Foreign marriage certificate translation for USCIS

foreign marriage certificate translation

When planning a wedding in a country where English is not the official language, one may think foreign marriage certificate translation is not important. Many intending couples get carried away by several other preparations of marriage that they do not remember they need  translation of marriage certificate for their home country. Newly wedded rarely have time to think of translation even after the wedding since they will be busy with several other things. However, this does not reduce the necessity of a foreign marriage certificate translation.

If you’re immigrating in the US or had your wedding in a non English speaking country you’ll need to translate your marriage certificate in English, and the translation needs to be certified under US regulations.

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Marriage certificate translation for USCIS

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Why Would I Need A Certified Translation?

If you and your wife are getting married in another country where the official language differs from the language in your home country, you need to carry out marriage certificate translation to translate the certificate to the language acceptable in your home country. This is because the authorities at home may not accept a marriage certificate written in a foreign language.

If you and your wife are relocating to a different country after your wedding and the language spoken in that new country differs from what is spoken in your home country, you need to get the marriage certificate translated into the official language of that new country.

Marriage Certificate Translated

Do I Only Need The Marriage Certificate Translated?

other certificates that need translation

Make sure you also translate your other legal documents along with the marriage certificate. Other documents, aside from the marriage certificate also need to be translated if you are going through the immigration process for example. A good example of such other documents is your birth certificate translation. If you have had divorce before and you are now applying for a marriage certificate in another country, that other country will need you to provide a translation of divorce certificate.

Should I Use A Certified Translator?

Your legal documents, like your marriage certificate, must be handled only by certified translators. Make sure you only work with a professional translation company offering certified translations. The translation can be transformed to a legal record if it is certified. Such certified documents will be accepted by schools, government officials, courts and the like.

Before you carry out your foreign marriage certificate translation, first find out with the government agencies and organizations what their requirements are and what they expect to find in the document after translation. They will inform you if there are other documents you need to translate also.

why use a certified translator

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