Immigration Translation Services

The immigration process is now far easier than it was some 100 years ago. Thanks to the Internet, the application process is very fast. Various means of transportation, like planes, boats, and cars, also contribute to the process. Many more individuals now require immigration translation services due to an increase in the immigration rate from one country to another. The translation industry is worth multi-billion dollars; as many as 3,000 interpretation and translation companies in the United States are trying to make their mark.

The number of immigrants in the United States speaking foreign languages has increased manifold over the past ten years, and the number of foreign businesses here has also increased tremendously. Many of these foreign businesses connect with their headquarters in their home countries.

translation for immigration

Many more individuals, therefore, need effective immigration translation services to keep the communication going and to break the language barrier. This is an indication that the translation services industry will continue to blossom.  Translation is top-ten in demand among the high-paying jobs in the United States.  This wave is not only spreading through the United States; it is also the same in other countries of the world. Only 250 million individuals are living in another country from their home country, according to a statistic released by the United Nations in 2015.

You must provide specific documents if you are either immigrating to America or seeking citizenship in the United States. The documents must be submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You need to translate these documents into English, as they cannot be submitted in your native language, to ensure they receive the stamp of approval.

Make sure the documents are submitted acceptably and make sure they are correctly prepared to increase your chances of acceptance.

Just the thought of going through the tough screening of immigration makes us sweat. The long waiting hours, the chaos between an approval and a refusal, fees, preparations and final goodbyes are all as stressful as they sound. Although your travel agents would beg to differ, the truth is, you’ll never be able to calm your nerves once you start working towards the application.

But what we can make easier for you is the acquisition of easy and reliable immigration translation services. We translate with quality, precision and caution. Our professional translators take over the tasks with a deep sense of unshakable responsibility. They understand that their errors could really change the phase of things, and thus, they remain very careful.

Our experienced teams can translate your birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce deeds, legal papers, letters from the universities, referrals and everything in between. We offer all these services at the most economical prices imaginable, and we allow our customers to compare quotes using our instant quote tool. Furthermore, we don’t have any special charges for urgent deliveries. We’ll do that if you need something done urgently, no questions asked.
Never forget that life’s challenges can only be met by making the right decisions; therefore, choose wisely.

Immigration Translation Services

Some reasons to use our certified translation services for immigration:

translation for immigration

Translation for immigration

We provide accurate translations for immigration documents, which the USCIS requires. The immigration intended translations are specially conducted with consideration of the guidelines and rules laid out by the immigration laws. We are more than equipped to provide you with a certified translation that will live up to the requirements that you are expected to follow.

The original document, including police records, death certificates, and legal documents, necessitates professional translation services for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as per the translation requirements set by the government agency. A meticulous English language translation, executed by native speakers through human translation, is crucial for a comprehensive Translation of Documents, such as bank statements, along with a certification statement related to translation for immigration purposes, often required in the Request for Evidence process.

any personal document

Any personal document

We can translate all the documents that you may have, including birth, marriage, divorce certificates, police and medical records, diplomas, etc. We are here to ensure you get a translation ready for use wherever you need it. You will find that our translation will clear all offices it is submitted to without any problems or issues.

translation from any language

From any language

We have over 120 languages on our roster. We are also available to retrieve translators if you have any far-off languages that you need to get your content translated from. We are here to conduct your translations with our native-speaking translators who are thoroughly qualified in translation and are more than capable of translating the content that you would like to get translated.

Accepted by USCIS

100% Accepted by USCIS

We provide accurate translations which are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS office. We are regularly translating for the immigration office (USCIS) and our translations are always accepted. We are here to give you a translation that will live through the rigorous criterion for clearance that has been established by the USCIS.

Only $20 per page

Only $20 per page, ready in 24 hours

We have a very reasonable rate of only $20 per page if the page has under 200 words. We also don’t make you to wait a week after submission; we send you the translation in 24 hour. We are here to make sure that you get the translation that you require without wasting time, waiting for us to deliver the translation. Come see us now for reasonable rates.

Available around the clock

We work around the clock

We are available around the clock, and we also have translators available around the clock. Your translation project never sleeps; we never stop working for the translation that you have asked of us. We are here to make sure that you get the translation that you need without any delays, in the shortest amount of time.

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Why Such Certified Translated Documents Are Important?

