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credential evaluation

Everybody works hard to achieve things in life. First in school and then in college, it is the degrees we are after. And all of us want to perform well at school so we can get good results. Many people take part in extra courses and diplomas to gather as many certificates as they can. Academic records are not simply used as a proof of our qualification but also as a way to achieve success in the future. They help us land jobs or get admission in universities for further studies. Everyone is proud of their degrees because they remind us of their achievements. No matter how hard high school was for you or how tough the schedule in college was, your degrees prove that you made it through.

For the most part, your documents stay hidden in a safe corner of your home. You don’t need them every day. If you tell your uncle that you cleared college, he won’t ask you to show him your degree, he will believe you. But there are a few instances when you will need your documents with you. And it is not about the other person believing you but rather their position which requires them to verify each person’s claim. So, if you are applying to a university for admission, you can’t just say that you have graduated because anyone can say that to the administration officer. You will need to present proof of your qualification. Once you present your degree, the university will know that you are telling the truth and are the right fit for the seat you are applying.


But getting in a university isn’t the only time when you will need to present your academic papers. The same rule applies when you want to get a job. You can’t just claim to have attended a certain college; you will have to present your degrees to back your statement. People have tried to submit fake degrees to get into universities and companies, but the detailed scrutiny of academic documents have saved these institutions from accepting the application of someone who isn’t legit.

credential evaluation
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Foreign Credential Evaluation:
credential evaluation

There are instances when even your degrees can’t help you and that’s when you are applying to a foreign university for admission or a foreign company for a job. Each country’s education system is different. It is illogical to think that everyone in the world studies the same kind of things in primary school. And even specialists in each country study different details about the same topics. The 10th standard course of one country may be more advanced than other countries simply because its students have been reading difficult things from the start. In such a situation the degrees of one country may or may not be equal to the same qualification in another country.

The process of evaluating the degrees issued by one country by the university or company of another country is referred to as foreign credential evaluation. It helps employers and admission officers understand the importance of the applicant’s knowledge and assign them work or put them in classes accordingly. It is a very useful way of assessing the level of education of a foreign applicant. Their degree will not tell much to a foreign admission officer but it can be successfully analyzed by a credential evaluation expert.

credential evaluation

Foreign Credential Translation:

Along with evaluation, you will also need translation of your degrees. Sometimes evaluation is also considered translating but that’s not correct. Evaluation involves a lot more than translating and it is also a more complicating process. But the two are closely related when foreign credentials are concerned. So, sometimes it is preferred if the degrees are translated first because the that way it will be easier for the evaluation expert to understand the documents and figure out what they are equal to in the foreign land. Sometimes a translation of the degrees may be required without evaluation. It is in situations when two countries’ degrees are of equal status or when you have studied from an internationally recognized institute.

Where to Get Foreign Credential Evaluation and Translation Services?

Students often don’t know much about these services and as a result they end up hiring high-priced service providers for the task. In truth, it is better to find one agency that can help you with both evaluation and translation. When you hire different people for both tasks, you will be paying them more and they may not even be qualified to handle the task.

credential evaluation

There are agencies that offer both services. A lot of the times their translators and evaluators work together and as a result, all confusions are eliminated during the process. Your career and future depend on the correct evaluation of your degree. And the accurate evaluation depends on the right interpretation of your academic documents. If you don’t choose a reliable agency for the task, you will be putting your future at risk.

If you are looking for a reliable agency that can handle foreign credential translation and evaluation services for you then an agency like Certified Translation is a good choice for you. That way not only will you get accurate evaluation and translation but also won’t have to pay more than what is reasonable. When you get in touch with a reliable service provider, you can also request them urgent work. And they will do that without charging you extra.

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