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Read our certified translation blog in order to find out what kind of translation services you need when immigrating or wanting to study in the US.

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Moving out of your country for a holiday is exciting because you have to get Visas, passports and pack bags and get tickets and there you go! But when it comes to immigration or you are going on a student Visa for higher studies or building a career or finding a job abroad, it gets tough! Why? In both cases, you are just going out of your country and for a change it’s good, isn’t it? But immigration and studies abroad come with additional expenses. At some point you’ll realize you’ll need to translate your documents and this is where our certified translation blog becomes a source of information for you.

One needs to be fully prepared and needs to plan things accordingly when planning to emigrate. This can be overwhelming and stress you out if you don’t prepare yourself. Organizing things and managing time and work that comes up with this process is a huge task in itself.

For immigration or traveling for studies to the US, you need to have your documents ready. All documents need to be translated if they are in any other language but English. This is the first thing you need to write in your checklist because from there the process starts. If you need more information on that our certified translation blog is the perfect choice.

Translation for immigration
Translation for immigration

Plan to immigrate in the United States? Are you already in the US and struggling with getting all the necessary documents for USCIS? Our USCIS translation services are the perfect choice: you get fast certified translations, guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS, at the lowest rates in New York!

Translation for university admission
Translation for university admission

If you want to study in the US as a foreigner and your documents are not in English, you are required to submit certified or notarized translations for your academic documents like diplomas, degrees, academic background. We can help you with our diploma translation services, 24/7. Just get in touch and learn what we can do for you.

certified translation for travel
Travel translation

Thinking of visiting the US? You’ll need a travel visa, which you can get at the US embassy, where you will also have to submit certified translations for all your personal documents. Get your translation from a translation company which provides guaranteed acceptance and doesn’t charge you a fortune for that!

affordable certified translation

Affordable certified translation


We provide fast certified translation services at affordable rates, from any language into English, in 24 hours or less.

Some of the documents we can translate and certify for you: birth, marriage and divorce certificates, diplomas, degrees, police records, medical documents, etc.

We are working around the clock to suite any need, even during the weekend. We do not have any rush rates or weekend extra charges. You can get in touch with us 24/7 by e-mail, phone or live-chat on our website. You can also visit our office in New York during business hours. Although we work 24/7, access in the building is limited to normal business hours due to security reasons.

All translations are sent to you by e-mail, but we can also send you hard copies over mail if needed (USCIS accepts both forms unless otherwise noted). You can also visit our office in New York to pick up your translation during normal business hours.

guaranteed acceptance

Guaranteed acceptance


All our translations are done according to the specifications imposed by the institution the document is intended for. By doing that, we ensure all our translations are going to be accepted. For instance, if you need to submit foreign documents to USCIS, we will translate those documents according to USCIS specifications and send them to you. Due to this, we have an 100% acceptance rate from USCIS.

As some institutions sometimes require notarized translations, we are able to provide that too. Always get in touch with the institution and ask what you need, a notarized translation or a certified one, as requirements can vary.

Your translated document will look exactly like the original and will be accepted by any US state institution, even in a court of law.

Certified translation and immigration news


An essential quality of a good translator is curiosity. Trying to learn new and interesting things from different fields will eventually improve your work and keep it up to date. One of the valuable ways to stay tuned into the trends and new technologies used in translation is this translation blog offered by Certified Translation.

One of the most common myths about translation services is that all certified translations on the market are of the same quality and value. In reality, the truth is quite the opposite. By reading our blog, you will understand it better. With frequent updates, our blog page offers a constant stream of news about translation, languages, immigration, and many others.

If you are searching for a certified translation blog that will keep you informed and interested, offering knowledge about facts or the history of translation, then you should follow us. It is worth reading if you are a translation enthusiast or a client looking for best value for your hard earned money.

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