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birth certificate translation template for USCIS

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

Birth certificate translation template for USCIS. Decision making is a tough thing to handle. But once you become an adult, you can’t escape it. You will have to make every decision for yourself whether it is about what kind of dishwashing liquid to get or which apartment to rent. Many scary things come with adulthood, but decision making is probably the scariest one. And you are going to make some wrong decisions in your life, but that’s how you will learn. It is all part of adulthood. So when you decide to apply for immigration to the United States of America, you will have an hour-long debate with yourself about whether or not it is the right decision. Every new decision is going to be scary; it doesn’t mean it will be wrong.


Making a big move in life is always going to cause a little bit of stress and nervousness, but if you do your research and prepare yourself well, you can reduce some of that stress. Moving to another country is a huge step but can turn out to be the best decision of your life. The fear of change shouldn’t stop you from making a bold move for the sake of your future. You can always talk to people who have applied for immigration to the US and learn something from their experience but don’t assume that your experience will be the same as theirs. Each person’s circumstances are different from the others, and that’s what shape their future.

Preparation is what is going to help you when you take a difficult decision. When you apply for US immigration, you need to know all about the requirements of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. When you know the requirements of USCIS, you can prepare accordingly and don’t run into any troubles at the last minute. If you are applying from a non-English speaking country, then your official documents will not be in English, and you will need their certified English translation.

A birth certificate is one of the most important documents for immigration application, and USCIS demands that you submit a certified translation of your birth certificate with your application. You might want to do the translation yourself because you are well versed in your native language and English. Many people try to go down this route. They search for birth certificate translation template USCIS and think they can translate their birth certificate this way. But certified translations cannot be carried out with the help of a birth certificate translation template USCIS.

USCIS has very strict rules, and the translation of official documents has to be accurate. It should also follow the official format. A birth certificate translation template USCIS may tell you how to translate your birth certificate, but it can’t be the most reliable way to translate your birth certificate. Templates are often old and hence can’t be trusted to translate a document according to the latest formats. They also can’t be helpful with the birth certificates of every country. So it is best to hire professionals like the Certified Translation agency who can provide you with the certified translation that won’t get rejected by USCIS.

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