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We are here to help you with certificate translation services for various legal reasons, like immigration in the US or for university admission. Whether it is your birth certificate, your marriage certificate, or any other personal document you need translated and certified, we can do it for you fast and at an affordable price!

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Those seeking for translation service providers may be confused about the difference between certified and non-certified translations. They are therefore unable to differentiate between the one they need for their translation task. The signed statement attests to the accuracy and completeness of the translation. The signed statement then gets notarized by a notary public.   So, if your translation requires a “Certificate of Accuracy” or you want to employ “certificate translation services”, look out for this signed statement.

Only the best-qualified and experienced translators are entrusted with certified translation works by reputable companies.  Such companies also have editors on standby to edit and proofread the translated task before such task is certified.

An independent translator may not have what it takes to deliver certificate translation services. A linguist may not be able to do the job like a translation company, which has all the equipment required to translate the document and also notarize it (if needed) to make the document official.

At Certified Translation, we provide you with the best quality of certificate translation services. We can translate for you all types of certificates, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate and along with these we can also translate your degrees and academic records and reports for you. We can help you with all kinds of certificate translations that you might need for immigration.

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How does our certificate of accuracy look like?

A certified translation is a translation which looks like the original but translated, and is accompanied by a so-called “certificate of accuracy” signed and stamped by us, which is done in accordance with the USCIS requirements.

Please note that we will send you a draft translation (a translation of the document in plain text format) in order for you to check and approve the names and dates. As you may know, the names can be translated in different ways, and the dates may be sometimes hard to read, especially if what we receive from the client is a handwritten document, or a picture or scan of an official document. Once we get your approval or your comments, we will add the translation into the original template, certify it and send it to you.

If you want to see how our certificate of accuracy looks like, click or tap the following image for a larger one.

certified translation sample
When you need certificate translation services?
certificate translation for USCIS

Certificates need to be translated when you are planning to travel abroad, move abroad, have some legal proceedings, or if you are planning to apply for jobs abroad or to apply in foreign universities. All these processes may need a translated copy of your certificates. This means, your certificates might not be acceptable if they are not in English. For solving this problem, you will need to look up for certificate translation services, which can help you with translating your documents accordingly.

For example, if you are applying for immigration in the United States of America, and you come from the Arab states; your personal documents will be in Arabic. In order to apply for an US visa, you will need to translate such documents into English according to the requirements of USCIS. This is how translation services work for translating your certificates.

Along with this, sometimes your translations are required as certified and sometimes notarized. The certificates which are translated by a professional translator or company will have a statement of accuracy which will show that the certificate was translated to the best of the translators’ knowledge. Not all translators are certified. But the best translation agencies always make sure to have translators for such tasks in their staff.

All legal paperwork needs certified translation. Good examples of such paperwork are documents that are used during hearings or trials. There is need to translate and certify any evidence or trial transcript that is written in another language.  Certificate translation services will also be required when dealing with any document that needs to be submitted to a government or legal body.

You will also need certified translation when dealing with immigration or with USCIS. It is paramount that all documents submitted when applying for temporary visitor permits or residency in the United States, including:

are translated in the official language and also certified.
Transcripts, diplomas and other documents required for admission processing into colleges and universities also require certified translation.  Some schools require that the aspiring student submits the original grade reports with a certified translation. Before submitting any document, it is better first to confirm if such a document is required or not .

where is certified translation required
When there is no need for certified translation
USCIS accepted translation

No need for certified translation when handling personal documents, like old family documents and letters that are to be submitted for legal proceedings. No need to also employ certified translation services for translation of web contents.

A government body will always require the services of a certified translator since certified translation creates a legal record.

It’s always safe to check with the authorities which require your documents. If a certified translation is needed you should have it done. In general, any documents that are required by a government body need to be certified. So does immigration.

You can crosscheck with the company, institution or person you want to submit the document to if you are not sure whether such document needs certified translation or not. The purpose and type of the document involved will determine whether such a document needs to be translated or not. Just consult them briefly to know if the document requires certified translation.

Some more reasons to work with us

You can get in touch with us at any time as we work around the clock. You can do so by giving us a call, send us an email with your documents or come visit our office. You can also contact us online and send us the documents through live chat. One of our project managers will handle it from there, and a quote will be sent to you in a matter of minutes. If you accept our offer, your document will be sent to the best team we have for that language, which includes translators, editors, and proofreaders. Once the translation is done, it will be sent to you for approval and once we have your go, we will certify it and send it over. We deliver not only accurate translations, but we also make sure that we are on time when it comes to delivery.

Our services have a 100% acceptance rate from USCIS and this shows the quality of our translations. We deliver the best quality and that at inexpensive rates. We do not charge you any extra rates when you are in a rush or if you need the translation done over the weekend. We genuinely believe that our clients are satisfied with our services, and this shows on the reviews we are getting. Get in touch today and let us help you with your certificate translation needs.

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Accurate translations for any document

Certificate translation services are needed to eliminate any language barrier. So, no matter if you are getting married, applying for a legal document, setting up your new business or performing any such task, you will have to translate your certificates, for sure.

Certified Translation is often asked to provide translation services, for a wide range of purposes. Moving abroad or buying property abroad is a common reason for certificate translation services to be requested. Generally, it will relate to certificates like birth certificates, divorce certificates and marriage certificates, and other such certificates may also need to be translated.

If you are in a country that is non-native to you, then you will undoubtedly need your certificates to get translated into the native language of that country. Hence, to help you out, our professional team of translators, offer accurate translations in all foreign languages, such as Russian, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, and so on.

Whatever your certificate translation needs, Certified Translation can provide you with high quality, reliable and timely translation, with a certificate of translation to verify the authenticity of your certificates. Just contact a member of the Certified Translation team to discuss your translation requirements and let us know that you would need.

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