Certified translation of psychological evaluation for immigration

If a person is asked to undergo psychological evaluation for immigration, certain queries arise in his mind. It is still a taboo in our society, so undergoing a psychological test is usually intimidating for people. They think, and over think about being judged by their speers. Are you one of those who have been referred for psychological evaluation for immigration? Do you have questions popping up in your mind? Fret not, this article will look into the process. Also, if you are in need of certified translation of a psychological evaluation for immigration, we can do it for you in 24 hours or less, at the best price you can find in the US.

In a Utopian society, no one would have trouble going to a therapist after having a traumatic experience but in our society, they are told not to worry because everything will be alright. We also have a tendency to tell people not to cry and not to discuss what hurts them. All these things contribute to the poor mental health of the people in our society. A world where everyone has access to help without being judged shouldn’t have to be a utopia, it can easily be built if we understand the importance of psychological well-being of humans.


But we ignore it like many other important things in life. Sometimes, however, we are forced to get ourselves evaluated by a professional. For instance, if you are applying for immigration, you may have to get a psychological evaluation for any number of reasons. Once you are done with that, the next step will be to get it translated in the official language of the country where you want to immigrate. We understand how delicate these matters are and that’s why we keep our clients’ documents protected. You will not only get the highest quality translation from us, but also the security that your psychological evaluation is safe with us.

Psychological Evaluation for Immigration

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psychological evaluation

Why psychological evaluation for immigration is needed?


Psychological testing shouldn’t be looked upon with suspicion for it is just like any other medical test. Any disease of physical symptoms is dealt with, with blood tests, X-Rays, ultrasound, etc, in order to understand the cause of symptoms and provide substantial treatment. Psychological evaluation is exactly the same except for the fact that it assesses a person’s mental capability. A psychologist observes the client’s behavior and then diagnoses and treats him accordingly. The psychological test serves the same purpose as blood tests in the medical field.

Reasons could vary from person to person. For example, a child’s achievement in a school test, his poor performance, a person’s emotional functioning and personality test, etc. Say for instance a child is facing difficulties in adjusting in a school, he may have to undergo aptitude testing that might give a clue about where he might be lacking. Or he might have to take tests for learning disabilities to point out his weaknesses that can be dealt on with at later stages.

Some more reasons a psychological evaluation
may be needed for


Tests are also conducted for assessing skills such as dexterity and reaction time that can help the neuropsychologist in diagnosing some medical conditions such as dementia, etc.

Similarly, a person having problems in adjusting in a relationship or coping with the work environment, undergoes psychological assessment for understanding the cause behind it which might be issues with anger management or some other personality trait hindering them from enjoying the daily routine of life.

The primary cause of a person’s problem isn’t always apparent. It may be deep-rooted and so, to dig it out psychologists ask you to take some psychological tests.  It helps them in understanding the nature of the problem and hence address them and provide suitable treatment.

psychological assessment

Tests and Assessments

Assessments and tests differ in various ways, but fall under the category of psychological evaluation. Both of these tools are used by psychologists to get to a diagnosis, and hence treatment. Testing and evaluation together give a psychologist a clear picture of a person’s abilities, strengths, and limitations.

Psychological test

Psychological tests are based on questionnaires and checklists. These tests have been standardized for all people irrespective of where they live or to which area they belong. This is so as to evaluate and analyze the test takers in a similar fashion. This type of test is referred to as “norm-referenced” test. For example, the results of a test related to a child’s reading abilities are compared to that of other children of similar age or grade. It is effective in measuring and evaluating a particular trait of a person.

Psychological assessment

A psychological assessment is the assessing procedure of an individual. Assessment is most often used in determining a person’s capability, and seeing if he can be a good manager or how well a person may work with a team. It is based on such components as informal tests, surveys, observational data and norm-referenced psychological tests. The most common of all is the clinical interview. These interviews give an insight into the person about how he thinks, reasons, and behaves under normal circumstances.

psychological evaluation for immigration

What Is a Psychological Evaluation for Immigration?


Psychological evaluation for immigration is a psychical assessment that is used to support immigration courts decide whether an individual will be able to live lawfully in the other nation.

An immigration evaluation starts with a discussion with your attorney to gather relevant information about your situation and its particular legal issues. The immigration evaluation includes in-depth conversations that occur in 2 to 3 meetings. During the assessment process, trained psychotherapist and psychologists will ask you questions about yourself and your immigration case to add particular immigration interests, your personal, family and work history, as well as psychiatric and medical history as they concern to the case. In addition to meeting with you, in some situations, it is essential and necessary to talk to other people who may have pertinent information for this evaluation.

Even under the best of conditions, the immigration process and the change from one culture to another is often a stressful activity, which can often be difficult further when the immigrant face additional challenges and stressors. Operating this method can be overwhelming and stress provoking.

The goal of psychological evaluation for immigration is to provide a safe place where immigrants can feel encouraged, respected, and understood.

Certified translation of psychological evaluation for immigration

Certified Translation can help you with professional translation services for your psychological evaluation. If you have performed it in another country and you need to get its translation in English or any other language, then this is the right kind of place for you. We provide proficient, certified translation for psychological evaluation for immigration, along with guaranteed acceptance by any USCIS office.

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