Certified translated documents are important as they provide accurate translations of vital records such as birth certificates and divorce papers, ensuring the authenticity of the information contained in the source documents. These translations, conducted by experienced human translators, are accompanied by certification letters or documents from the translation service provider, guaranteeing their reliability and acceptance by authorities.

The translation certification process utilizes translation tools and techniques to maintain the integrity of the original copies while meeting legal or official standards.

The USCIS no longer requires applicants to submit notarized translations; they now require that the translator show that he or she is competent for the translation service and that the end product is presented accurately.

The accuracy of notarized translations requires the signature of a licensed notary. Such will improve the integrity of the application. It indicates the fluency of the translator both in your native language and English language. It indicates that the person does the job to the best of his or her ability. Your application cannot be approved without this. Some other documents you present may also need notarized translation, depending on your particular case. Before you submit any of your documents for translation, make sure you find out from your officer about what is required.

Extensive experience in providing USCIS-certified translations ensures peace of mind for individuals submitting immigration documents, as our customer support team guarantees high-quality translations with efficient turnaround times. With an impressive acceptance rate, our service stands out among other providers in delivering official documents translated from their original language, including foreign documents crucial for the green card application process. The certification of translation, handled by our skilled legal translators, serves as a certificate of translation, highlighting the importance of choosing a reliable service for USCIS-related documentation.

Be it a certified or notarized translation, our immigration translation services will be the perfect fit for you. We work according to strict USCIS regulations, and USCIS has approved all our documents. We are also the most affordable certified translation company, providing this service for only $20 per page.

Certified Translated Documents

Notary Service with our immigration translation agency

Notary Service For Certified Translations

Certified Translation keeps up with updates to immigration procedures. We are aware that immigration authorities no longer ask for notarized translations. As a result, we prepare certified translations for those who want the translated documents for immigration applications, although we can notarize translations upon request. Please let us know if you have been asked to provide the certified and notarized translation of your foreign-language documents.

  • Notarization certification
  • Official translation services
  • You can either make use of our online calculator or link up with us for a quote for the certified translation service you need
  • Also, make a comparison among the deliveries and prices of different agencies.

Immigration paperwork translation of the highest quality

An expert translator must translate the non-English documents and complete the certification document. A typical document that must be translated for immigration benefits is a birth certificate. For immigration, the translator’s identification does not have to be confirmed by a notary public, whether it is a birth certificate or a marriage certificate you are translating. An expert translator or a translation company can sign a statement attesting to their fluency in the source and English, ensuring guaranteed acceptance of the translated documents for immigration purposes.

We understand that qualified translators with advanced language skills can often deliver better translations than those who have just started working in the industry. You can contact us with issues about our certified document translation services. We will need to know the purpose of the translation to attach the proper certification.

immigration document translation

Meeting specific translation requirements is crucial for obtaining accurate English translations of important documents. Birth certificate translations, along with other common documents like marriage certificates and academic transcripts, often necessitate precise and certified translations. Engaging a professional document translation service ensures that these translations meet all necessary legal and administrative standards. This accuracy is vital for official purposes, such as immigration, education, and legal proceedings, where reliable translations of common documents are essential for smooth and effective processing.


What are immigration translation services?

Immigration translation services involve the professional translation of documents required for immigration applications and processes. These services ensure that all necessary documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and legal records, are accurately translated into the language required by immigration authorities.

Why are immigration translation services important?

Immigration translation services are important because they ensure that all documents submitted to immigration authorities are accurately translated and legally recognized. This accuracy is crucial for the approval of immigration applications, as any errors or discrepancies in translations can lead to delays or rejections.

What documents typically need to be translated for immigration purposes?

Common documents that typically need to be translated for immigration purposes include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, passports, academic transcripts, police clearance certificates, and employment records. Accurate translations of these documents are essential for the immigration process.

How do I choose a reliable provider for immigration translation services?

To choose a reliable provider for immigration translation services, look for certified translation agencies with experience in immigration document translation. Check their credentials, client reviews, and whether they offer certified translations that are accepted by immigration authorities. It is also beneficial to select a provider that offers timely and accurate services.

How long does it take to get documents translated for immigration purposes?

The time it takes to get documents translated for immigration purposes can vary based on the complexity and length of the documents. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week. Some translation services offer expedited options for urgent cases, which can reduce the turnaround time but may involve additional fees.

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