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If you were looking for certified translation services near me, you’ve landed on the right spot. We are a certified translation company in New York who can help you with certified or notarized translations for any personal documents, delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours or less, and guaranteed to be accepted at the institution they were intended for.

Some reasons to work with us

translation for any personal document

Translation for any personal document

Whether it is about having a certified translation for your birth and marriage certificates or a notarized translation for your academic records, we can do it for you!

delivered in 24 hours or less

Delivered in 24 hours or less

Need your translation in a rush? Not a problem, we will deliver in 24 hours or less, no matter what document or from which language it needs to be translated.

best value on the market

The best value on the market

You get fast translations, guaranteed to be accepted by any USCIS office in the United States, at only $20 per page. No other company is going to give you that!

comply with USCIS requirements

The need to comply with USCIS requirements

Certified translations are needed by clients who need to submit the translation in a law office. This could be because you want to submit a translation to the immigration office, a governmental entity, in a court of law or as part of your university admission process. This is because, in all those fields, the receiver of the translation places the burden of accuracy on the one who provided the translation. Since the only translations being accepted in such cases are either certified or notarized, it is quite normal for people to be looking for “certified translation services near me”. Luckily for you, there are companies you can deal with online which can give you exactly what you need.

The accuracy of the translation is a significant factor in deciding the case of the applicant and law agencies work on cold facts, so they need to be assured that the translation is a true representation of the original document. A client can make a translation that is catering to his cause; he can also manipulate significant information that will serve his purpose. For this very reason, USCIS prohibits translations done by the applicants themselves.

To top it all off, USCIS has placed extra requirements which need to be followed when translating a document to be submitted at their office. Any document which is not in English needs to have a translation which will look exactly like the original, only translated. The translation needs to be accompanied by a “certificate of accuracy” provided by the translator or translation agency, which takes responsibility for the content of the translation and certifies to the accuracy of the information provided in the translation.

Choosing the right translator for your task

Because the translator or the translation agency needs to vouch for the translation, they need to be competent to do it. The certification that they provide is only as good as their credibility. The immigration office is going to check if the translation is following their requirements, then clear it for acceptance. A bad translation or a translation which isn’t following the rules will not be accepted and will lead to delays in processing your case. Since you surely don’t want that, it is best to go with a translation company that knows exactly what is needed, and has the resources to translate from any language into English.

Even if you’re searching for “certified translation services near me”, you can’t be sure that all the companies listed are reliable and will provide what you need. An important step in choosing the right translation provider is to check their reviews, which can easily be done using Google. If you need to check on ours, see the map on the right. We have been trusted by hundreds of customers, and for good reason: all our translations have been accepted by the USCIS.

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What can we do for you?

notarized translation near me

Certified Translation New York delivers certified and notarized translations for all your personal documents, no matter which office requested such translations. We follow strict regulations imposed my the law with any translation that we do, and all our translations have been accepted. Even more, we guarantee your translation will be accepted as well.

You can count on us for any legal documents you may want to have translated, including:

I need notarized and certified translation services near me

Notarization is an extra precaution some institutions may require. USCIS no longer requires notarized translation, but in some cases it might be needed. Some universities on the other hand require such translations for diplomas and academic records. Notarization adds another layer of authenticity, but doesn’t actually notarize the translation itself, but rather acknowledging the person doing the translation.

A notarized translation is a certified translation which has been presented in front of a notary public. While anyone could do a certified translation, in order to have it further notarized, the one doing the translation needs to go in front of the notary, which attests that by adding the seal.

If you need your translation notarized, we are able to do it for you as well, all you have to do is to ask for it.

notarized translation near me
Translation Services Near You

Translation Services Near You

Finding the best translation services near me is not an easy job. You have to look for the translation service provider that caters your entire needs for and make available some initial consultation to you.

There are many translation providers that you can find online. If you are looking for the quality translation service in New York, Certified Translation is the best. We have a wide range of translation service, with various fields like the medical report, clinical research, pharmaceutical, and insurance translation.

We are not just a common provider of document translation services. We are a cut above the rest providers because of our enthusiasm for perfection and customer-centric approaches. Our service will assist you to reach the new public by delivering your message across language and cultural barriers. We are the leading associates of internationally-recognized names, companies, groups, and individual customers because of the cost-effective translation services that we provide. Our specialized language experts are highly-trained to provide outstanding communication solutions tailored to your industry’s particular needs. Our exceptional quality work speaks for itself. We’re open 24/7 and always ready to hear from you. Our customer support team is the best in the business, readily available to connect with you anytime.

What about the prices?

Since most people are concerned about the price they need to pay, here is our pricing structure:

  • certified translation costs $20 per page if the page has under 200 words. If there are more words on the page, we charge $0.12 per word instead.
  • notarized translation is a certified translation which is then notarized, therefore it would cost as above, and an extra $20 per document for notarization.
  • an extra $10 is charged if you want a hard copy mailed to you. Since USCIS does not require originals, email delivery is usually what you need. Your translation will be delivered by email in pdf format unless otherwise specified.

Those are our rates, and we stick to them. There are no extra rates or hidden fees. We don’t charge extra for rush jobs, or for translations needed to be done over the weekend. Get in touch and enjoy peace of mind with our guaranteed services!

Looking for certified translations services nearby? Don’t worry. With us, you have the assurance that every requirement of yours will be met by our experts. We know that it’s not always easy to find a service in your city or town and thus you start looking around for help. We also understand that not all of you live in the places where we have our offices. So we made ourselves available through a medium that’s accessible for literally everyone. The power of the connection that keep the world in touch.

Our online services are available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of week and 12 months of the whole year. If you have a project at hand, just talk to us. Well, of course, if you live in one of the cities where we have our offices, you are more than welcome to visit our offices. In fact, if it gives you a kind of satisfaction to see how we work and what our process looks like, it’s best that you come and meet our representatives.

For people who live in remote areas, we have a phone line, an open chat service online and an email. The contact us page is also another easy way to reach us.

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