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A document and website word counter tool is an important tool for the translation industry and a part of the translation cost estimation because translation costs are based on rates per word. The total cost would be based on the number of words multiplied by the rate per word. Special conditions like minimum charge could be applied by some companies, extra rush rates may be charges by some as well, but even so, the main part of the cost calculation is based on the number of words. A document and website word counter tool is therefore needed.

What our document and website word counter tool does?

document word counter
Document word counter

This part of our tool counts the words in any type of document, in any format. The document word counter tool we have can be used to count the words in any language, and this is because we want to assure you that we will give you a correct price based on an accurate word count. The document counter is developed in a special way and it contains an automatic language recognizing software that is not readily available anywhere else.

website word counter
Website word counter

Certified Translation has the service of being able to count the words on any and all websites, written in any language, no matter of the platform they might be using and irrespective of the location. This is because all website translations will require an estimation of how many words are there on a website. You may think that the presence of a special website word counter is redundant but the truth is that the word counting service for websites is a very significant need.

free to use
Free to use by anyone

Our free document and website word counter tool is famous because this is an in-house tool that we developed which proved to be accurate at counting word and any website or document and is an important tool for any translation company as it provides a free an easy way to calculate the price for translating a document or a website. We offer this tool for free to anyone that needs to counter the number of words in a document or a website. Use it as many times as you like!

Use our free document and website word counter tool

Website word counter

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Document word counter

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Why would you need a website word counter?

free to use by anyone

We were aware of the fact that there is a problem of paramount significance in defining the price for translation services for a website and developed our personalized tools that are here to help you out of even the direst situations. Take our website word count tool for instance.

There is no easy way of picking out every word that is spread across the various places in a website and make sure that are all accounted for. Our website word counter tool crawls your website, makes a list of pages, counts the words in all the pages and makes sure that the words that are being counted are all added up. You will just place the website name in the appropriate field, add your email address and we will make sure that all the words on your website are counted and a report is sent to you by email.

Word counter tools are significant because they make sure that the words are all included in calculations and the client is not surprised over and over again with new final counts. We are here to ensure that all the word counter requirements that you may encounter while doing your word counting procedures are well met by our website tool and you do not feel worried.

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