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Do you want to adopt someone into your life? It is a wonderful idea, but all your personal documents required for the adoption process must be translated to the official language of the country from where you want to get the adoption. The host country will need documents about your nationality and identity. This enables them to carry out background checks about you.

Here are some of the documents you need USCIS certified translation services for:

uscis certified translation services

Some advantages in working with us

certified translation for any document
Certified translation for any document
You can send your documents for translation from your phone
You only pay $20 per page
guaranteed acceptance at USCIS
Guaranteed acceptance at USCIS
certified translation is valid in the whole US
Valid across United States

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Birth Certificate Translation For USCIS

Birth Certificate Translation For USCIS

USCIS is the acronym for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. They are the first among other government bodies in the United States that request for certified translated documents. You need to provide them the certified translated copies of all the documents required for the adoption for them to help you with the process.  The documents will prove that you are an American citizen and that you have the authority and identification to go ahead with the adoption process. Our USCIS Certified Translation Services provide you a quick and affordable way to have those documents translated whenever you need.

Also, the USCIS will request for the documents of the person to be adopted, as this will show if the individual is qualified to be adopted into the United States.   This move protects you from possible fraud if the child is not made available after payment of prescribed adoption fee.  It is important to show that the child is free to be adopted into the United States by providing a certified copy of his or her original birth certificate.

Seeking a USCIS Certified Translation?

Start by looking for a translation and certification service provider. The USCIS will only recognize a translation service provider, who provides professional translation services.  They will not accept documents translated by just anybody from you. The certification shows that the translated document is a direct copy of the original one. It also means that the translator is ready to bear the outcome of any poor translation leading to miscommunication. Poor translation will put their reputations on the line. You will get such a certification if you use our USCIS Certified Translation Services.

All the paperwork required for the adoption process must be in order before you start with the process.  This will prevent avoidable headaches when the process begins.

USCIS certified translation

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