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When it comes to your dream of studying abroad, the basic step is to prepare a university application. While doing that, one must always put a lot under consideration. The approach must be relevant, it must show the right details of your previous academic achievements. The name and year when you took a course and completed it. It must also state why you chose a certain institution and what is your opinion of the course you are opting for. The document must also present the nature of your stay in the country, the duration, financial status and your sponsor among other things. We are sure that you’d contact the best person for drafting your statement of purpose and you’d consult your college professors, but you could also need another thing, a translation.

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We provide certified translation of university application with absolute confidence. Our experts have had the extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of educational institutions. During their careers, they have gathered all the required knowledge through the most prestigious institutions of the world. And fortunately, they are right here with us to serve you with a certified translation for university application. So make your plan of studying at your favorite place and we’ll tag along with you on the journey as your translators.

How Do I Know If I Need A University Application Translation?

Well, first of all, you must be aware of the language spoken in the country where you are planning on applying. In most cases, university letters, reference letters, certificates and applications are requested in the official language.

Now, if your native language isn’t the same as that of the one where your dream college is, you’ll have to translate your university application. You could also write the whole thing in the requested language, but then again it will require a certain amount of skill, creativity and persuasion.


Another scenario in which you could need a translation is the time where you are applying to a University which teaches in a rather different language and that same language is the only mode of communication there. For instance, if you are applying for a university in UK but it is run by a French administration and they teach subjects in French alone, you’ll be asked to submit an application in its French version.

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Where Can I Start?

The moment you realize that you are going abroad for higher studies, you must always start with the application. It is because the institution will become the most fundamental part of your stay in a different country. Furthermore, you’ll be studying there and the significance of such places is irreplaceable.

If you think that you have it in you to draft an application that will captivate the attention of the decision makers, you should definitely go for it. In fact, if you write your own story, you can always sit more confidently as you know what they could ask and what would be your answer. But if you lack the required skill and creativity, you must hire someone with a grip on application writing along with a strong passion for words that matter.

Once your application is ready, it is advisable to see it with the eyes of a critic, ensuring that everything makes perfect sense and everything written is as convincing as it should be.

Certified Translation Of University Application

At this point, you should start looking for a translation company which can offer you certified translation of your university application. Not only are these required by the institution, they’re also required to be submitted at the immigration. And like any other document, this must also be certified at the time of translation.

At our company, you can have it and a lot more than just regular services. Our certified translation services are available for all sorts of translations including university applications. The most amazing part is that we never overcharge or take any hidden fees even if you ask for a rushed translation.


Our high quality work is a proof of our commitment to the customers who come to us all the time. We believe in a 100% accuracy in each task that we take in our hands. We ensure that our clients never have to miss a chance as far as their application submission is concerned. And that’s not all, our translators keep the original formatting in the translated version. We also assert on the significance of such documents and which is why we stay extra cautious in translating your university application or reference letter.

So pack your bags, get ready to hit the airport and let us take care of your university application translation. Our native translators will do the task with utmost efficiency and professional expertise, making sure that everything gets accepted in the end.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our dedication towards providing comprehensive solutions to all our clients so that they don’t have to go out on a search for the desired outcome.

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