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This is the page where you can pay your translation invoice fast and secure by various means like credit or debit cards or PayPal. Simply select your payment method, fill in the invoice number (or project number, or quote number) and the amount, select your currency and press the submit button. It’s that easy!

pay translation invoice

Pay your translation invoice fast and secure

Making online purchases has become a way of life for millions, but people are different, countries are different, and the method in which people choose to manage their money is different. In the industry of translation, pay invoice method helps us to collect payments from our clients. The primary aim of translation invoice is to get paid for the services, on time.

It’s best practice to send the client a translation invoice, so the client and we have a report of the work completed and the money obtained. It makes it easier to calculate how profitable our business was and to file taxes. It also helps to ensure the client pays in a reasonable amount of time.

All designed to ensure clients have precisely the information they need to approve invoice and schedule it for payment immediately. Several options are available to expedite translation assignment and assist with our payment preferences. All payment policies and options are simple with Certified Translation. Payments can be made in most used currencies.

Please select below your method of payment, fill the invoice number and amount and select your currency. The secure payment methods we offer are credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Ideal/Bancontact.

Everyone loves the ease of online shopping. Not only does it allow us to make purchases from the comfort of our house but also lets us save time. You don’t have to visit stores to find your favorite item. Selecting things through the web is a lot easier because we are always on the internet anyway and when you buy goods online, you do something productive with your usage of the internet. But there are a few reasons people find it hard to trust online shopping. The biggest one is that of secure payment method. Although you can choose cash on delivery option for goods, when you are booking services, you have to pay online too.


But since we are often warned against the digital world’s dangers and how unsafe our information is, we don’t feel comfortable sharing our credit card details with a website. A lot of companies’ websites are not even secure enough to handle payments. In such a situation, it is quite hard for consumers to trust businesses. But if you are in need of translations and you want a translation agency that offers secure payment methods, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You will get quality translations and paying will be simple and secure.


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