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Certified Translation for Evidentiary Files

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2020)

Each time you give your computer a command, it follows through instantly. To you it seems a simple enough action but inside the computer, a lot of parts come together to show output. The same can be said for our brains. Even the act of lifting an arm or saying a single word involves a lot of complicated processes inside our brains. Things seem a lot simpler on the surface and we rarely take the time to do an in-depth analysis of things. Without the involvement of multiple parts of a computer, no command can be completed. If one part of a person’s brain suffers damage, their thinking process as a whole collapse. Sometimes their memory fails, other times their motor functions get affected.

Each part of a machine is equally important. The same way, every step of a journey is important to reach the destination. Someone who wants to become a doctor, can’t skip med school and enter their practical life directly. Everybody has to learn patience and value each step, no matter how insignificant it may seem in order to get to the finishing point. A lot of fields involve multiple steps, each with its own value, which help professionals achieve their goal.

When you see cases being won on the TV, you do not think of all the sleepless nights the lawyers spent looking for evidence and preparing their arguments. But in truth, a court case involves a lot more than reading a file. No one gets to the point where they can deliver winning arguments flawlessly without spending weeks working on a case. Even witnesses cannot be sent to the court without guiding them about giving their testimony. Lawyers even study the jury members to figure out which approach to take during the case in order to win.

evidentiary files

Trials and the Importance of Evidence:


Witnesses are an important part of every case but you must have seen it in hundreds of different TV shows how easily they can be discredited. It is also worth mentioning that our memories don’t always serve us. Sometimes a witness statement may not corroborate with the facts. The statement of a witness can be thrown out due to a dozen different reasons. If the witness had just woken up from sleep, their statement loses its value. If they cannot keep their story straight and narrate all the events in order, it will be hard for the jury to trust them.

There is a reason that when someone tells us about something bizarre they saw, we ask them for proof. We ask them if they have pictures or a video to prove their story. If they don’t, we don’t believe their story. This is why police and the litigators rely more on evidence than on witness testimonies. Evidence not only allows the legal system to make better decisions but also help it acquit innocents. Ever since DNA testing became an acceptable legal procedure, a lot of innocent people were able to prove their stance. Majority of those wrongly imprisoned people lost their cases due to witness testimony. This is a proof that evidence is a lot more reliable than witness statements.

evidentiary files

Evidentiary Files:


A court case involves a lot of different documents. Sometimes there are even video tapes that gets presented in the court. All the documents that contain evidence or exhibits make up evidentiary files. Evidentiary files, as the name suggests, contain evidence and are presented to the jury during a case. They contain information that plays an important role during the court proceedings. Some evidentiary files contain information which proves a fact while others contain direct evidence. Either way, they are very important and can turn around a case in a person’s favor easily.

Certified Translation for Evidentiary Files:


Since evidence has become a huge part of cases, high value is laid on its validity. This has increased the importance of evidentiary files. Often times, without them, it becomes impossible to prove a fact or make a piece of evidence valid. If an evidentiary file or document is in a foreign language, and you must present it to the court, then getting it translated will be the best course of action.

For instance, if you present someone’s phone records but fail to produce the warrant that helped you get access to those records, they will be inadmissible in court. Mistakes like that can be very costly in cases. People get excited after getting information thinking it will help their case. But without the evidentiary file, that information will be useless.

Whenever it comes to government bodies and courts, the translation has to be one hundred percent accurate. There are translation options that might tempt you with low rates. But when you have to present your documents in a court, it is not the right time to fall in traps and choose an inexperienced person to handle your documents. It also helps to hire a professional when you are dealing with sensitive data because they will honor the company and client relationship and keep your information secure. They will respect your privacy.

So, if you need certified translation for evidentiary files, you will have a lot of options in front of you. Make sure you pick the right one by going with a translation agency you can trust with your sensitive documents. Their work quality and rates will both be satisfying for you.

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