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Those seeking for translation service providers may be confused about the difference between certified and non-certified translations. They are therefore unable to differentiate between the one they need for their translation task. The signed statement attests to the accuracy and completeness of the translation. The signed statement then gets notarized by a notary public.   So, if your translation requires a “Certificate of Accuracy” or you want to employ “certificate translation services”, look out for this signed statement.

Only the best-qualified and experienced translators are entrusted with certified translation works by reputable companies.  Such companies also have editors on standby to edit and proofread the translated task before such task is certified.

An independent translator may not have what it takes to deliver certificate translation services. A linguist may not be able to do the job like a translation company, which has all the equipment required to translate the document and also notarize it (if needed) to make the document official .

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When you need certificate translation services?

All legal paperwork needs certified translation. Good examples of such paperwork are documents that are used during hearings or trials. There is need to translate and certify any evidence or trial transcript that is written in another language.  Certificate translation services will also be required when dealing with any document that needs to be submitted to a government or legal body.

You will also need certified translation when dealing with immigration or with USCIS. It is paramount that all documents submitted when applying for temporary visitor permits or residency in the United States, including:

are translated in the official language and also certified.
Transcripts, diplomas and other documents required for admission processing into colleges and universities also require certified translation.  Some schools require that the aspiring student submits the original grade reports with a certified translation. Before submitting any document, it is better first to confirm if such a document is required or not .

where is certified translation required
When there is no need for certified translation
when certificate translation services are not needed

No need for certified translation when handling personal documents, like old family documents and letters that are to be submitted for legal proceedings. No need to also employ certified translation services for translation of web contents.

A government body will always require the services of certified translator since certified translation creates a legal record.

You can crosscheck with the company, institution or person you want to submit the document to if you are not sure whether such document needs certified translation or not. The purpose and type of the document involved will determine whether such a document needs to be translated or not. Just consult them briefly to know if the document requires certified translation.

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