certified translation in New York

Where to get certified translation in New York at a fair price

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

You are in New York and you need translation of your personal documents, pronto! Are we right or are we right?! Well, you needn’t worry, as we are here with the best certified translation in New York, at a fair price.

Certified translation in New York

Certified Translation is based in New York City and you can visit us at 99th Hudson Street whenever you get a minute! Are you too busy? We get it, with a real job and not so real social life, you are just too swamped to get a cab and get to our office. So, we have built an online system for our clients who don’t have the time to meet us! You can look up the certified translation in New York online on our website and get the translated documents in no time!

how to order translation online

How to order your translation with us

The first thing you have to remember is that the translation agency will need you to either scan the document or take very clear pictures of every page. All the writings and markings on the pages need to be clear and readable.

Word Document

If you have a word document of your content or can find a word document for your content to be translated then that is far more welcomed by all translation agencies. Every PDF file that comes with translation projects has to be written down on a clean piece of paper just for translation. Every translator prefers a word document to a PDF file any day. So, if you have a word document, in the name of Winter Soldier, please send us your word document.

If you don’t have your document in doc format, just take a clear picture of your document and send it over.

How do you get a Certified Translation Online?!

This one is simple really; you will follow simple steps and get the certified translation in New York done without having to worry about giving the process too much time or attention. Steps are as follows;

Ask for a quote

It’s an icon on our website that you will click to get to our certified translation tool, which will ask your basic information, number of words, time of delivery and similar queries. You will also upload your document online. If you have questions, live chat with us, we are available 24/7.

Receive the quote

Now you will get an email from our representative detailing our stance on your quotation. Translation costs, time of delivery, modes of payment and similar points will be a topic of discussion.

our translation steps


Once you have cleared out all the details you will send the payment and we will start working on the translation.

Keep Tabs

We will send you a draft translation which you need to check and approve, or send us your comments. Sometimes names can be translated in different ways and we need to get the right.

Translation received

As soon as you send us your approval we will make the translation look like the original document and you will get your translation package from our team, by email, that will contain your translation and your certificate of authenticity.

You are wondering whether we can be trusted with an advance payment. We are members of the American Translators’ Association and we have been providing translation for USCIS for the last couple of years. Your payment is secure, your details are highly confidential and you will receive the translation on time, guaranteed. Call Certified Translation now and let’s begin our quarrel in friendship!

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