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Adulthood means never wanting to check your account balance because of how disappointed it can make you. As soon as you become an adult, you will get burdened with enough responsibilities to drive you crazy. But this is something that everyone has to go through and as a result, all of us try our best to keep going. For some, that means working three different jobs and studying to build their future. Whatever you do, as long as you end up where you want to be, you did alright. Banks send their clients statements to show them the activity that went on in their account during a fiscal year.

bank statements

In today’s modern world, even our accounts are in our phones. Everyone has that app that shows their credit, helps them pay bills, and transfer money whenever needed. It is so easy to use, offers 24/7 support, and gives you free alerts. As a result, no one even goes to banks anymore. Everyone does important things right from their couch with the help of an internet connection. But there are instances when you will have to leave the comfort of your home. These instances obviously do not include leaving your home for work because that is something you have to do every day.

bank statements

But there are a few things still that our phones can’t do and we have to go out and meet other people to get those tasks done. With time, the number of those things is decreasing and everyone is praising technology for becoming so advanced. However, when you need a painting to hang on your wall, you will have to turn towards the market to buy one simply because you can’t download one from the internet. Things that require a level of creativity will always be above the expertise level of machines. You may have stopped visiting your bank due to that app in your phone but there can be situations where you will have to break that routine.

Bank Statements:

You might not want to check your account balance, but there are institutes that can ask for your bank statements as proof of your income. It is a printed record that lists down all the transactions done on an account during a specific period of time. It also shows the balance of the account overtime. The period of time can be different for different report. Depending on what purpose you need it for, the time period can vary from six months to one year.

bank statements

Bank statements are sometimes used by people to keep track of all the money they have received or withdrawn from their account. They are a very useful piece of paper for accountholders.

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When Do You Need a Bank Statement?


There might be people who check their bank statements to keep track of their transactions but since the apps show everything, the statements have lost their purpose. But only that one purpose. There are other reasons why someone could need a bank statement. For instance, mortgage lenders often ask for statements because they want to know the state your bank account is in. If your bank statement shows a stable account, they know you will be able to pay off the mortgage and won’t skip on your monthly payments. Without the statement, they will have no idea how you are doing financially and whether or not you can afford to pay them back.

bank statements

Another time when someone might ask you for a bank statement is when you are applying for a visa. Embassies need to know that you can pay for your travel and can afford your stay when you are visiting a country. And for that, they need to see your bank statement. A few embassies even go so far as to verify the bank statements of people to make sure someone isn’t lying to get into their country.

Translation of Bank Statements:

If you are applying for a UK visa from France, your bank statement will not be in English. The UK embassy, however, cannot accept papers that are not in the official language of their country. So, if someone wants to prove to the UK embassy that they can afford their trip to England, they will have to get their bank statement translated. Simple translations won’t cut it when you are dealing with bank papers. The interpretation of each word has to be accurate so there is no doubt about your claim of being financially stable for the trip. That is why certified translations are required when someone has to get their documents translated for embassies.

Some people think that templates available online can help them translate a document themselves but the truth is, it is not as simple as that. A qualified translator has had years of experience in the field and knows how to handle each document. They also know the terminologies used in such documents and can translate them efficiently.

bank statements

If you are in need of a certified translation of your bank statement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our staff is highly qualified and has enough experience in translating documents for embassies. We offer extremely affordable rates so that no one has to go broke while paying for a translation. Your bank statement will be in safe hands with us as we respect the privacy of our clients and keep their information safe from all kinds of threats.

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