certified English translation for USCIS

When do I need certified English translation for USCIS?

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2023)

You are planning to move to the United States, good for you! Have you been asked for certified English translation for USCIS and don’t know the requirements? These details change all the time and are hard to keep track of, but they are also essential for successful immigration.

When does one need certified English translation for USCIS?

heads up

Heads up

We would like to point out a simple fact for your awareness and understanding; it’s best if you keep your immigration process in your own hands. You should know the entire process yourself and keep a tab on all of your documents yourself. This is the best way to ensure that your records are handled well and without any complications.

The culture around the world has always dictated that the immigration of any person will be left to the local travel and immigration agency. Most individuals feel like the process is too complicated for them to conduct all by themselves and think that the best course of action is to leave the process to expert hands. But we strongly advise against this common culture because it takes no accountability for the immigrant himself. No matter how trusted your immigration’s advisor is, there is a serious chance that you can be scammed. Getting scammed in migration is not a joke, if you land in the US with falsified documents or any shadow of wrongdoing, you will find yourself in grave peril. You could end up in jail or at the very least; you will get deported with a permanent ban on traveling to the US ever again.

We are not asking you to do it alone!

Do not cringe away from understanding what is and how certified English translation for USCIS should be done. The idea seems daunting with so many requirements and various other necessities. Many applicants become worried that document requirements change a lot and very frequently that should be taken into account. Maybe they will miss some requirements and bugle up the whole application.

We are not telling you that you should get through the entire immigration process all by yourself; we are only suggesting that you get deeply involved in keeping up with the process. Check yourself for the rules and precedents of the document that your immigration advisor has just asked you to submit and regularly show up to review and re-review the filed papers.

get guaranteed translation

Get your translations from well-known providers

If you need certified English translation for USCIS and you’re going with the cheapest option like a friend who can translate, you may be doing it wrong. The friend wouldn’t know the requirements when it comes to USCIS certified translation and the document could be rejected. Instead of risking delays, go with someone that provides translation with guaranteed USCIS acceptance. You’ll only pay a few bucks more, but you’ll sleep better at night.

Do your own dilligence

We wrote an entire article on this because there is a need for awareness when it comes to translation of immigration documents. In all the countries around the world there are companies trying to make a buck off of people who want to travel to another country and providing them with faulty documents that will put them in the plane but will not hold in the immigration office on the destination airport.

Don’t want to take the risk of getting your translations rejected by the USCIS? Get in touch with us to get cheap certified English translation for USCIS and you won’t have to worry about it.

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