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Certified Translation From Indian Languages Into English

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2023)

Certified Translation Of Indian Languages

Did you know that a huge part of the ocean is still unknown to us? It is so vast that we have not been able to explore all of it. Who knows what dangers lie in that uncharted territory? Or what beauties, for that matter. But the same can be said for the world too. Sure, we have explored a great deal of it and we know the number of people on the earth and the number of countries, but do we know all about the people of this world or are they also unknown to us like the ocean?

All we know is numbers but we don’t really know things that matter. At least not all of them. But that’s okay, we have time. As long as we know what we should spend our time on, we would be alright. If, however, we kept focusing on things that don’t really matter, we will never make the most of our time on earth. Living on this rock will truly be great for us if we tried to explore the cultures and traditions of different people. If we tried to learn more about each other and did not pay mind to our differences, we will be living a very happy life.

India and its Culture:

But as of now, the world is mostly in a state of chaos. We do not know each other but we do have stereotypes and we continue to harbor them as if they are written in stone and can’t ever be wrong. If we tried to get over them, we will realize how baseless they have been. A lot of people have stereotypes about South Asians. And a lot of those stereotypes involve Indians. But once you get to know about the country and its people, you will realize how interesting they are. Their culture and traditions are full of so many colors and their celebrations are unmatched in the world.

There is also a huge film industry in India known as Bollywood but don’t let it scare you as things don’t happen in real life as they do in the movie. They are a great source of entertainment nonetheless. The people of India are also very progressive and have one of the most educated batches of people in the world. The country has a lot of scientists and experts of various fields. But there is also a great majority of the country that lives below the poverty line and these people do not enjoy any benefits at all from the state. The pressure on the economy often takes away the few opportunities that otherwise might have been available to the people. This is why some people move to other countries to pursue a better future.

Since India has a huge number of educated people, its people often benefit the country they go to. A lot of Indian scientists and doctors work in the US and other foreign countries. But just because Indians are doing well in foreign countries doesn’t mean you will get your immigration request accepted immediately. There is a whole process that requires you to follow the rules an fulfill all the requirements before you can appear for an interview.

indian translation

Languages of India:

With over a billion people residing in it, India is full of cultural diversity. The constitution gives thirteen languages an official status. More than twenty languages are spoken in the country that have more than seven hundred dialects. Each state has its own tongue but English is a common language among the educated people of India. There are still many in the country who do not speak or understand English and need help with things that are only in a foreign language.

Certified Translation from Indian Languages into English:
indian translation

Different states of India have different official languages which means the people of each state have documents written in different vernaculars. When someone is moving from a region in India to an English-speaking country, they will need a certified translation of their personal documents. Anyone immigrating to the US from a country where the official language is not English will need to present certified translations of their personal documents or their immigration application will be rejected.

Documents like birth certificate are proof of your existence and without them, no embassy or immigration office can accept your request. The same rule will apply if you want to get admission in a foreign university and your degrees are in one of the many Indian languages. You will have to get them translated. If you are applying to a foreign company for job, your resume and documents must be in English and not in an Indian language.

There is one thing to keep in mind when getting certified translations, they are a unique form of translation and cannot be carried out by everyone. The reason behind their importance is that they are used for official purposes. Whether you have to present the translation to an embassy or a university, a court or a company, it has to be in the most accurate form. But an online tool or your bilingual friend cannot provide an accurate translation and that’s why it is better to turn to an experienced translator. They are the ones who can attest your document as proof that it is the most accurate translation according to the best of their knowledge. So, if you are in need of a certified translation from Indian languages into English, turn to an experienced and qualified translator or a reliable agency.

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