  • Pittsburg
  • Cleveland
  • St Louis
  • Kansas City
  • And much more

We are available in part of the United States. We always follow the regulations of the Federal Government when carrying out our translation tasks. There are instances when certain educational institutions, local and state governments, lay down extra regulations and demands for extra requirements; we are always willing to accommodate these extra expectations from these bodies and organizations. We only need you to tell us what you want, and we are ever ready to do your bidding.

Official translation services in USA online

certified translation online

Although we are based in New York, we provide translations for any state, city or county in the US. We are specialized in translation for immigration and we are well-aware of the USCIS requirements. Along with that, we also provide translations for diplomas and degrees for people interested in continuing their education in the US.

When you look around in the translation industry, you will either find very high rates or not good enough quality. We are here to solve that problem for you and charge decent prices for top-notch translations. We take it upon ourselves to provide the client with a translation that will clear them through the system. Whether you are getting a translation for immigration reasons or for higher education, we take responsibility for providing you with a translation that will clear your submission office and make it your money’s worth!

Being members of the American Translators Association and working with over 3,000 translators, we can translate any document, from over 120 languages into English. To top it all off, any translation that we do is guaranteed to be accepted by the office it was intended for.

Come visit our office and talk to us in person or feel free to order online, our certified translation services online are designed to help those people who can’t visit our office but need high quality translations at affordable rates.

Every time you require a service, you are faced with a lot of options to choose from. In each industry, there are a lot of service providers but the abundance of options can often be confusing. Which one should you trust? That’s the biggest question you face when selecting a provider. Do you go for the one that is cheap or one that promises to deliver high-quality work but at high rates? Is there any company that provides good services but at affordable rates? And how do you know that a company that claims to provide good work will actually deliver?

Although it may be hard to know the answers to all these questions with a hundred percent certainty, there are a few of them that do have satisfactory responses. For instance, you can check the reviews left by people about a company to know whether or not they are reliable. A good customer service also works as proof that a company can be trusted. When it comes to translation, you will find endless options in front of you. But we ask you to do your research about us and see our track record to figure out whether or not you can trust us with your translations.

certified translation
translation and proofreading

Translation Service + English Proofreading

We do not just translate the document to the English language; we also proofread the translated documents. Firstly, our professional English translators will get the document translated into English. Next, our professional English proofreader will properly check the document for capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling.

certificate translation for any personal document into English

Certified Translation

We handle all documents that require certified translation, like Interviews, Depositions, Legal Documents & Statements, Asylum Statements, Physiological Evaluations, Medical Records, Adoption Papers, Driver’s Licenses, Divorce Documents, Academic Transcripts, Diplomas, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Birth Certificates, Passports, but also any document you might need for immigration in the US or for USCIS.

when certificate translation services are not needed

You Can Always Trust Us For The Following:

  • Certificate Translation Service
  • Official Document Translation
  • Certified Translation Online
  • Notarized Translation Services
  • Lowest prices on the market
  • Fast turnaround time
  • All our translations come with guaranteed acceptance at USCIS or any other US institution.
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