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The Need for Translation Companies:

The world of today is extremely diverse. Although diversity is good for the planet’s survival, it has created language barriers between us. However, humans have always been able to come up with the right solutions. We created translations to get over linguistic barriers. Over time, translation has become more and more important for our planet. The global economy is progressing rapidly, partly due to language services. The business community will not be able to communicate without the help of language experts. Even customer complaints from foreign nationals will not make sense to a multinational company without the help of translators.

The need for translation agencies has given birth to various companies offering language services to their clients. Even technology is offering various language solutions to the people of the planet. Various apps and software offer language solutions to those who need them. But people who require document translation services cannot turn to an app. They need a type of entity that they can trust with their documents. No matter how innovative technology becomes, it cannot understand the cultural aspects of languages.

How to Find the Right Translation Agency?

When there are so many options available to you, it can be difficult to make a decision. Do you go with the multinational agency offering every type of service including video remote interpreting and document translation or do you choose a local company because it is close to your home? Making the right decision can be difficult, but not if you check the agencies’ business profiles. BBB or Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that uses a rating system to define the work quality of a company. BBB business profiles are trusted all over the world.

Whenever you come across a few agencies, you can look up their BBB business profiles. It will help you determine which agency you can trust and which you can’t. Along with posting business profiles, BBB also has an accreditation system. If a business is BBB accredited, that means they are very reliable. Through the BBB business profiles, you can learn everything about a company including the type of entity, nature of complaints they receive, and what their previous customers say about them. These business details can help you determine which companies are trustworthy.

How to Find the Right Translation Agency

Facts About Certified Languages International:

One of the most popular on-demand interpreting services providers worldwide is Certified Languages International (CLI). Here are some facts about the Certified Languages Intl LLC:

1. Certified Languages Intl LLC is a limited liability company. It is a full-service language company that serves different industries.

2. Along with on-demand interpreting on the telephone, it also offers video remote interpreting services to its clients.

3. CLI provides HIPAA-compliant interpreting services to healthcare professionals and patients.

4. Mr. Bill Graeper founded CLI. After the passing of Mr. Bill Graeper, his daughter Kristen Quinlan became the CEO of CLI.

5. CLI uses the most innovative technology and secure connections, so clients don’t have to worry about their information.

6. CLI believes in the professional development of its interpreters. It only hires qualified candidates to provide the best language solutions to all its clients.

7. CLI also has polite and friendly customer service representatives who are always available to answer all questions of clients.

8. Certified Languages International has an A+ rating on its BBB business profile. However, the BBB business profile also shows that CLI is not BBB accredited.

9. According to the BBB business profile of CLI, the company is located at 4800 SW Macadam Ave Ste 400 Portland, OR 97239.

The Need for Translation Companies

What’s Important in BBB Business Profiles?

There are many popular companies in the language space. You can check their business profiles on the website of BBB to learn about their work quality. But it is important to remember that BBB business profiles cannot be used for promotional purposes. So, if you see a company using their profile to promote their name, it is better to stay away from them. Whenever checking the business details of a company, notice the nature of complaints and the volume of transactions. They are the factors that can tell you a lot about a company.

Certified Translations:

CLI is not the only language service provider that hires qualified candidates. It is true that most of the time, when people require document translations, they need them certified. But it isn’t the only type of document translation. As a result, if you need to get your documents translated, it is better to keep in mind that many agencies have been changing the landscape of language services.

There are many agencies out there that provide highly accurate certified translations at a much lower rate than CLI. If you can get high-quality linguistic solutions at affordable rates, you have no reason to turn to a company that charges its customers an unfair amount for each translation. BBB business profiles are more suitable for learning about the basic details of companies. If you want to read customer complaints or reviews, you can turn to Google. Not only will you find honest reviews on Google, but you might also be able to find alternate businesses.

So, whether you need certified translations or interpreting services, check the BBB business profiles of different companies and do some independent research. An agency with a simple customer contact option, is trusted in the business community, and does not use its BBB file for promotional purposes can be trusted. A company that treats its customers and potential clients well and has positive reviews on every platform is worth trusting. In the language industry, there aren’t many options to get it all: quality solutions, affordable rates, and timely services. But a few agencies go above and beyond to serve their clients. So, choose them instead of picking a company that has high rates.

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