Birth certificate translation services USCIS

Birth certificate translation services for USCIS

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2023)

Birth Certificate Translation. You are getting a birth certificate translation for your USCIS immigration application. You need a beginner’s course on the topic. Worry not, Certified Translation is here:

Let’s begin with Birth Certificates : Birth Certificate is a piece of paper with the basic details of the newborn baby; the name of the child, date of Birth, weight and health status, the name of the delivering doctor and name of both the parents. All of the details are issued by the hospital and the hospital signs and attests to that effect.

United States Customs and Immigration Service require birth certificates for immigration applicants even as an adult. Whether you have any other proof of identification or not is not taken into consideration.

The translation of birth certificates that were made decades ago can be a tricky business. The language, way of sharing information and the provided information has all changes drastically over the past few decades. For example, home delivery was a common occurrence three decades ago, so the issuance of the birth certificate from a hospital is a hard sell. Courts and government organizations were approached to get the birth certificates.

• Rural Areas:

If a person was born and brought up in a rural area, there is a real chance that their birth certificate will have incomplete information. Such as birth date in the religious calendar rather than the globally used calendar.
That is why USCIS asks for a specific manner of translation so that gives all the required information and also ascertains the credibility of the provided translation.

• The Unwritten Rules:

 Officially, you will see that USCIS will have only asked for a certified translation. This means that the translation will need to only have a certificate of authenticity provided by the translator in order to be submitted to the USCIS.

But the Certied Translation Services who have been providing translations for immigration purposes for a long time will tell you that the translation will need to have the following points:

USCIS specific manner translation
Translators certificatrion

• Formatting:

Every translation has to be done on a paper that is identical to the original one. If the original paper is brownish yellow, then the translator will work with computer team and print out a brownish imprint with all the markings of the original document.

• Translator’s Certification:

First of all, it is highly recommended that you avoid self-translations or translations done by not certified translators. USCIS is hoping to get translations from translators or translation agencies that are members of American Translator’s Association. Test them on that requirement and you are going to get a note from immigration’s office.

What if I do not follow these steps?!

If your birth certificate is all written in English, then a simple attestation from American Embassy in your country is enough. If it is an old document with scribbling, we highly recommend that you follow the guidelines.
Certified Translation is here with the best Birth Certificate Translations. Call now!

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