Foreign marriage certificate translation for USCIS

foreign marriage certificate translation

Planning a marriage overseas thinking it would be fun? And it would really be. There is so much to prepare for when it comes to marriage. Usually, people are so intermingled and preoccupied with so many tidbits of marriage that they forget some important things. Which important things they can be? Booking hotels? Buying tickets? Getting visas? Not really, this is what you will surely plan ahead of time when getting married. But the chances are that you might forget about your marriage certificate.

When planning a wedding in a country where English is not the official language, one may think marriage certificate translation is not important. Many intending couples get carried away by several other preparations of marriage that they do not remember they need  translation of marriage certificate for their home country. Newly wedded rarely have time to think of translation even after the wedding since they will be busy with several other things. However, this does not reduce the necessity of a foreign marriage certificate translation.

If you are getting married overseas because your spouse lives there, it can also be the case that you just went to a foreign country to get married. With all these specifications about your marriage, if supposedly you belong to the US, to come back home and register your marriage according to the rules of USCIS, you will have to get an English translation of the document if it is in any other language than English.

If you’re immigrating in the US or had your wedding in a non English speaking country you’ll need to translate your marriage certificate in English, and the translation needs to be certified under US regulations.

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Marriage certificate translation for USCIS

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Why Would I Need A Certified Translation?

Another case which is commonly observed for this cause is immigration. If you plan to move to the US after marriage or you have to apply for immigration, you will need a certified translation of your marriage certificate for this purpose.

A certified marriage certificate translation is the one which is translated by a translator who is proficient in the two languages, especially the target language. In a certified translation, the translator attaches a statement which proves that he has translated the document to the best of his knowledge. Mistakes cannot be risked in such documents which are needed in your relationship with government bodies or higher authorities like a court of law.

In immigration procedures, the authorities and officials don’t accept anything less than high quality. It should be made sure that your translation is accurate and very clear for the purpose it is needed. Any mistakes may delay the process and hurdle your smooth immigration process.

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Marriage Certificate Translated

If you and your wife are getting married in another country where the official language differs from the language in your home country, you need to carry out foreign marriage certificate translation to translate the certificate to the language acceptable in your home country. This is because the authorities at home may not accept a marriage certificate written in a foreign language.

If you and your wife are relocating to a different country after your wedding and the language spoken in that new country differs from what is spoken in your home country, you need to get the marriage certificate translated into the official language of that new country.

Where will you find a certified translator, is the next question? Here, at Certified Translation, we provide you with nothing less than the best quality. We have a 100 percent acceptance rate at USCIS. So there is no chance that a document translated by us will be rejected. So you should not risk your documents with any ordinary agency that might charge you extra and give you lower quality. We make sure to work up to the satisfaction of our clients.

We deliver your documents in 24 hours and we are open 24/7. You can contact us anytime by live chat and we will handle your work from there. You can get the price quote in minutes and all your queries will be answered by our experienced project managers. We charge you very reasonable for your translations and we make sure not to compromise in quality or client satisfaction.

Should I Use A Certified Translator?

Your legal documents, like your marriage certificate, must be handled only by translators who can provide the certification. Make sure you only work with a professional translation company offering certified translations. The translation can be transformed into a legal record if it is certified. Such certified documents will be accepted by schools, government officials, courts and the like.

Before you carry out your foreign marriage certificate translation, first find out with the government agencies and organizations what their requirements are and what they expect to find in the document after translation. They will inform you if there are other documents you need to translate also.

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Do I Only Need The Marriage Certificate Translated?

other certificates that need translation

Make sure you also translate your other legal documents along with the marriage certificate. Other documents, aside from the marriage certificate also need to be translated if you are going through the immigration process for example. A good example of such other documents is your birth certificate translation. If you have had divorce before and you are now applying for a marriage certificate in another country, that other country will need you to provide a translation of divorce certificate.

Why is Translation of Marriage Certificate Necessary?

A marriage certificate is an almost universal affirmation of a relationship between two people. Until recently, it was almost always an acknowledgment of a formal relationship between a man and a woman, but more recently more and more nations and states recognize the validity of same-sex marriages. It is essential to understand why the translation of marriage certificates are necessary when a couple decides to seek work, embark on a study course or permanently migrate to another country other than their own.

This certificate can be required for quite many reasons. The principal reason is that the certificate confirms the physical and economic relationship between two specific people. A translation of marriage certificate can most efficiently determine the identity of the spouse of the main applicant in the local language. When marriage certificates do need to be made available to officials that use a language different than that in which the certificate is issued, then it is almost inevitable that you’ll need your marriage certificate translated into the required official language.

Translation of the marriage certificates may also be needed when information is required for registration for taxation, health and welfare benefits in the target nation.

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Marriage Certificate Translation

If one can remember something vividly, as clear as sunshine, it’s the day they got married. The day when you found someone you love the most is the moment you’ll always keep close to your heart. And for someone this special, you just can’t ignore registering with the legal office, acquiring the marriage certificate. This Certificate becomes the evidence of your marital status, along with your partner’s details and approval etc. As a law abiding citizen, you will always have this document and when you are immigrating, it becomes even more significant.

Whether you intend to take your partner along or you wish to call them over later, you’ll have to enter the marriage certificate translation along with all the other documents. We can provide you with that with the confidence that everything will be delivered with accuracy and integrity. We believe in honesty and sincerity. Our top most priority is delivering a work that will be accepted at the USCIS. And our 100% acceptance rate is the living proof of our claim.

If you have a requirement or a relative of yours want our services, all you have to do is just contact us. Either by call, email or live chat, the choice is all yours.

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