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Why USCIS requires certified translation of documents

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2019)

The USCIS involves immigration services administering foreign nationals speaking various languages. Since such people have their personal documents in another language, the USCIS require certified translation of documents.

Where certified translation of documents is required

What does USCIS do

What does USCIS do?

The processes managed by the USCIS include dealing with legal documents of the foreign immigrants, and on the other hand, there are important requirements that foreign applicants must meet in order for their case to be accepted. Since English is the official language in United States, USCIS will ask for certified translation of documents which are written in another language.

There are several services for which an individual gets involved with the USCIS and require a document translated. The length of the scope of the functions of the USCIS goes beyond immigration procedures. With this, here is a list of the services that USCIS covers.

Why a professional translator is needed?

Certified translations are hard to attain in any country or state. People have to run errands to get their hands on a decent certified translation of documents that is recognized by the special translation accredited agencies. In the exploring of a good translation agency, people are often met with scams and frauds.

What you should consider while searching for a professional translator is:

  • It is recognized by the ATA- American Translators association
  • It is reputable in providing quality translations
  • It is recognized in the state for its translations to be accepted by the respected institutions
  • Communication with the translator beforehand
  • Discussion regarding any queries about the translation
  • The special translator who is to perform the task of certification is authorized to carry out the certification.
why a professional translator is needed

Where you may need certified translation of documents

US Citizenship

Foreign nationals who want to become US citizens apply through the nearest USCIS office. The agency determines the eligibility of the applicants, and they also process the applications. When an application gets approved, USCIS will schedule the Oath of Allegiance ceremony. This process requires a certified translation for all personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, medical records, etc.

US Working Visa, Legal Rights to Work in the US, and Permanent Residence

US companies most often require highly skilled individuals and professionals to work for them. The US employers can check online the employment eligibility of new employees with the USCIS. Some of the opportunities are temporary, but most frequently, the goal is to work and live permanently in the US. The process that involves in achieving this goal is to obtain a green card which is what USCIS deals with.

Migrating Family Members

The USCIS also administers the processing of migrating family members to the US. The US allows US citizens and permanent residents to take immediate family and close relatives to live and work in the US.

Adoption Procedures

Another service that USCIS handles is adoption. There have been quite a lot of US citizens adopting children from other countries, and this process requires certified translation of documents written in any other language than English.

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