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A document and website word counter tool is an important tool for the translation industry and a part of the translation cost estimation because translation costs are based on rates per word. The total cost would be based on the number of words multiplied by the rate per word. Special conditions like minimum charge could be applied by some companies, extra rush rates may be charges by some as well, but even so, the main part of the cost calculation is based on the number of words. A document and website word counter tool is therefore needed.

Word Count Tool

People check the calories they consume throughout the day. Fitness freaks even have apps installed on their mobile devices that refrain them from consuming more than a strict amount of calories. You may find such people in your social circle, offices, local groups, parks and neighborhood, but you’ll never find a single person who counts the words they speak in a day, an hour or even a minute. That’s because we consider them only necessary for speaking and conveying our messages.

An online word count tool in the translation industry is indispensable for maintaining writing standards and ensuring content quality. This tool checks characters per post and provides a readability score, grammar checking, and real-time scan for writing mistakes. Identifying frequent keywords and analyzing punctuation marks helps optimize content for SEO purposes. The character counter tool is particularly useful for essay word counting and evaluating the count matter in translation projects. With its auto-save feature and support for various file types, including characters without space, it’s among the most helpful tools for translators striving for accuracy and efficiency.

We only start counting them when we choose a translation company that charges per-word pricing. Well, thankfully, we are here, saving you from the tiring job of counting words for a translation requirement. Our specialized online tools are the living proof of our convenient services.

You can send in your document or website address and leave your email to get your required word count mailed directly to you without any hassle. For those long and busy hours, and you’ve just got a call from your boss that he needs a document translation quote immediately, we are the link you have to bookmark because who knows when you will need us.

What our document and website word counter tool does?

document word counter

Document word counter

This part of our tool counts the words in any type of document, in any format. The document word counter tool we have can be used to count the words in any language, and this is because we want to assure you that we will give you a correct price based on an accurate word count. The document counter is developed in a special way and it contains an automatic language recognizing software that is not readily available anywhere else.

website word counter

Website word counter

Certified Translation has the service of being able to count the words on any and all websites, written in any language, no matter of the platform they might be using and irrespective of the location. This is because all website translations will require an estimation of how many words are there on a website. You may think that the presence of a special website word counter is redundant but the truth is that the word counting service for websites is a very significant need.

free to use

Free to use by anyone

Our free document and website word counter tool is famous because this is an in-house tool that we developed which proved to be accurate at counting word and any website or document and is an important tool for any translation company as it provides a free an easy way to calculate the price for translating a document or a website. We offer this tool for free to anyone that needs to counter the number of words in a document or a website. Use it as many times as you like!

Use our free document and website word counter tool

Website word counter

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Document word counter

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Why would you need a website word counter?

free to use by anyone

You would need a website word count counter to ensure your content meets character count limits and keyword density requirements for optimal SEO performance. This tool helps content writers track character count, keyword usage, and punctuation count in blog posts in real-time. It’s useful for academic writing, checking average word count, and detecting grammar mistakes. Whether working with PDF files, Google Docs, or various file formats, a word counter assists in analyzing the type of content and writing style. Social media managers utilize it to tailor social media posts to fit character limits while also considering reading time and content strategy. With features like auto-save and count metrics, a word counter becomes essential for content marketing success.

We knew there was a problem of paramount significance in defining the price for translation services for a website. We developed our personalized tools that are here to help you out of even the direst situations. Take our website word count tool, for instance.

There is no easy way of picking out every word spread across the various places on a website and ensuring that it is all accounted for. Our website word counter tool crawls your website, lists pages, counts the words on all the pages and ensures that the words being counted are all added up. You will just place the website name in the appropriate field and add your email address, and we will ensure that all the words on your website are counted and a report is sent to you by email.

The advantages of using our Word Counter Tool

The advantages of using our Word Counter Tool include providing an accurate Char count and exact word count, ensuring the average post display length meets your requirements. Its count feature and count generator simplify tracking and analyzing text while detecting keyword stuffing through its frequency counter. Additionally, the tool serves as a reliable online word calculator, offering precise measurements for various content types. Whether you’re a writer, editor, or content marketer, our Word Counter Tool empowers you to optimize your content efficiently and effectively.

When we plan to price per source word, we give our client an accurate translation quote. When a client knows accurately what they’ll be paying, they’re more likely to select our professional translation services than another translator or translation agency that charges by target word count and thus can only give a rough estimate of what the final cost is expected to be.

Certified Translation takes pride in providing translation quotes with the help of an online word counter tool, making it possible for our clients not to pay for non-translatable characters and benefit from discounts for internal repetitions and matches with translation memory. Not only does translation memory reduce translation costs, but it also helps our clients enjoy better translations and faster turnaround time.

Our word counter tool gives the best fit to fulfill an accurate and quick estimation. With the help of the tool, you can calculate not only the words of your files and documents but you can also count the words of your website. We have provided special boxes to fill out with the necessary details to get your free word count.

count the number of words

Word counter tools are significant because they ensure that the words are all included in calculations and the client is not surprised repeatedly with new final counts. We are here to ensure that all the word counter requirements you may encounter while doing your word counting procedures are well met by our website tool, and you do not feel worried.

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